Gummersbach signs Fredrik Larsson

← Previous Story IHF gives green light to the “Caja Magica” Next Story → Montenegro and Norway in the semi-final! fredrik larssongummersbachlarssonSavehof The series of injuries that struck VfL Gummersbach prompted the club to seek new options as some of their players might miss quite a lot of this season. The newest signing is the Swedish International Fredrik Larsson, who joins the club from IK Savehof and signed a deal that will keep him until 30th June 2013.Larsson is mid-back who can also play the position of left back, and has in 2009 signed a pre-contract of three years with THW Kiel, however this deal did not go through and he moved to BM Aragon in Spain. 2011 he moved back to Sweden and became champion with the club for a third time. He will join Gummersbach on 15.12.2012.source: read more

WWCH 2013 Germany and Romania win in Novi Sad

Germany took the obligatory 2 points against Australia in the World Championship in Serbia. In the 11th minute the result was 4-4 but later the Germans drew away and win 36-15. Sally Potocki was chosen to be the best player of the match, she scored 9 times in the Australian national team.Germany – Australia 36-15 (17-7)Scorers: Augsburg (4), Nadgornaja (1), Zapf (5/2), Müller (6/2), Lang (1), Loerper (1), Beier (5), Althaus (2), Steinbach (2), Kethorn (6), Geschke (1), Minevskaja (2) and Potocki (9/3), Cook (3), McAfee (2), Thomas (1)Saves: 12 and 87 metres: 6/4 and 5/3Suspensions: 6 and 6 minutesThe other match of group D was finished with Roumania’s victory. They defeated Tunisia 27-17. Previously Hungary won against Czech Republic.TEXT: VIRAG FARKAS ← Previous Story WWCH 2013: Easy start for Hungary Next Story → WWCH 2013 DAY 2: Norway and Montenegro win derby matches! serbia 2013wwch serbia read more

Momir Ilic will stay in Veszprem

The TOP goalscorer of the VELUX EHF Champions League in the last two seasons, Hungarian MKB MVM Veszprem star Momir Ilic will stay in his current team until the end of deal in summer 2017. The 34 years-old left back, who was targeted by FC Barcelona in the last two months, stated for, that two teams “didn’t reach agreement”:– I will stay in Veszprem. We will have even stronger team in the upcoming season and target stays the same – EHF CL trophy”, said Ilic for BH after the last match in the season with Serbia against Israel 32:23. ← Previous Story Pots are ready for Men’s EHF EURO 2016 draw in Krakow! Next Story → Kim Sonne to GWD Minden! read more

Klein buzzerbeater for Kiel win over Veszprem

Dominik Klein scored winning goal for THW Kiel against MVM Veszprem 25:24 (11:13) four seconds before the final buzzer! “Zebras” won important points over group leaders to make better situation ahead of four last matches of the group in February 2016.THW Kiel: Landin (1.-25., 31.-60., 13 saves), Katsigiannis (25.-30., 3 Paraden, 1 Tor); Ferreira (n.e.), R. Toft Hansen (1), Mamelund (1), Sprenger, Weinhold (3), Dissinger (6), Ekberg, Cañellas (n.e.), Dahmke (3), Williams (n.e.), Klein (2), Vujin (8/6), Oprea (n.e.); Trainer: Gislason 2. MVM Veszprém10712281:252(29)15 1. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…10802315:284(31)16 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu9108238:300(-62)2 MVM Veszprém: Mikler (47.-60, 2/1 saves), Alilovic (1.-47., 10 saves); Gulyas, Ivancsik (1), Schuch, Palmarsson (3), Nilsson (5), Nagy (6), Ugalde (3), Marguc (4/2), Rodriguez, Terzic, Sulic (2), Lekai, Sliskovic; Trainer: SabateSTANDINGS: 5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …10415257:261(-4)9 6. Orlen Wisla Plock10325275:286(-11)8 EHF Champions LeagueMVM VeszpremTHW Kiel 4. THW Kiel10514284:271(13)11 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko10118262:289(-27)3 3. SG Flensburg-Handewitt9702268:237(31)14 ← Previous Story DENMARK 2015 (DAY 2): Serbia VS Hungary, Poland against Sweden Next Story → RK Vojvodina players help to calm down suspicious passenger on Lufthansa flight read more

