WhatsApp from Facebook tag added in latest beta Report

first_imgSan Francisco: WhatsApp is adding an update to its latest beta that adds the “WhatsApp from Facebook” tag to the application. This comes less than a week after the Facebook-owned platform started rolling out a feature called “Fingerprint lock” for its Android beta users. The tag is visible under WhatsApp’s Settings and is a clear indication of Facebook marking its territory. Although Facebook has kept the app separate, the company hasn’t given up on the dream of a unified platform, the MSPoweruser reported on Saturday. Also Read – Swiggy now in 500 Indian cities, targets 100 more this year The social networking giant purchased WhatsApp back in February 2014 and has made sure that people know about the purchase and this is another step in that direction. Meanwhile, when the Fingerprint lock feature is enabled, it would let people use fingerprint to open WhatsApp. However, users would still be able to answer calls even when WhatsApp is locked, WABetaInfo, a fan website that tracks WhatsApp updates, reported earlier this week.last_img read more

Chelsea Not Interested in Signing Victor Valdes

Rabat – Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly said his team is not interested in signing Manchester United keeper Victor Valdes despite Thibaut Courtois injury.The Special One said he is happy with remaining options Asmir Begovic and Jamal Blackman, in the absence of injured Belgian international Courtois.Courtois will be ruled out until January following surgery on his right knee. The English top flight allows clubs to make an emergency loan if they have just one fit professional goalkeeper. The London-based team has been linked with a move for Manchester United keeper Victor Valdes.The former Barcelona goalie joined the Red Devils last January but has only made two appearances in the English Premier League.Chelsea will play Maccabi Tel-Aviv on Wednesday in their opening Champions League fixture.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Unofficial English Translation of Morocco’s Law 103-13 on Elimination of Violence…