EHF RANKING German and Hungarian teams at the TOP

EHF Ranking 2018/2019 ← Previous Story DKB Bundesliga derby: RNL walkover Fuchse Berlin! Next Story → HANDBALL ABBA: Swedish girls absolutely hit Germany is still at the TOP of the EHF club’s power ranking for the upcoming season 2018/2019. Germans kept the leading position but with smaller advantage than before as DKB Bundesliga teams didn’t qualified for the VELUX EHF CL Final4 in Cologne this year.The second nation is Spanish ahead of Hungarian, which is the only chance in TOP 5.RANKINGHungarian women’s team are still the most succesful in European Cups. The second place, as usual, is occupied by Denmark. Russia is at the third place, while Romania overtook fourth position from Norway.RANKING read more

Gurutz saves final against FC Barcelona Lassa for Logrono boys

FC Barcelona Lassa and Logrono La Rioja will play for the trophy of the King’s Cup 2018 in Madrid. Two teams won semi-final’s battles, but team from Logrono had much tougher opponent – BM Ademar Leon 21:20, which they beat with seven-meter save by Gurutz Aginagalde.The most experienced player on the court, Ademar’s left wing Juanin Garcia missed the shot to level result 10 seconds before the end.21 – Logroño La Rioja: Krupa (Gurutz Aginagalde); Muñoz (1), Montoro (1), Castro (5), Paredes, Ángel Fernández (1), Kusan (2), Sánchez-Migallón (1), Chiuffa (3, 1p), Garabaya, Kukic, Del Arco (4) y Garciandia (3)20 – Abanca Ademar de León: Biosca (1) (Cupara); Mario López (2), Vieyra (1), Carou, Piñeiro, Costoya (8),Juanín García (1p); S. Simonet (3), Vejin, Rodrigo Pérez, David Fernández, Jaime Fernández (2), Acacio Marques (2), Gonzalo Pérez y Pesic.FC Barcelona beat easily Puente Genil 36:27.36 – Barcelona Lassa: Pérez de Vargas (Ristovski); Aleix Gómez (4), Mem (2), Morros, Ariño (3), Sorhaindo (1), Raúl Entrerríos (1); Tomás (2), Andersson (2), Valero Rivera (9, 4p), N’Guessan (4), Syprzak (1), Borges (1), Dolenec (2) y Palmarsson (4).27 – Ángel Ximenez Avia Puente Genil: De Hita (Oliva); Cuenca (5), David Jiménez (2), Nacho Moya (2), Rudovic (7), Curro Muñoz, Moreira (4); Costa (2, 1p), Bujalance (1), Juanlu Moyano (2), Revin (1), Chispi (1). ← Previous Story Rhein Neckar Lowen and TSV Hannover Burgdorf for German Cup trophy! Next Story → PSG Handball win French Cup 2018 FC Barcelona LassaLogrono La Rioja read more

Romney says risk in Middle East has increased under Obama

first_imgTHE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for US president, Mitt Romney, has said the risk of conflict in the Middle East “is higher now” than it was when President Barack Obama took office – proposing that the US take a more assertive role in Syria.In a wide-ranging speech on foreign policy, Romney claimed Obama’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq has jeopardised US interests in the Middle East and wider world.Declaring that “it’s time to change course in the Middle East” and accusing Obama of “passivity,” the Republican presidential nominee called for the US to work with other countries to arm the Syrian rebels to help them defeat President Bashar Assad’s “tanks, helicopters and fighter jets”.Romney aides said he is not calling for the US to directly arm the rebels, but said he would support helping other countries provide the opposition with enough weaponry to force Assad from power.Romney said American gains in Iraq — won during the war started by President George W. Bush — have eroded. “America’s ability to influence events for the better in Iraq has been undermined by the abrupt withdrawal of our entire troop presence,” he said.In a speech at the Virginia Military Institute, Romney looked to paint the Democratic incumbent as a weak leader who has limited America’s influence on global affairs.Obama’s campaign dismissed the Republican challenger’s address as a rehashed attempt to rewrite what they said is his record of past blunders and said he hardly differentiated himself from the president.US should wield power ‘wisely, with solemnity’While Romney took a hawkish tone during the GOP primaries this year, today’s address highlighted the work of “patriots of both parties” and looked to cast the Republican nominee as a statesman and part of a long and bipartisan tradition of American leadership in the world.He said the U.S. should use its power “wisely, with solemnity and without false pride, but also firmly and actively.”In the speech, Romney emphasised Iran’s ties to the Syrian government and insisted that the US, through allies, should “support the many Syrians who would deliver that defeat to Iran rather than sitting on the sidelines.”This would allow the US to “develop influence with those forces in Syria that will one day lead a country that sits at the heart of the Middle East”, he said.Romney also called for tougher sanctions on Iran than those that exist, though he did not say how he would strengthen them. He said he would condition aid to Egypt on continued support for its peace treaty with neighbouring Israel. Current law already includes such a condition.The Republican nominee also emphasised his commitment to a two-state solution for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, a process he dismissed during a secretly videotaped fundraiser in May. He also criticised the administration for its handling of the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.“As the administration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence to impose their dark ideology on others,” Romney said.Read: Observers give Romney the victory in first US presidential debateMore: Obama mocks his own debate fiascolast_img read more

Irish troops in Syria return fire after being hit by unknown blast

first_imgIRISH TROOPS ON United Nations peacekeeping duty in Syria’s Golan Heights were hit by an unknown blast this morning.The convoy of about 36 Irish troops travelling in five MOWAG armoured vehicles returned fire before leaving the area and returning to their base.The incident occurred between 9am and 10am local time in the village of Ruihinah which is in the area of separation between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights.No Irish troops sustained any serious injuries during the incident. One soldier sustained minor soft tissue damage whilst adopting a defensive position inside a vehicle but it is not of any concern and the soldier is due back on duty tomorrow.One of the vehicles suffered tyre damage as a result of the blast but the convoy were able to quickly remove themselves from the area.The source of the attack is so far unknown with an investigation likely to be carried out.Read: Artillery rounds land metres from Irish troops in Syria gun battle >last_img read more

Column Shatters focus is on whistleblowers themselves rather than their allegations