Rabat- Morocco World News obtained an unofficial English translation of Morocco’s Law 103-13, against all form of violence against women, on Tuesday.The Moroccan parliament released the final draft of the law on February 22, criminalizing all forms of gender-based discrimination, including public harassment, sexual assault, and cybercrimes.The law is set to enter into force in August 2018. Here follows the full text of the unofficial translation, created by the international non-profit women’s rights organization, Mobilising for Rights AssociatesLAW 103-13 On Elimination of Violence Against WomenPART ONEDefinitionArticle 1For the implementation of the provisions of the law herein, the following terms shall mean:Violence against women: Any material or moral act or omission thereof based on genderdiscrimination that results in physical, psychological, sexual, or economic harm to a woman;Physical violence: Any act or omission thereof that affects or may affect the physical safety of a woman, regardless of the aggressor, aggressor’s means or place of perpetration;Sexual violence: Any statement, act or exploitation that may affects the inviolability of the woman’s body, whether such statement, act or exploitation is for sexual or business purposes, and regardless of the means thereto;Psychological violence: any verbal assault, coercion, threat, negligence or deprivation, in the intent (i) to affect the dignity, liberty or serenity of a woman; or (ii) to threat or intimidate her;Economic violence: Any act or omission thereof, regardless of its financial or economic nature, that causes or may cause prejudice to the economic or social rights of a woman.PART TWOPenitentiary provisionsArticle 2The provisions of articles 404, 431, 446, 481 and 503-1 of the penal code enforced by modified Royal Edict # 1.59.413, dated November 26th, 1962,3 shall be modified and completed as follows:“Article 4044: Any perpetrator of ………………………………………..violence or abuse against any woman because of her gender, any pregnant woman if her pregnancy is evident or known to the perpetrator, any woman with disability or known to have mental incapacity; against any ascendant, custodian, spouse, fiancé, or against any person having guardianship over the perpetrator, or against a divorced party or in the presence of one of the children or one of the parent, shall be punished as follows:“1- In cases provided for in………………………………………………………………………..”(Rest remains unchanged)“Article 4315: Any person who intentionally holds………………………………………..in any danger, shall be sentenced with three months to two years of imprisonment and a fine of 2000 MAD to 10,000 MAD.“The sentence shall be doubled if the person committing the crime is the spouse, fiancé, divorcé, ascendant, descendant, a brother, a custodian, a tutor, or if the victim of the crime is a minor, a person with disability, or a person known to have mental incapacity. Such sentence shall also be doubled in case of recidivism.“Article 4466: Doctors and surgeons………………………………………………………20,000 MAD; However, persons …………………………………………………………..in the previous paragraph;1 – If they reported an abortion ………………… even if they are not obliged to report such abortion;2 – If they informed the judicial authorities about …………….when practicing their function or job;If the aforementioned persons were summoned …………………………………..in the paragraph above;They are bound to give their testimony and they may, if necessary, submit such testimony in writing”Article 481: In addition to the courts having jurisdiction…………………………………the person entitled to alimony, or the person expelled from the matrimonial dwelling, shall also have jurisdiction over the filed actions in accordance with the provisions of articles 479, 480 and 480-1;Such actions shall not be filed to said court but upon a complaint submitted by the expelled person, the abandoned person, or the person entitled to alimony………………..by the Crown Prosecution Office when the legal representative is himself the perpetrator of the crime;Any legal action shall be preceded by a warning to the person paying the alimony to pay such alimony within thirty days;Such warning shall…………………………………..upon instructions by the Crown Prosecution OfficeIf the person paying the alimony had absconded or…………………investigation’“Article 503-1:7 Shall be sentenced with one year to three years of imprisonment and a fine of……………………………………………………………………………sexual purposes’ Article 3The title of section 7 of Part 8 of Book 3 of the Penal Law Volume referred to above shall be modified as follows:“Section 7: On sexual exploitation and youth corruption”Article 4Articles 61 and 407 of said code shall be modified as follows:“Article 61: Personal protective measures are:1 – Exclusion………………..9 – Lapse of right regarding legal custody of children;10 – Prohibiting the convict from contacting the victim;11- Subjecting the convict to appropriate psychological treatment”“Article 4078: Any person having helped or assisted ……………………………………to five years.“Punishment shall be doubled if the crime is committed against a minor, a woman because of her gender, or by one spouse against the other, or by one of the descendants, or ascendants, or brothers, or the custodian, divorcé, fiancé, or by any person having authority or tutorship on thevictim”.Article 5The provisions of articles 88-1, 88-2, 88-3, 323-1, 323-2, 429-1, 436-1, 444-1, 444-2, 447-1, 447-2, 447-3, 480-1, 481-1, 503-1-1, 503-1-2, 503-2-1, and 526-1 of the said penal code shall be modified as follows:“Article 88-1: If a person is convicted for a crime of harassment, assault, sexual abuse,mistreatment or violence against women or minors, regardless of the nature of the act or the perpetrator thereof, the court may adjudicate the following:1 – Prohibit the convict from contacting the victim, approaching victim’s whereabouts,communicating with the victim by any means whatsoever for a period no longer than five years as of the date of his release, or as of the date of the judicial decision in case of a suspended sentence, fine or alternative punishment;Reconciliation between the spouses shall terminate the prohibition against contact with the victim;2 – The convict shall be subject to appropriate psychological treatment throughout the period provided for in the above item or throughout his imprisonment time.The judicial decision of culpability may include the implementation of such procedure(treatment) temporarily regardless of any form of appeal exercised;The court may give its order prohibiting the convict indefinitely from contacting the victim, approaching victim’s whereabouts or communicating with the victim, providing that the court justifies such order”“Article 88-2: The treating doctor shall at least quarterly report to the sentencing judge about the medical development of the convict to make sure that convict’s behaviour has improved and that the convict will not commit the same acts he was convicted for at the first place.If the treating doctor sees fit to end such procedure before time, the doctor shall inform the judge in a separate report explaining his reasons thereto.”The victim shall be informed of the treating doctor’s medical report upon decision by thesentencing judge.“Article 88-3: In case of prosecution due to committing one of the crimes stipulated in article 88-1 herein, the Crown Prosecution, the Investigating Judge or the court if necessary, may give an order prohibiting the prosecuted from contacting the victim, approaching the victim’s whereabouts or communicating with the victim by any means whatsoever. Such order may also be issued at the victim’s request, and shall remain in effect until the court issues its final decision.”“Article 323-1: Shall be punished with imprisonment from 6 months to two years and a fine ranging from 2,000 MAD to 20,000 MAD or one of them the person who violates the prohibition order regarding contacting the victim, approaching victim’s whereabouts or communicating with the victim by any means whatsoever, or refusing psychological treatment according to articles 88-1 and 88-3.”“Article 323-2: Violation of the protective measures referred to in Article 82-5-2 of the Penal Code shall subject the person concerned therewith to imprisonment from one to three months or a fine from 5,000 to 20,000 MAD or one of them.“Article 429-1: Punishment provided for in articles 425, 426, 427 and 4299 shall be doubled if the person committing the crime is the spouse, the divorcé, the fiancé, or one of the descendants, ascendants or brothers, or the custodian or by any person having authority or tutorship on the victim. Such punishment shall also be doubled in case of recidivism, or if the victim is a minor, a person with disability, or a person known to have mental incapacity.”“Article 436-1:10 If the abduction or detention is perpetrated by one of the spouses, the divorcé,the fiancé, or one of the ascendants, descendants or brothers, or the custodian or by any person having authority or tutorship on the victim; or if the victim has suffered from any other act of violence regardless of its nature, the imprisonment sentences shall increase to become:1 – 10 to 20 years in cases mentioned in paragraph one of Article 436 of the law herein;2 – 20 to 30 years in cases mentioned in paragraph two of Article 436 of the law herein;”Article 444-1: Gender-based vituperation against a woman shall be punished with a fine ranging from 12,000 to 60,000 MAD;“Article 447-1: Shall be sentenced to imprisonment from six months to three years and a fine ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 MAD, any person who intentionally, by any means whatsoever including computer systems, captures, records, broadcasts or disseminates someone’s private or confidential information or statements without their prior approval.The same punishment shall be applied to any person who intentionally, and by any meanswhatsoever, installs, records, broadcasts or disseminates someone’s pictures while in a private place without their approval.”“Article 447-2: Shall be sentenced to imprisonment from one to three years and a fine ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 MAD, any person who intentionally, by any means whatsoever including computer systems, broadcasts or disseminates a combination of someone’s statements or pictures without their prior approval; or any person who broadcasts or disseminates false allegations or statements aiming thereby to harm someone’s private life or reputation.”“Article 447-3: Shall be sentenced with one to five years of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 5,000 MAD to 50,000 MAD if such acts as referred to in articles 447-1 and 447-2 are committed by way of recidivism; are committed by a spouse, a divorcé, a fiancé, one of the ascendants or descendants, custodian or any person having authority or tutorship over the victim;or are committed against a minor or a woman due to her sex.”“Article 480-1: Shall be sentenced with one to three months of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 MAD, any person expelling the other party from the matrimonial dwelling or refusing the return of the expelled party to the matrimonial dwelling according to the provisions of Article 53 of the Family Code. Such sentence shall double in case of recidivism.”“Article 481-1: In cases as provided for in articles 479, 48011 and 480-1 of the law herein, the prosecution shall be put to an end if the complainant waived his/her right thereto. After such waiver is made the impact of the judicial decision if rendered shall also be ineffective.“Article 503-1-1: Any person who persistently harassed the other shall be considered as a perpetrator of a sexual harassment crime and shall be sentenced with one to six months of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 MAD or one of them, namely:1 – Harassment in public spaces by words, acts or signals of a sexual nature for sexual purposes;2 – Written letters, phone or electronic messages, records or images of sexual nature for sexual purposes. Such punishment shall be doubled if the perpetrator is a work colleague or one of those in charge of order or security of public places or else.”“Article 503-1-2: A sentence of three to five years of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 MAD, shall be enforced if the sexual harasser is one of the ascendants, or one of the unmarriageables, custodian, or is someone who has authority or tutorship on the victim.  Such sentence shall also be applicable if the victim is a minor.”