first_imgTHE DECISION OF the Justice Minister to finally initiate an independent statutory investigation regarding the controversy surrounding the administration of the penalty points system is welcome. Along with other independent TDs, I have been calling for such an inquiry since October 2012.However a closer inspection of how the Minister proposes this matter be investigated reveals his true focus to be the whistleblowers themselves, rather than the issues raised by their allegations of widespread Fixed Charge Notice (FCN) cancellations by senior Gardaí.The Minister’s statement proposes the first-ever investigation under Section 102 (5) of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 “in the light of circumstances where allegations are being continuously made… circumstances have now arisen where it is in the public interest to refer the allegations being made… including issues relating to the preservation of the integrity of Garda records to the Garda Ombudsman (GSOC).” His aim is clear.No commitment to a cultural reform processThe Minister’s statement claims that there is now in place an audited Garda oversight system, and indeed the Commissioner himself proudly announced during his Public Accounts Committee (PAC) appearance last week that the first of those audits in November/December found a 100 per cent compliance rate. However, the system of auditing initiated by the Commissioner betrays the familiar hallmarks of internal examination, alongside the absence of any real accountability and transparency.This was demonstrated by the involvement of the Assistant Commissioner and the failure to publish any supporting report setting out either auditing methods or figures. A biased internal investigation in March 2013 by the Assistant Commissioner, (which the Minister’s statement says “dealt with” the allegations) found few issues, and then concluded in the publishing of a report without any appendices or evidence to support its tidy conclusions, resulting in the inevitable lingering of public mistrust.The Minister’s statement then confirms the adoption of the familiar “rule tightening” approach to dealing with the isolated issues that have arisen, rather than committing to any sort of organisational and cultural reform process.Minimising the independence of GSOCSection 102 (5) provides that, if it is in the public interest, the Minister may request GSOC to “investigate any matter that appears to the Minister to indicate that a member of the Garda Síochána may have done anything referred to in subsection (4)” ie, either a breach of discipline or a criminal offence. Thus it will be a matter for the Minister (and not GSOC) to decide which Gardai are to be investigated by GSOC in accordance with the Minister’s subjective belief as to whether the conduct of those Gardaí reaches the threshold required.This approach clearly minimises the independence of GSOC who await formal referral but have announced this morning their intention to commence “what will be a very wide-ranging investigation.” Although there is no reason to doubt their intentions, the Minister has not yet provided any confirmation or details as to the terms of reference of this investigation, aside from the above.The Minister has pointedly not stated that the investigation will include an examination of the conduct of the three Garda officers who were the subject of disciplinary inquiry according to Assistant Commissioner O’Mahony’s March 2013 internal review. Nor has the Minister confirmed that his Section 102 (5) referral will include an examination of the conduct of the 39 senior Gardaí who have received letters due to their cancellations of Fixed Charge Notices being “outside of Garda policy guidelines.”In addition to this lack of clarity, the practicalities of investigating FCN cancellations in the absence of any independent access to the PULSE system or any remit to examine the role of the Commissioner, alongside a long-held tradition of Garda Síochána resistance to external investigation, will place formidable obstacles in GSOC’s path. Furthermore, it is doubtful whether Section 102 (5) permits an investigation into the retired Garda John Wilson at all, although the serving whistleblower Garda would clearly come within its remit.A Section 106 investigation would allow for wider examinationIf the Minister’s intention was to properly and cleanly investigate the whistleblowers’ allegations and the issues currently being examine by the PAC once and for all, a Section 106 investigation would be the obvious choice. Section 106 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 allows for a wider examination of the practises, policies and procedures of An Garda Síochána, along with a set of recommendations and a time limit to be imposed by the Minister for speedy completion.Unfortunately, GSOC’s hands are tied unless the Minister orders a Section 106 investigation – a legislative deficiency in our policing oversight mechanism that was severely criticised by United Nations Rapporteur Margaret Sekaggya in her report to the Government last March.The Minister recently refused my request in the Dail to re-consider GSOC’s request for permission to investigate under Section 106 the issues surrounding the policing of Corrib Gas Pipeline, in light of recent allegations that Shell E & P Ireland arranged for the delivery of a large consignment of alcohol to Belmullet Garda Station in December 2007.Rather than provide for any of the many legislative changes repeatedly requested by GSOC themselves, by the UN Special Rapporteur, or any that I proposed in my Garda Síochána (Amendment) 2013 Bill, the Minister’s statement concludes by appearing to suggest the introduction of legislation to allow GSOC a quasi-disciplinary role within An Garda Síochána, a power which may not be appropriate for a statutory body established to deal with the complaints of citizens against Gardaí.It is almost two years since the issue was raisedAlthough admittedly the PAC may not be the ideal forum for the full and proper investigation of these matters, the whistleblowers have exhausted every other avenue and the defensive resistance at every turn of both the Minister and the Commissioner to any sort of independent, fair and transparent investigation has led directly to this situation. The Minister’s latest move to involve GSOC only under the restrictive terms of Section 102(5) may be as a result of the Commissioner’s “dialogue with the Minister… over the last number of days”. The reality is that the only real change of late is that we have seen the Commissioner come before the PAC and give a poor performance. This has to be worrying for the Minister.At this stage, the most important issue is not who had penalty points terminated, but rather how the whole matter has been dealt with. It is almost two years since the issue was first brought to the attention of the Minister for Justice and his Commissioner, and all that time has been used to minimise, disprove, dismiss, and misrepresent the issues to the public – no appetite has been shown for reaching the truth.Given that the Commissioner was so eager to head off the prospect of the whistleblowers appearing before the PAC, along with his promptness in welcoming the Minister’s latest initiative, one could be forgiven for remaining more than a little sceptical.Mick Wallace is a TD for Co Wexford.Read: Shatter: ‘I’m not trying to silence whisteblowers’Read: We’ll find out later today if a serving garda sergeant will appear before the PACRead: Shatter slams ‘disturbing’ PAC comments, asks Ombudsman to probe penalty points issuelast_img read more