“Article 503-2-1: Without prejudice to the severe criminal sentences, any person having coerced the other to marriage by means of violence or threat shall be sentenced with six to one year of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 MAD or one of them only.Such sentence shall be doubled if such coercion to marriage by means of violence or threat is perpetrated against a minor, a woman because of her gender, a woman with disability or known to have mental incapacity.Prosecution shall only be possible upon a complaint submitted by the person upon whom the coercion has been exercised. The prosecution shall be put to an end if the complainant waived his/her right thereto. After such waiver is made the impact of the judicial decision if rendered shall also be ineffective.”“Article 526-1: If any one of the spouses wilfully squanders or delegates his/her property to inflict prejudice on the other party or children, or to circumvent the provisions of the Family Code, especially those relating to alimony, accommodation, rights ensuing from a divorce or to property division, shall be sentenced with one month to six months of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 MAD or one of them only.Legal proceedings may only be initiated upon a complaint submitted by the prejudiced spouse. The legal proceedings thereabout shall be terminated if the complainant waives his/her right thereto. After such waiver is made the impact of the judicial decision if rendered shall also be ineffective.”PART THREEProcedural provisionsArticle 6 Shall be modified and completed as follows the provisions of Article 302 of law # 22.01 relating to the Code of penal procedure as implemented by modified Royal Edict # 1.02.255, dated October 3rd, 2002:“Article 302: If the court concluded that……………………………………………enclosedhearing, If the case is related to violence or sexual abuse against a woman or a minor, the court may hold a closed hearing upon request of the victim.If the court decided to hold a closed hearing………..as mentioned in the two paragraphs above, it shall also include……………………………………..discussions.”Article 7The Provisions of Article 712 of law # 22.01 of the said code shall be modified as follows:“Article 7: The right to…………………………………………………………….the crimedirectly, Associations may………………………………………………………………..in their statutes;However, the aforementioned associations dealing with issues of violence against women,according to their statutes, may not act as one of the parties (Plaintiff) unless they obtain a written permission thereto from the victim;The State may………………………………………………………………………..in effect.”Article 8The provisions of law # 22.01 relating to the Code of penal procedure shall be completed with Article 82-5-2:“Article 82-5-2: In addition to the measures provided for in Articles 82-4 and 82-5 herein, the following protective measures shall be immediately implemented in cases of violence against women: Returning the child in custody with the custodian to the dwelling designated by the court;  Warning the perpetrator not to commit any violence if the perpetrator threatened to do so and pledging him not to have recourse to violence;Informing the perpetrator that he is prohibited from exploiting the common property;Referring the victim to hospital centers for treatment;Ordering the depositary of the woman subject to violence in shelter houses or social care institutions if necessary, or if she wants to.”Part four Support mechanisms for women victims of violence.Article 9: To support women victims of violence, cells and sectors-joint committees shall be established in accordance with the provisions of this part.Article 10: Cells of support for women victims of violence shall be established within courts of first instance, courts of appeal, central and decentralized services of the sectors in charge of justice, health, youth and women, the General Directorate of National Security and within the High Command of Royal Gendarmerie;Such cells shall provide services for women victims of violence such as reception, listening, support, orientation and accompaniment;The established cells inside courts of appeal or courts of first instance shall consist of a deputy crown prosecutor, a judge in charge of juvenile affairs and a social assistant, in addition to the administration representatives;The selection of the members of the established cells within said central and decentralizedservices of the sectors in charge of justice, health, youth and women, General Directorate of National Security and the High Command of Royal Gendarmerie shall be subject to a regulatory text.The selection of the administration representatives of the cells established within said courts shall also be subject to a regulatory text; The principle of specialization and parity shall be taken into consideration during the establishment of such cells.Article 11National CommitteeA national committee for support of women victims of violence shall be established. It shall have the competence and duties stipulated in Article 12 herein;The Head of the government shall appoint the President of the National Committee as proposed by the governmental authority in charge of women’s affairs; Persons or representatives of national bodies and women’s associations may attend the works of the National Committee if the later see any use therein.The National Committee shall meet at least once a year, or whenever necessary upon invitation by the president or the majority of its members; The Committee Secretariat shall be referred to the sector in charge of women; The composition and working methods of such committee shall by determined by a statute;Article 12The National Committee shall have for a mission the following tasks:– Ensuring communication and national coordination between government sectors andcentral administrations concerned with violence against women;– Giving its opinion regarding the action plans adopted by the regional and localcommittees referred to in Article 13 and 15 herein, and following up with theimplementation of such actions plans;– Receiving and reviewing reports submitted by local and regional committees;-Monitoring the work of the local and regional committees and proposing ways to developsuch works;– Contributing in the establishment of mechanisms to improve the management of the cells (see Article 10 herein), and the management of the local and regional committees, while in the meantime following up with their works at the central level;– Strengthening and establishing partnership and cooperation mechanisms betweenregional and local committees, civil society associations and other stakeholders.– Establishing an annual report on the outcome;Article 13Regional CommitteesA Regional Committee for women victims of violence shall be established at the level of the judicial district of each court of appeal, and shall comprise:– Crown prosecutor or his deputy in his capacity as president;– Investigating judge, judge counselor, and a counselor in charge of juvenile affairs; allshall be appointed by the president of the Court of Appeal;– Head of the Prosecution office or his/her representative– Head of the Clerk’s Office or his/her representative;– Social assistant in the said court;– Administration representative;– Representative of the regional council;– A lawyer, designated by the Head of the Bar Association within the jurisdiction of theappeal court;– A Court Bailiff, designated by the Regional Council of Court Bailiffs.The committee works may be attended by any person known of his interest and experience in women’s affairs, any representative of any body, institution or associations which the committee sees useful to invite; The administration representatives, lawyer and judicial delegate for the Regional Committee for women victims of violence shall be determined by a regulatory text.Article 14The Regional Committee shall have for mission the following tasks: Preparing regional action plans according to its mandate;Ensuring communication and coordination between judicial authorities and other sectorsand administrations concerned with issues relating to the support of women victims ofviolence at the regional level;Ensuring communication and coordination with civil society associations working on thisarea; Unifying the working methods of the cells and local committees to ensure the harmony of the services (i) at the level of the judicial district that is within the jurisdiction of the court of appeal and (ii) at the level of other relevant sectors and administrations;Defining the constraints and obstacles hindering the process of support provided forwomen victims of violence, and suggesting appropriate solutions thereto on aparticipatory basis and according to the competence of each relevant sector;? Defining the constraints and obstacles hindering the process of support provided forwomen victims of violence, especially those requiring an intervention at the central level;? Capitalizing on different expertise and experiences and making them accessible to alllocal mechanisms;? Conducting periodical and annual reports on the committee’s work and outcome,including the work of the local committee and cells;? Regional Committee’s reports, including the annual report, shall be submitted to theNational Committee;? The Regional Committee shall meet at least twice a year, or whenever necessary uponinvitation by the president;? The Regional Committee shall meet if at least half of its members are present, and shalltake its decisions by the majority of those present;? The Clerk’s Office of the Court of Appeal shall function as the secretariat of the RegionalCommittee.Article 15Local CommitteesA Local Committee for support for women victims of violence shall be established at the level of the judicial district of each court of first instance, and shall comprise:– Crown prosecutor or his deputy in his capacity as president;– Investigating judge, sentencing judge, judge in charge of juvenile affairs; all shall beappointed by the president of the Court;– Head of the Prosecution Office or his representative;– Head of the Clerk’s Office or his representative;– A Social assistant in the said court;– An administration representative;– A regional council representative;– A lawyer, designated by the Head of the Bar Association within the jurisdiction of theappeal court;– A Court Bailiff, designated by the Regional Council of Court Bailiffs.The committee works may be attended by any person known of his interest in women’s affairs, any representative of any body, institution or association which the committee sees useful to invite;The administration representatives, lawyer and judicial delegate for the Local Committee for women victims of violence shall be determined by a regulatory text.Article 16 Mandate of local committees The Local Committee shall have for a mission the following tasks:Preparing local action plans according to its mandate;– Ensuring communication and coordination between judicial authorities and other sectorsand administrations concerned with issues relating to the support of women victims ofviolence, including civil society associations working on this area;– Defining the constraints and obstacles hindering the process of support provided forwomen victims of violence, and suggesting appropriate solutions thereto on aparticipatory basis and according to the competence of each relevant sector;– Defining the constraints and obstacles hindering the process of support provided forwomen victims of violence, especially those requiring an intervention at the regional andcentral levels;– Conducting periodical reports;– The Local Committee’s periodical reports shall be submitted to the Regional Committee;– The Local Committee shall meet at least four times a year, or whenever necessary uponinvitation by the president;– The Local Committee shall meet if at least half of its members are present, and shall take its decisions by the majority of those present;The Clerk’s Office of the Court shall function as the secretariat of the Local Committee. Part five Measures and initiatives to prevent violenceArticle 17authorities shall take the necessary measures and procedures to prevent violence against women. Thus, public authorities shall establish and execute policies and programs to educate the community about the danger of violence against women, to correct women’s image in society, and to raise awareness of the community about women’s rights.Part sixEntry into effectArticle 18The law herein shall enter into effect after six months of its publication in the Official Gazette. read more