Elvis Presley fan You could bid for a strand of his hair

first_imgELVIS PRESLEY WAS well-known for a great and well-groomed quiff that started a worldwide trend. Now someone can own a strand of hair that made up that quiff as one strand goes up for auction tomorrow.Not known what it will fetch, the auctioneers said it could go for between £50-£5,000.AuthenticityBut how do we know it is a hair from THE Elvis Presley? It comes with an authenticity letter, a signed document in the name of Thomas Morgan, who claims he knew Elvis.The document says that Morgan was a close friend of the singer’s hair stylist, Homer Gilleland, who died in 1995.It states that he cut his hair on a number of occasions and that they had a good relationship and was given many gifts by Elvis.The letter goes on to say that Gilleland had saved a bag of hair clippings from the years of cutting and styling Elvis’s hair.The auction is being held at Railtons Autioneers in Wooler, Northumberland tomorrow.last_img read more

Iraq holds first polls since US pullout as attacks spike

first_imgIRAQIS ARE VOTING today in the country’s first polls since US troops departed, a key test of its stability in the face of a spike in attacks that has claimed more than 100 lives.But the credibility of the provincial elections has come into question, with attacks on candidates leaving 14 dead and a third of Iraq’s provinces – all of them mainly Sunni Arab or Kurdish – not even voting due to security concerns and political disputes.The elections for provincial councils, responsible for naming governors who lead local reconstruction, administration and finances, are seen as a key gauge of parties’ popularity ahead of general elections next year.“Today is a day of change,” Salah Hussein, a 45-year-old government employee said after voting, expressing hope that Iraq’s severely lacking basic services would be addressed.“Security is the most important problem that all of them should be working for — without this, life would be so difficult,” university student Abdulsahib Ali Abdulsahib, 22, said after he cast his ballot.Voters were searched before being allowed to enter polling stations, and soldiers and police set up numerous new checkpoints in Baghdad.Only pre-approved vehicles were allowed on the streets, which were largely deserted except for security forces, and groups of children who took the opportunity to play football.AttacksDespite heightened security in Baghdad and elsewhere, militants were still able to carry out attacks, though casualties were limited.Nine mortar rounds, one roadside bomb and three stun grenades, all outside Baghdad, left a civilian and a policeman wounded, officials said.Every Iraqi who votes “is saying to the enemies of the political process that we are not going back,” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on state television after casting his ballot at the Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad’s heavily-fortified Green Zone.‘We will fight by casting ballots’“I say to all those who are afraid for the future of Iraq and afraid of a return of violence and dictatorship that we will fight by casting ballots,” Maliki said.The elections, which come a decade after US-led forces ousted now-executed dictator Saddam Hussein, are the first since parliamentary polls in March 2010 and also the first since US troops withdrew in December 2011.An estimated 13.8 million Iraqis are eligible to vote for more than 8,000 candidates, with 378 seats being contested.“Elections do not solve every problem in Iraq, but no problem can be solved without elections,” UN special envoy Martin Kobler told reporters after touring a polling station in central Baghdad.Kobler also appealed for Iraqis to “turn out more than now”, while visiting the converted school where journalists far outnumbered voters.The polls are seen as a gauge of Maliki’s popularity ahead of a general election next year, but major issues affecting voters such as poor public services and rampant corruption have largely been ignored during the campaign.14 election candidates killedThe lead-up to the vote was blighted by a rise in violence that left more than 100 people dead in the past week and 14 election candidates killed since campaigning began.Six of Iraq’s 18 provinces are not participating – two because authorities say security cannot be ensured, and four because of various political disagreements.Iraqi forces were responsible for security on polling day, the first time they have been in charge without support from American or other international forces during elections since Saddam was toppled.While violence in Iraq has fallen significantly since the height of its sectarian war, it still faces challenges, mainly from Sunni militants linked to Al-Qaeda who launch attacks in a bid to undermine confidence in the government.- © AFP, 2013Read: Three children, 24 adults killed in Baghdad café bombing >last_img read more