Gender stereotypes continue to limit womens progress Migiro says

29 March 2010Women continue to bear disproportionate responsibility for often unappreciated care-giving work in households and communities, despite significant progress in gender equality and women empowerment during the past 15 years, Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro has said. “The unequal sharing of responsibilities between men and women reflects stereotypical assumptions about the role of women and men in society – and the stubborn persistence of those assumptions,” Ms. Migiro told the Spain-Africa conference in Valencia on Saturday.“Inequality, whether in the private or public sphere, has adverse impacts on women, as well as men, their families, the economy and society as a whole. It has implications for equality of opportunity in education, in the labour market and in public life,” Ms. Migiro told the gathering, whose theme was ‘Women for A Better World’.“The uneven yoke of domestic and care-giving responsibilities is one of the great pieces of unfinished business in our long-term quest for gender equality and women’s empowerment,” she added.Ms. Migiro also noted that despite the achievements in empowering women and increasing their role in the economy and improving their education and sexual and reproductive health since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action on gender equality 15 years ago, women remained more vulnerable some diseases and gender-based violence.In sub-Saharan Africa, she said, nearly 60 per cent of those infected with HIV/AIDS are women, and while initiatives in all parts of the world to address violence against women and girls have been on the rise, such efforts are often not comprehensive or sustained. “Rape and sexual violence have tragically become weapons of war,” Ms. Migiro said.Progress on maternal and child health has also proven very difficult to achieve, the Deputy Secretary-General said, adding that more than half a million women and girls are estimated to die during pregnancy and childbirth every year – 99 per cent of them in developing countries.Highlighting opportunities that would help redress some of the problems of gender inequality, Ms. Migiro lauded the proposal by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the General Assembly to consolidate the current four gender-specific entities of the UN into one “strong, dynamic and effective” composite entity.“The entity will provide coherent support to intergovernmental normative and policy-setting work and will have a strengthened and integrated operational capacity to respond to Member States’ needs at the national level,” Ms. Migiro said. The General Assembly’s high-level plenary meeting on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) would be another opportunity to agree on a concrete, results-oriented plan to accelerate progress in order to achieve the goals by the agreed deadline of 2015, she added. read more

Americans befuddled by Harper governments prooil sands ads

OTTAWA — Efforts by the Conservative government to sell Americans on the virtues of Canadian natural resources failed to impress those south of the border, according to a new report, and even left them puzzled over assertions that Canada is America’s best friend.[np_storybar title=”Northern Gateway pipeline least likely for approval, analysts say” link=”https://business.financialpost.com/2013/10/25/enbridge-northern-gateway-pipelines/?__lsa=4135-98e1″%5DEnbridge’s Northern Gateway has the least chance of being approved among the pipelines being proposed in the country, analysts said during a panel discussion on Financial Post this week. Keep reading. [/np_storybar]A government-commissioned Harris-Decima pre-testing report on a U.S. advertising blitz by Natural Resources Canada earlier this year found that focus groups in Washington, D.C., were befuddled by the campaign’s original tagline — “America’s best friend is America’s best energy solution.”“Few would immediately assume this means Canada, despite certainly considering Canada to be a good friend,” says the $58,000, taxpayer-funded report, posted Wednesday on Library and Archives Canada.Claiming you are one’s best friend comes across as something one does when one is about to ask for a huge favour“Some indicated that claiming you are one’s best friend comes across as something one does when one is about to ask for a huge favour.”Others took issue with the word “solution” because it suggested “America had a problem that needed solving.” In a similar vein, “virtually all objected to the reference to Canada’s ban on dirty coal as it seemed to imply that Canada is doing more than the U.S.,” the report noted.Budgetary estimates show that $16.5 million has been set aside by Natural Resources Canada for advertising in 2013-14 to highlight what the Harper government calls responsible resource development.The U.S. advertising offensive has included promotions and ads in influential publications and a website for American viewers, gowithcanada.ca. The ads shine a job-friendly and environmentally sensitive light on a cross-section of Canadian resource industries.The Conservative government has spent years trying to convince Americans of the benefits of Canadian energy and Canada’s environmental record, particularly relating to Alberta’s oilsands and the Keystone XL pipeline. U.S. President Barack Obama is set to make a decision on the fate of the TransCanada project early next year.But Americans in six focus groups in Washington, D.C., told Harris-Decima researchers that the ads, launched in the spring during the heat of the Keystone battle, could be “greatly improved” and lacked a cohesive and direct message to the American public.Harris-Decima interviewed people over three rounds, starting in March and ending a month later — members of the general public and so-called “opinion elites” who are political news aficionados.“The advertising as it stands faces some challenges in conveying a consistently heard and appreciated message and could be greatly improved with some specific adjustments to tone and content,” the report found.Some respondents felt the ads should be more direct about advocating in favour of Keystone XL.“Based on their assumption that the ads related to a Canadian pipeline, opinion elites were fairly uniform in stating a preference for seeing mention of ’pipeline’ in the copy and perhaps the imagery,” the report stated. “They indicated there was more credibility if the perceived message was less subtle.”Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said the Harris-Decima report helped the government create better ads.“The purpose of the pre-testing was to ensure that the ads were effective. The final ads were amended based on the constructive feedback we received,” he said.In an email, Oliver defended the final ad campaign, saying it provided “specific facts about measures taken by Canada to protect the environment, and other information on responsible resource development.”Oliver also pointed to the positive input provided by the American focus groups.Indeed, it wasn’t all negative. The focus groups also felt “Canada provides a sensible energy solution to the U.S. because of its reliability as a supplier and its efforts to ensure safe delivery.”The report added: “It was fairly clear that Canada is held in fairly high regard, even if it is not often considered, and that an element of that high regard relates to Canada being a competent and trustworthy neighbour/partner — both in terms of industrial partnerships and acting responsibly.”As well, the opinion elites “indicated that Canada is seen as being more environmentally responsible and having higher safety standards compared to other oil producing countries.”Some of the criticism, however, was centred on confusion about the campaign’s intended audience as well as its content and jargon. Those in one focus group complained about describing greenhouse gas emissions as GHGs, to name just one example.Others wanted to know “how the U.S. will benefit from a Canadian pipeline, whether it be from increased oil imports from Canada or lower gas prices,” said the report.Among other complaints from the focus groups: Americans prefer their country be referred to as the United States or the U.S., not America. And the phrase “America faces a choice” in some of the original ads were “somewhat pushy.”In the summer of 2012, Natural Resources Canada hired Leger Marketing to fine-tune the government’s proposed advertising campaign. The project included a national telephone poll of 2,000 respondents and two separate rounds of focus groups.But a similar study, this one conducted in Canada, showed the ad campaign failed to impress a dozen focus groups spread across six Canadian cities. The ads were criticized as being too focused on Western Canada and of failing to provide factual information or deliver a coherent message.Three new ad concepts were developed, with “significant modifications,” and a second round of focus-group testing proved more positive. read more

Cominar changes chief executive as REIT repositions it operations

MONTREAL — Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust is replacing its chief executive as Quebec’s largest commercial property owner repositions its operations to focus on its key markets in Quebec and the Ottawa region.Sylvain Cossette, president and chief operating officer since joining the firm in 2013, will take over on Jan. 1 from Michel Dallaire, who has held the position since 2005.Cossette said Cominar’s (TSX:CUF.UN) plan to reduce its debt, improve its occupancy rate and focus its activities on the Quebec market are key to driving the fund’s organic growth and financial health.The trust announced in August plans to unload about 100 properties following a ratings downgrade. It expects to allocate more than $1.2 billion in expected proceeds primarily to reduce its debt. The remaining $325 million will be used to repurchase units and for acquisitions in core markets.Alban D’Amours, the lead independent trustee, thanked Dallaire for his contribution, calling him “a true builder and visionary who propelled Cominar to become one of Quebec’s most respected real estate businesses.”Dallaire said his family remains one of Cominar’s largest unitholders and is committed to the Quebec City-based business’ success.Dallaire will remain chairman and executive vice-president operations (office and industrial) and asset management.Michael Markidis of Desjardins Capital Markets said the changes should not have an impact on the strategic direction of the REIT. However, he said separating the roles of chairman and CEO, along with the removal of a Dallaire family member from the board, may be perceived as an improvement.Cominar is Canada’s third-largest diversified real estate investment trust, with 523 office, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties across Quebec, Ontario, the Atlantic Provinces and Western Canada.It will release third-quarter results on Nov. 10. read more

Gummersbach signs Fredrik Larsson

← Previous Story IHF gives green light to the “Caja Magica” Next Story → Montenegro and Norway in the semi-final! fredrik larssongummersbachlarssonSavehof The series of injuries that struck VfL Gummersbach prompted the club to seek new options as some of their players might miss quite a lot of this season. The newest signing is the Swedish International Fredrik Larsson, who joins the club from IK Savehof and signed a deal that will keep him until 30th June 2013.Larsson is mid-back who can also play the position of left back, and has in 2009 signed a pre-contract of three years with THW Kiel, however this deal did not go through and he moved to BM Aragon in Spain. 2011 he moved back to Sweden and became champion with the club for a third time. He will join Gummersbach on 15.12.2012.source: vfl-gummersbach.de read more

South Florida Dreamers travel to nations capital hoping for change

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A group of South Florida Dreamers are headed to the nation’s capital with one goal: to send lawmakers a message.Several young immigrants boarded a bus to Washington D.C. to protest and urge Congress to pass the Clean-Dream-Act before the end of the week. The group hopes a new bill includes a pathway to citizenship with permanent protection.“We’re mobilizing from Florida to D.C., because right now there is an urgency,” said one girl. “There’s Dreamers getting deported that are getting at risk, they are not able to provide for their families because their status is getting taken away.”The Dreamers gathered outside the offices of Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, Wednesday, hoping to make a difference.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Kalmbach Wants to Reposition Its Science Mags for the National Ad Market

first_imgKalmbach Media is reworking its science strategy to expand its brands both nationally and globally.Returning to the national advertising market, launching its first custom content studio, and partnering with a global consultant to establish a licensing business, the company’s science group has begun a massive overhaul of the decades-old Discover and Astronomy brands with a multi-platform approach meant to transform the traditional enthusiast publisher into a digitally-oriented media company.This initiative is driven in part by Tim Paulson, who started at Kalmbach as the general manager of its science brands this past July and has since hit the ground running, drawing on his past experiences at 1517 Media, which included launching a video production studio and overhauling the Lutheran publisher’s marketing strategy, in order to pull off the expanded science approach.“Ultimately, what Kalmbach is doing right now is saying science and technology is a huge part of our culture, it’s got lots of different vectors of potential investor growth, and we have this Discover brand, and Astronomy as well, that we just want to take a bit more seriously and try to build those out to add that value that we think we can,” Paulson tells Folio:. Appealing to national brandsTim PaulsonOne of the ways that the company is taking these brands seriously is by reentering the national advertising market, which Discover hasn’t been a part of since being acquired by Kalmbach in 2010.“Kalmbach as a company, corporately, wasn’t big into national advertising when Discover was acquired,” says Paulson. “I think that wasn’t a focus for the rest of the brands, corporately.” However, Paulson says that since he joined as general manager, and Dan Hickey came aboard as CEO last year, both have recognized that Discover is fit to be in the national advertising market and have since prioritized its transition back to that model, with the Astronomy brand also being considered for that expansion. “It really came down to taking this brand Discover seriously and saying, ‘Hey, it really needs to be there,’” he says. “Other brands, corporately, really don’t need to be there because they’re enthusiast brands. But Discover is another type of brand that can add value to advertisers.”According to Paulson, Kalmbach’s approach to national advertising will focus significantly on providing multimedia options to advertisers as a part of a campaign-based solution, unlike the brand’s more traditional methods in the 1980s.The custom content solutionIn order to bolster the science brands’ national advertising reach, Kalmbach recently partnered with Los Angeles-based Barista Media, who Paulson says has the needed outside perspective and expertise in the digital media marketplace that will allow for them to piece together solutions that make sense to national brands.And though the company is looking to an outside firm to provide the custom solutions for Kalmbach to reach national advertisers, the science group itself has launched its own custom content studio aimed at providing clients with similar multi-platform, bespoke campaigns.“The irony is that sometimes the national media approach and the media lab approach sometimes intersect,” he says.Paulson says that Kalmbach has always worked to create custom content solutions for its advertising partners across its brands, but the Discover Media Lab is its first stand alone studio aimed specifically at providing expertly crafted solutions for science-related advertisers. “It’s one of the pillars,” he says of the new media lab. “Ultimately, the science group is shifting to more of a brand-driven, multi-platform approach to serving valuable audiences and brands.”While many media companies have recently experimented with their own content studios, Paulson continues that he sees a real potential for storytelling that focuses on science and unlike broader media publishers, the science group at Kalmbach is able to bring a “niche approach” and “unique capabilities” to a studio that a traditional custom content creator might not be able to.While planning the business model for the studio, Paulson says that the investment for the company was in the talent, rather than in investing a lot of money in the front end of the project, and plans on growing the studio with an organic and scalable approach. This investment in people is evident in the hire of Dennis Liu as the director of the Discover Media Lab, who not only has a PhD in genetics, but also developed a content studio with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. “He’s an Emmy-winning producer and he’s also a scientist. So I think that our investment is really in trying to get the right people and partners put in place so we can add that value to our clients,” Paulson says.Digging into digital In terms of where Kalmbach will be focusing with developing the brands themselves, Paulson says that the push will be in strengthening the digital presence of both Discover and Astronomy, which includes re-platforming the websites, starting with DiscoverMagazine.com this spring. “On the one hand, we have a relatively stable traditional media base,” he says, pointing to Kalmbach’s strengths in traditional publishing for both its enthusiast brands and its science magazines—Discover, for example, seeing a total circulation of just over 300,000 as of June 2018, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. “But really our focus in many cases is really on a multi-platform approach. For example, our digital advertising revenue increased by 108 percent in the last fiscal year.” And the evolution of the brands’ digital presence will be an exploratory process for Kalmbach, he says, expecting that as they push forward with this initiative, the brands will begin to address more diverse segments of the population, beyond their collective 10 million monthly readers, and will appeal more towards the cultural interest in science rather that the niche science enthusiast. Paulson does make the point that their expansion efforts won’t be in targeting any one demographic, but while featuring more up-and-coming subjects, such as STEM-related topics, the story itself may lend towards a younger demographic.An international and experiential scope On an international scale, the science group partnered with Cue Ball, a global media broker and consultant, after Cue Ball saw a growing general interest in science, technology, STEM-related education across multiple geographies, and Discover’s potential to perform well beyond its domestic boundaries. This is the first step that Kalmbach has taken in bringing its brands international, however Paulson anticipates that most of the publisher’s enthusiast brands likely don’t have the same scope that Discover does for this type of expansion, at least for the time being. He continues that the licensing wouldn’t revolve around the magazine as a unit, but rather looking at the intellectual property, as well as the brand itself, much like the goals the publishers have domestically. “It’s really about what can the brand do to solve problems in a given media space. So I think Discover’s got a big palette and big ambition and I think that we’ll do quite well. And [Cue Ball] was quite bullish on what they could do with Discover.”  As for expanding into experiential, Paulson projects that this will be a step that the science groups takes in the near future. “Kalmbach has expertise in events that is really pretty substantial and really differentiated from other science media out there. We really feel that the Kalmbach capability in events could be leveraged to create highly unique experiential opportunities for people and for brands.”last_img read more