NASA spots meteors crashing into Saturns rings for first time

first_imgA NASA PROBE has for the first time found direct evidence of meteors crashing into the rings of Saturn.Up until now, the only places where meteor impacts had been observed as they happened were Earth, the moon and Jupiter.Some of the meteoroids spotted by NASA’s Cassini probe were tiny, measuring just half an inch across, while others were several metres in size. NASA researchers say that being able to study these meteor crashes will help scientists understand how different plant systems in the solar system formed.NASA said it took scientists years to make out the marks and tracks which were left by nine meteoroids between 2005 and 2012.“We knew these little impacts were constantly occurring, but we didn’t know how big or how frequent they might be,” said Matt Tiscareno, the lead author of the paper on the meteors which was published in Science.An equinox in the summer of 2009 made it easier for researchers to see the debris left by meteoroid impacts.“The sunlight shining… on to the rings at the Saturnian equinox acted like an anti-cloaking device, so these usually invisible features became plain to see,” said Tiscareno.Tiscareno and the team of researchers believe that meteoroids probably break up into smaller pieces once they crash into the rings, and then enter into orbit around Saturn.Read: Earth isn’t so special anymore, apparently > Read: Radical science guide to Dublin wins €10,000 prize > Read: Education Minister: Do we really need 150 minutes of religion class per week? >last_img read more

Women continue sleepin protest at Bray Town Council over homelessness

first_img“2 girls settle down for the night. A lot of tears but strong”, Cllr Brady tweeted. Image: Cllr John BradyTWO WOMAN AND a councillor are continuing their protest at Bray Town Council today, after arriving at the offices yesterday evening demanding that their housing situations be addressed.The women, who had both been living under the Rental Accommodation Scheme, separately presented as homeless at Bray Town Council in recent weeks after their landlords took back the properties they had been living in for the past number of years.Both women were advised by the council to travel with their children to the homeless shelter in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow.However, the mothers say that open hostel is unsuitable and unsafe for their children. Sinn Féin Cllr John Brady, who is staging the protest alongside the women, said that the hostel in question is used mostly by men, some of whom have substance or other problems, and only offers shared kitchen, toilet and showering facilities.One of the mothers, who did not wish to be identified for work purposes, said her three daughters had been frightened at  the hostel after one night hearing a man upstairs who was drunkenly screaming and knocking on doors. The hostel is also far away from the children’s school, one woman’s work, and has poor public transport links.Both women arrived at the council offices yesterday to demand that their housing situation was addressed. They were informed that a meeting had been arranged for 2pm on Tuesday but refused to return their children to the hostel. Staff called the gardaí but the women still refused to leave, at which point they were informed that the building would be locked.Sinn Fein Councillors Rossa Murray and John Brady inside the offices today. (Image: Christina Finn/ morning, a spokesperson for the council told that the premises had been locked for “security and insurance purposes” but that the protesters were free to leave at any stage.In a statement this morning, Bray Town Council said:Three people arrived to the council offices on the Main Street on Friday May 31 at 4.15pm and have been there since.Bray Town Council would also like to clarify that despite reports in the mainstream media and on social media, the three people involved have not been locked into the council offices and are free to leave at any stage.Drinking water and toilets facilities are available, while food and provisions are being delivered unhindered. Cllr Brady tweeted this morning about the situation, saying: “Tough night here in the council offices. Hard to believe the council paid for private security but no money for emergency B&B, 2 Gardai also”.Brady said that a private security guard had also been employed by the council to watch the protesters – suggesting that such services could cost in the region of €240, which “could be better spent” providing suitable emergency accommodation.Bray Town Council today. (Image: Christina Finn/ Two women ‘locked in’ at Bray Town Council offices after protesting their homelessnessRead: 94 people will be sleeping rough on Dublin’s streets tonightRead: Government commits to ending homelessness by 2016last_img read more

Supercool breakthrough in organ transplants could make massive difference says scientists