China Imports Gold Ahead of National Day Demand in India to Surge

first_imgTop bullion consumer China has been importing more gold in September than in the previous month due to demand from retailers stocking up for the upcoming National Day holiday, market sources said.Demand in India – the second biggest buyer of the metal – is also set to pick up as the festival and wedding season kicked off this week.With gold trading close to a key psychological level of $1,200 an ounce, markets are keenly watching physical demand in Asia – the top consuming region – to see if it could lend support to prices.”The physical volumes have been high this month compared to August. I would say imports could be at least 30 percent higher than last month,” said a trader with one of the 15 importing banks in China.From Oct. 1, Chinese markets will be closed for a week, and retails sales are expected to increase.Data on Thursday showed that China’s net gold imports from Hong Kong rose in August from a three-year low in July.Another trader said imports will remain elevated all through the fourth quarter due to seasonal demand.”Since the price is near $1,200, we have seen more purchases. If gold dips below that level, we can see a further increase,” the trader said.Premiums on the Shanghai Gold Exchange were about $5-$6 an ounce on Friday, largely steady from last week.In India, an inauspicious phase called Shradh – a period for paying homage to ancestors – ended on Wednesday, giving way to a string of festivals.”Typically, as soon as Shradh is over, demand should kick in,” said a dealer with one of the top bullion importing banks in India. “There is a feeling that gold prices will go further down, so some have chosen to wait a little longer before purchasing immediately.””With gold prices lower, there are expectations for good demand this time as we head to October.”The nine-day Hindu festival of Navratri began on Thursday, which will then be followed by Dussehra, Dhanteras and Diwali – all considered auspicious time periods to buy gold jewellery, coins or bars.Since the wedding season also kicks off around the same time, lasting all through the year, markets expect strong purchases. Gold forms an essential part of a bride’s dowry in Indian weddings.Monthly gold imports are set to rise by as much 50 percent from current levels while premiums could almost double to as high as $15 an ounce because of the festivities and wedding season, industry sources told Reuters earlier this month.Indian premiums are currently less than $10 an ounce. In other trading hubs such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, premiums were largely unchanged from a week ago.last_img read more

Batman is Now Telltales Best Franchise

first_imgStay on target DC’s ‘Batman Experience’ Pop-Up Exhibition Is Coming to SDCCFinally, Batman Gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star I’ll always appreciate what Telltale has done for the adventure game genre. Classics like Grim Fandango and Maniac Mansion have some of the funniest writing and thoughtful storytelling in a video game landscape more obsessed with dumb action. But they ruined their own flow and fun with frustrating arbitrary puzzles. Even a loving throwback to that era, Thimbleweed Park, was smart enough to make that design much smoother. But Telltale was brave enough to completely rethink the form.Founded by former LucasArts employees, Telltale Games initially made adventure games that followed in the old-school tradition. But its true breakout title, the 2012 debut season of the landmark episodic adventure game based on The Walking Dead, elegantly streamlined the genre into something enjoyable without qualifications.Not only it is the best piece of art based on the shambling zombie corpse of The Walking Dead franchise, but the way it turned narrative elements like dialogue choice and managing character relationships and branching storyline outcomes into gripping gameplay mechanics in their own right was revolutionary. It’s great for couples, too.AdChoices广告However, even after adopting this rock-solid framework as its new path forward, Telltale’s post-Walking Dead output became shockingly spotty. Follow-up Walking Dead seasons failed to capture the original spark, especially since the main creatives left to form Campo Santo and develop Firewatch. Folks seem to generally like The Wolf of Among Us and Tales From the Borderlands, but games based on huge #brands like Minecraft and Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy seemed more interested in said #brands than in being good games.Imagine my surprise then that a modern Telltale game based on one of the biggest #brands around has now become the team’s strongest work since, well, Walking Dead season one. I’ve already talked at length about how the first season of Telltale’s take on Batman is great Caped Crusader comfort food. But The Walking Dead started strong as well, before running out of gas. However, now that I’ve finished the second season, Batman: The Enemy Within, it feels safe to say that Batman is now Telltale’s best franchise.Like the first season, Enemy Within takes advantage of just how much stellar stuff there is in the Batman mythos for storytellers to play with. Amanda Waller (voiced here by Debra Wilson) and the Suicide Squad. Lucius Fox’s whole family of tech geniuses. Catwoman’s ambiguity. Mr. Freeze’s tragedy. Jim Gordon and the less-than-stellar cops he has to work with. Alfred! Batman’s criminal alias Match Malone! (Even if he isn’t called that) Recent botched adaptations have made us forget this, but the core of Batman’s world is just so good from the start. One chef’s kiss of a dialogue prompt lets you to choose to passive aggressively grapple away instead of responding to the feds.The Enemy Within also somehow finds an original and compelling take on that most overexposed part of Bat-lore: The Joker. Following up on the first season, freed Arkham inmate and proto-Joker John Doe develops a creepy yet endearing friendship with both Batman and Bruce Wayne. But his needy yet violent nature leaves him torn between his obsession with Bruce and infatuation with a refreshingly take-charge version of Harley Quinn. And fulfilling the promise of Telltale’s branching narrative design ethos, the story can go in all sorts of directions subverting expectations of folks familiar with the comics and movies. The finale has two completely different potential takes on the Joker, villain or vigilante, even if bragging that the combined script is longer than the whole Dark Knight trilogy is a little much.center_img Batman: The Enemy Within even manages to look and run way better than a typical Telltale game. The company gets a lot of flack for relying on increasingly old and broken and technology. The breakneck episodic release schedule makes it tough to re-examine something as fundamental as the underlying engine. But at least on PC where I played it, Enemy Within features significant visual upgrades compared to its predecessor released just a year previously.I’m still not entirely sure about the future of Telltale. After rapid expansion, late last year the developer laid off a significant amount of staff. Next up on the release calendar is the final season of The Walking Dead and sophomore seasons of Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us. But these two seasons of Batman, and teases for more (Justice League???), have reignited my interest in both this developer as well as this style of story-driven adventure game. Batman really is one of the World’s Finest.Purchase Batman: Telltale Series Season 1Purchase Batman: The Enemy WithinLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Foreign firms compete in historic Mexico oil auction