first_imgA NEW ‘SUPERCOOLING’ technique keeps rat livers alive three times longer than before, boosting hopes for easing shortages of human transplant organs, scientists say.The method involves cooling the livers while flushing them with oxygen and nutrients and preserving them in a solution containing a form of antifreeze.The livers can be conserved at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius yet not freeze and thus suffer cell damage.All rats given livers “supercooled” for three days (72 hours) were healthy after three months, a benchmark for survival.Of those who received livers stored for 96 hours, 58% survived to the three-month mark, said study results published in the journal Nature Medicine.Rats that received transplant livers preserved with current methods survived only for hours or days.“To our knowledge, this is the longest preservation time with subsequent successful transplantation achieved to date,” said study co-author Korkut Uygun of the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Engineering in Medicine. If we can do this with human organs, we could share organs globally, helping to alleviate the worldwide organ shortage.Existing technology can preserve human livers well for up to about 12 hours outside the body. Since the 1980s, donor organs have been preserved at temperatures at or just above freezing in a solution that reduces metabolism and organ deterioration.The new method saw the addition of protective, anti-freeze ingredients to the preservation solution.“The next step will be to conduct similar studies in larger animals,” said Rosemarie Hunziker of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), a body of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) which supported the work.The method will have to be thoroughly tested and refined before it can be considered for use in humans.“Extending even further the time a liver can survive outside the body would provide many benefits,” according to a NIBIB statement.It would allow more time to prepare the patient and ease logistics at the donor hospital site, reduce the urgency of rushing the organ to its destination, and expand the donation area to allow for transcontinental and intercontinental transplantations.This would boost the chances of patients finding better donor organ matches, and reduce costs.- © AFP, 2014Read: Facebook ‘manipulated users emotions’ in secret study’ > Read: Watching 3 hours of television every day doubles the risk that you’ll die young >last_img read more

Flannery holding options open on proceedings over PACs Rehab inquiry

first_imgUpdated at 19.15FORMER REHAB CHIEF and Fine Gael strategist Frank Flannery has said he is “holding his options open” as regards pursuing legal action over the PAC’s inquiries into Rehab.Speaking at the MacGill Summer School in Donegal this evening, Flannery said he is “of the view that [the Dáil] itself should do its own policing and look after its own affairs”, and “if the PAC continue its investigation against Rehab it is doing it in utter defiance of the CPP which says that it is totally unlawful to do so.”Flannery also said he is “not surprised” that former Rehab Group Chief Angela Kerins has launched High Court against against the PAC “following on from everything that’s happened to her.”Asked if he thought the Taoiseach was ‘out of order’, Flannery said: I am just saying what I said and now the matter is in the High Court and it will be definitively adjudicated on there….I’ll make no further comment on that until we get to the result of the High Court action. He added:The answer is have I personal relationship with the Taoiseach now? No. Had I one with him? That’s a different question, I am not sure the situation has materially changed from what it was over the last couple of years.Flannery also said he was not “whinging” but has experienced a “very tough time”, but “I’ve sustained it, I think, and I’m fine.”The Committee on Procedure and Privileges last week declined to give PAC permission to compel Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery to attend a public hearing.Speaking ahead of Flannery’s appearance at MacGill, Tánaiste Joan Burton said that if Flannery gets a request to go before the PAC, she would “certainly advise him to accept that request.”“Clearly though, the CPP has indicated in its ruling and in the legal advice that when people come before the PAC – and I was a member of the PAC for a number of years myself – witnesses that come before it honestly, that they have to be dealt with, with a degree of respect and also with a sense of fairness and fair play,” Burton said.Legal actionIn a statement issued after legal proceedings today, Angela Kerins said that the PAC’s inquiries into her involvement with Rehab is “an unfair; unlawful and prejudicial investigation” against her, and said it raises issues “for everyone individual in this State”.“The events surrounding my departure as Chief Executive Officers of the Rehab Group, an organisation that I have dedicated a large part of my working life to, have been deeply distressing for myself and my family.”I have attempted through my legal advisors to avoid the legal impasse that has occurred and the unfair treatment I suffered at the Public Accounts Committee.John Rogers is Senior Counsel for Kerins.RTÉ News reports that the injunction is against the publication of any details of her employment or remuneration is being sought.Read: PAC told they can’t force Flannery and Kerins to come before it >last_img read more

Coby Launches Android Tablet

first_imgWe all knew this day was coming soon, right? Coby, the brand you likely know best for offering cheap takes on popular electronics, has finally gotten into the tablet game. The company today introduced a seven inch touchscreen tablet called the Kyros MID7015.The device, naturally, runs Android 2.1. It has 4GB of built-in memory, plus an SD slot, which lets you expand to 32 GB. Inside there’s a TTC8902 processor and 802.11 b/g. The thing has a USB 2.0 port, HDMI output, and a built-in speaker. The Kryos is available now “at major retailers nationwide.” It’ll run you $249.99.last_img read more