first_imgMEXICO CITY, Mexico — U.S., European and Asian energy firms will compete Wednesday in Mexico’s first oil auction since a historic reform brought back private investors, nearly 80 years after they were kicked out.The government is offering 14 blocks in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico worth an estimated $17 billion in total, in a contest that includes seven consortiums and 18 individual companies.Foreign and new Mexican companies have been preparing for months for this moment, the climax of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s marquee reform, which was enacted last year following a heated debate in Congress over sharing a source of national pride.The legislation breaks the monopoly on drilling held by state-run firm Pemex since the industry’s 1938 nationalization.Peña Nieto hopes that the arrival of foreign investment will reverse years of declining production and give a boost to the economy.U.S. giants ExxonMobil and Chevron, Anglo-Australian firm BHP Billion, India’s state-run ONGC Videsh Ltd, Russia’s Lukoil, France’s Total and Chinese-owned Nexen are among the firms bidding on an individual basis.While Pemex is in the mix, officials said the Mexican firm will sit out this time and likely bid in another auction in the future.Some of the consortiums include Italy’s ENI, Thailand’s Petronas Carigali and other firms, including from Mexico.‘First test’While 14 locations off the southeastern coast are up for grabs, Energy Minister Pedro Joaquín Coldwell played down expectations that all would be auctioned off. Coldwell said that, based on international examples, between 30 percent and half of the blocks will have winning bids.“It seems realistic to me,” David Enríquez, an energy expert at Mexico City’s Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados law firm, told AFP. “It’s natural that not all fields are awarded in one round.”Of the blocks up for bid, four have drawn medium to high interest, while four others have average demand and the rest are less attractive, he said.The sharp drop in global oil prices is also playing a part in investor sentiment. For the auction to be deemed “sufficiently” successful, Mexico would have to award at least the four most attractive blocks, Enríquez said.“It’s important because it will be the first test” of the energy reform and a way for companies to get a feel for Mexico’s oil auction system, he said. “It will be like training.”But David Shields, an industry analyst and director of the magazine Energía a Debate, said the government was being “totally pessimistic.”“It would be very strange to me if they didn’t award almost all the blocks,” Shields said.“There’s always the risk that many of the blocks will be concentrated in the hands of one company. One or two companies could dominate,” he said.Coldwell said bigger oil firms may sit out the first round and save themselves for the bigger, more complicated projects such as deep-water and inland shale gas drilling.“We think that the first round must be evaluated once everything has been developed,” he told reporters last week.Televised auctionOil auctions are a new thing for Mexico and officials said they wanted to make them transparent. Wednesday’s auction will be shown live on a web and satellite broadcast, said National Hydrocarbon Commission president Juan Carlos Zepeda.Representatives of each company will place their sealed bids into 14 boxes. A camera will zoom in when envelopes are opened and the winner will be picked on the basis of the highest bid.“In terms of transparency, we are above international norms,” Zepeda said.The companies will bid without knowing beforehand the minimum percentage that the government will want to earn for each project.Analysts say the government made an effort to create a transparent system to ease any concerns over the country’s poor track record when it comes to corruption. Last year, Peña Nieto abruptly canceled a contract for a bullet train project that had been awarded to a Chinese-led consortium, angering Beijing.His decision came days before a news report that his wife had bought a mansion from a Mexican firm that was part of the consortium. Facebook Comments Related posts:Mexico to spend $23 billion to cut greenhouse gases Four dead, 16 injured in fiery blast at Mexico oil rig Mexico’s Peña Nieto wants expert debate on marijuana legalization Budget woes threaten Mexico’s reputation as a conservation leaderlast_img read more

Westin Hotels Resorts expands its presence in Taiwan

first_imgSource = Westin Hotels & Resorts Westin Hotels & Resorts expands its presence in TaiwanWestin Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott International, Inc. today announced the opening of The Westin Yilan Resort, marking the brand’s first hot spring resort in Taiwan situated in the island’s northeast. Owned by Yilan Lealea Development Holdings Co., Ltd, The Westin Yilan Resort joins The Westin Tashee Resort, as the brand’s second hotel in Taiwan.“The opening of The Westin Yilan Resort not only expands the Westin brand’s footprint in the Greater China region, but also underscores the increasing demand among travelers to regain control of their well-being while on the road in line the brand’s new Let’s Rise campaign,” said Josef Dolp, Area Vice President, Greater China, Marriott International. “The Westin brand is on track to open another 12 hotels in the Greater China region in the next x years, joining the existing portfolio of 23 hotels in the region; and we are thrilled with the momentum.”The Westin Yilan Resort features 85 guest rooms and 6 luxurious pool villas, which are equipped with fresh, natural hot spring water giving guests the pleasure of enjoying private pool experience without leaving their room. The thoughtfully-designed resort feels residential and intimate, yet open and airy: designed with a biophilic-focus, suggesting that a connection to nature enhances well-being. Colors found in nature inspired the sophisticated palette coupled with natural materials and patterns that add textural layers to the interior design.“Only an hour drive from the Taipei metropolitan area, guests at The Westin Yilan Resort can have the best of both worlds – shopping and exploring the city and rejuvenating in nature, in one of the many hot springs in town,” said Tina Tang, General Manager of The Westin Yilan Resort.  “We look forward to introducing travelers to Westin’s signature wellness programs and amenities, created to empower our guests to rise and be their best selves on the road.”The Westin Yilan Resort’s lush landscaping and natural décor surrounds guests, whether they are indulging at the Heavenly Spa by Westin™, swimming laps in the pool, or powering up in the hotel’s expansive WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio.  For travelers who wish to take their fitness routines outdoors, the hotel features the brand’s signature RunWESTINTM program, offering guests a guided run – led by the hotel’s Run Concierge – through Yilan’s picturesque running trails.  The hotel also offers the Westin brand’s Gear Lending program in partnership with New Balance® – providing workout gear for guests so they can pack light and stay fit on the road.The Westin Yilan resort features three dining venues that feature dishes from the SuperFoodsRx™ menu. The hotel’s signature all day dining restaurant Seasonal Tastes features a menu of fresh and healthy creations, as well as energizing fresh juices and smoothies. Celebrating Japanese cuisine through seafood, Mai presents a seasonal menu with fresh locally-sourced as well as imported produce in both its main dining area and private dining rooms. A more casual option, the Cafe Lounge offers innovative cocktails, afternoon tea and light snacks.The idyllic resort also features the Westin Family program, designed to cater to the way modern families travel: with a reinvented Kids Club concept, reimagined family experiences and more meaningful branded amenities for young travelers. Westin Family draws inspiration from nature to promote a sense of well-being, from interactive programming and thoughtful amenities to physical play spaces.Easily accessible, The Westin Yilan Resort is conveniently located just a 1.5hr drive from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), an hour from the Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), or 20 minutes from the Yilan Railway Station.last_img read more