Mophie to double iPhone 4 battery life with 100 Juice Pack Plus

first_imgIf your iPhone 4 is used mainly for making calls and sending text messages, it probably easily makes it through the day with some charge left in the battery. But if you spend your commute and breaks playing apps, watching video, or surfing the web, it may be dead by the time you get home.Mophie believes it has a solution that promises to double the battery life of your iPhone 4. The only downside is your smartphone is going to get a bit fatter.AdChoices广告The case-with-battery offered by Mophie is called the Juice Pack Plus. It houses a 2000mAh capacity battery inside a dual-injected hard shell case and rubberized band around the edge, meaning you get some protection as well as hours more battery.Mophie state the Juice Pack Plus allows:Up to 8 additional hours talk time on 3G; 16 hours 2GUp to 7 additional hours Internet on 3G; 11 hours WiFiUp to 44 additional hrs audio playbackUp to 11 additional hrs video playbackSome other clever features include a standby/charging switch so you only use the extra juice when you need it. Charging and syncing can be done without having to remove your iPhone from the Pack, and there’s a status indicator on the bottom of the Pack telling you how much juice is left and what the charging status is.If you’re concerned about how much bigger this will make your iPhone 4, and how much heavier, it’s not that bad. The iPhone has the following dimensions and weight:Height: 115.2 mmWidth: 58.6 mmDepth: 9.3 mmWeight: 137 gramsThe Mophie Juice Pack Plus is:Height: 128.8 mmWidth: 63.8 mmDepth: 17.3 mmWeight: 71 grams (taking the total weight with iPhone to 208 grams)The one shock comes with the price as the Juice Pack Plus costs $99.95. But for a doubling of your iPhone 4 battery life combined with a protective case it might be worth the investment.Read more at Mophie, via Gizmodolast_img read more

Biofuel Bentley Breaks Ice Speed Record

first_imgA Bentley has just broken the world ice speed record. And it did it running on biofuel.The car managed to reach a speed of 202 miles per hour while racing across the frozen ice, topping the previous record of 199.83 mph. Both records were held by legendary rally driver Juha Kankkunen.The car itself is a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible, which has been limited to tiny production run of just 100. It features a 6-litre, twin turbo-charged W12 engine that produces 640 PS, making it Bentley’s most powerful car yet. It’s also powered by E85 bio-ethanol, though the car can also run on gasoline, or a combination of the two fuel sources. According to Bentley, the fuel system offers a “reduction of up to 70 percent in CO2 emissions on a well-to-wheel basis.”last_img read more

Google launches Prizesorg

first_imgLast year Google acquired Slide, a company best known for its 3rd-party Facebook apps and photo sharing software. It was also founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. Now it seems Slide is reappearing in a different guise running the new website idea behind is a simple one: let anyone create a contest for a problem they need solving. In return for the help of the community you offer a prize/reward for solving that problem. So, for example, maybe you have a logo that needs designing, are stuck for what to say at a speech you have to give, or simply want some help writing a resume. Through you can get that help and the winner of your contest earns some cash as a reward for their expertise.AdChoices广告Although from the frontpage it’s impossible to tell who is behind the site, a quick look at the Privacy Policy reveals a email address, confirming this is a Google venture. What remains to be seen is whether people are willing to pay for knowledge and help. Will someone pay for help with writing a speech instead of doing a few Google searches for “How to write a speech” or “Speeches for ??? occasions?”With sign ups already happening we can already see a bunch of contests open for such things as trip planning, company naming, best deals on a rental car, and giving someone a makeover. The money on offer ranges from $10-$50, with the $50 contests wanting detailed trip itineraries or complete holiday plans drawn up.One thing missing from the site is any link between your Google account and your login. However, you can already link with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.This isn’t the first time Google has attempted to offer a “pay for answers” service. Some of you will probably remember Google Answers which ran for over four years, but was closed down in 2006. With Answers you could pose any questions and offer a cash reward for the best answer. looks to be a more consumer-friendly version of the same service on first viewing.More at Prizes.orglast_img read more