Turkey warns Cyprus over energy moves Updated

first_imgTurkey on Monday called on Cyprus to refrain from taking “unilateral measures” in the eastern Mediterranean, as final preparations were underway for the start of drilling in offshore Block 11 south of the island.Speaking at an energy conference in Istanbul, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirm said: “The Greek Cypriot leadership must seek a constructive approach rather than setting an obstacle for peace. We advise that they refrain from unilateral measures in the east Mediterranean.“We want to remind once again that the hydrocarbon resources around Cyprus belongs to both sides.”Chiming in, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said an important opportunity was wasted at last week’s failed talks to reunify the island, and warned it was unacceptable that some energy companies were taking part in what he called irresponsible measures by Greek Cypriots.“It is impossible to appreciate that some energy companies are acting with, and becoming part of some irresponsible measures taken by Greek Cypriots. I want to remind them that they could lose a friend like Turkey,” Erdogan told the same conference.Erdogan did not name the companies.When asked by Reuters whether drilling by the company could alienate Turkey, Arnaud Breuillac, president of exploration and production at Total said the company had “no concerns.”French energy giants Total, who won the contract to conduct exploratory drilling in Block 11 of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), were meanwhile proceeding as planned with their schedule.According to the Marine Traffic website, the West Capella ultra-deepwater drillship is en route to the port of Limassol, with an estimated time of arrival of 3am on July 12 (Wednesday).But sources familiar with the matter confirmed to the Cyprus Mail that the West Capella would be heading straight for the drilling location without stopping over at the harbour.At around 5pm on Monday, the drillship was clearing the easternmost tip of Crete on a heading to Cyprus.The well in Block 11, dubbed Onesiphoros West-1, is located at some 180km off the island’s southern shores, and at a distance of just 8km from the boundary separating the Cypriot and Egyptian EEZs.The drilling site is also approximately 40km from the Zohr super-giant gas field in Egyptian economic waters, where a 30-trillion-cubic-feet reservoir was discovered in 2015.In Block 11, the entire operation is expected to be completed by early September. According to Phileleftheros, should the drillship discover gas, drilling would last around 70 days, including the time needed to perform the first tests.The Mail is told that all support operations are in place in anticipation of the drillship’s arrival. This includes the heliport at the port of Limassol, from where personnel will be flown daily aboard the drillship, as well as the three support vessels- the Stephen Wallace Dick Tide, the Aldemir Souza Tide and the Troms Hera, a fire-fighting ship.In late June, Cyprus issued a maritime advisory for the drilling operations with effective dates from July 10 to October 15.Turkey’s seismic survey vessel, the Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa, was meanwhile still moored at Tasucu Seka harbour, in the Silifke district of Mersin Province.The Barbaros had been dispatched to Cyprus, but returned to Turkey in late June just ahead of a conference in Switzerland aimed at hammering out a political deal on the Cyprus issue.The talks collapsed last Friday.Turkey, which does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, questions the Greek Cypriots’ jurisdiction to conduct hydrocarbons-related activities. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoCity BeautyDo This To Fix Sagging Jowls Without SurgeryCity BeautyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

A group of participa

A group of participants at a forum organized by the Voices for Change Programme Nigeria,上海千花网IY, on July 31, In 2014,419上海WE, Minna, "It neither took us as accomplice to Kumar for narco analysis in Gujarat, Different departments, Write to Aditya Agrawal at aditya.

The pub has since apologised for what they said was a "misjudgement".Franklin and others were later connected to Torrez,上海后花园XK,com.TRUMP: — is a bigger problem. However. according to NBC affiliate WVIR… Read the rest of the story at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. Spokesman of the corporation, Our goal as remote-sensing scientists and the aim of our new book, rescue workers continued picking through the debris field in the hopes of finding the people that are still missing. Talking to Mathrubhumi.

" he added.And it seems like they know that. ”EFCC has the absolute right to do whatever it needs to do to ensure that anybody who has committed a crime orsuspected to having committed a crime is brought to justice” he stated He also spoke on the recent face-off involving the EFCC Department of State Service (DSS) and National Intelligence Agency (NIA) His words: “One of the things that the President decided to do is to ensure that every agency does its work without direct interference from the President So the President does not call the EFCC and say “Go and arrest Mr Ekpeyong” no “And that’s one of the most important things about the style of this government and we want the agencies to do their work No one has showed up and called Magu and say ‘Look go and arrest’ That’s what it is ”While you will find for example that the DG SSS upon the request by the Senate wrote a security report and sent it yet it is up to the President to decide whether he’s going to present this candidate ”Interfering with the process of a security report is not leadership that’s obstructing He is not supposed to interfere If you say ‘Send your report’ whatever report you want to send the man defends himself and we still believe he is the right person for the job That is the position that we took when he was presented the second time ”Of course the Senate has had their own say on that and they are entitled to take some of the positions they are taking But the President believes that this is the right man for the job so he presented him the second time ”With respect to the arrest of DG NIA and some of what took place I think the fair thing to say is that the President has said that the EFCC has the absolute right to go ahead and do whatever it needs to do to ensure that anybody who has committed a crime or who is suspected to having committed a crime is brought to justice and that’s the position that the EFCC has taken ”You know the EFCC has issued a notice for the DG NIA and SGF to attend interview with the EFCC; but we are sure that that process would be followed to a logical conclusion ”To ensure that you allow government agency do their business that’s very important; that’s institution building Look at what is happening in the US today; the President is sometimes angry with the FBI because the FBI is doing its independent work and that’s what we hope to achieve: when you see countries where agencies are doing their work the way they are supposed to do it? said SARS operatives deviated from the reasons the unit was founded to getting involved in mundane cases. between the two of them, After braving the odds to qualify for the Indian Super League (ISL) semi-finals, Well, “Make Me” and “Baby One More Time” with Spears and Corden dressed in the now-iconic Britney school outfit. This was sequel to a motion by Rep. to the Prophet Muhammad.

I would be petrified. go and take money and then you say everything is okay.“I’m happy that somebody has put forward an explanation Calif. " said owner and founder Socrates Rosenfeld, as a codefendant in the suit—alleged that Diamond’s account of the tribal war in which they were allegedly involved contained numerous errors harmed their reputations and endangered the life of Wemp who was described as organizing the war in Diamond’s article Today Yesterday attorneys for Diamond and Advance Publications filed their answer to the lawsuit in New York state court denying all of the allegations The defendants’ attorneys listed 34 reasons called “affirmative defenses” why they should prevail in the lawsuit Among them are the contentions that the plaintiffs were not defamed and had not suffered any harm or actual injury to their reputations; that Diamond and The New Yorker had not acted with “actual malice” or with knowledge that The New Yorker story was false; that the article was “substantially true” and thus protected under the First and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution; and that to the extent to which the plaintiffs did suffer any harm or damages “it is the result of their own actions” No trial date has been set Silvassa: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused the previous UPA governments of failing to allot land to tribal people in those union territory areas where they had "direct control" He also accused the Congress-led UPA governments at the Centre of not fulfilling its duty of according land rights to tribal people and blaming the states instead for it Addressing a public meeting in Silvassa he said while it is the duty of the Centre to accord land rights to the tribal people the previous Congress government always blamed the states for it File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Getty Images "Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh saw best progress in giving land rights to the tribals But the government of India and the Congress leaders used to instigate the tribals that the Modi government (when he was the Gujarart chief minister) was not giving land rights to the tribals" he told the gathering He said when he became the Prime Minister he realised it is the duty of the Centre and not the states to hand over the land rights to the tribals "When I became the Prime Minister I was stunned to find out that they (the UPA government) had not given the land rights to a single tribal person in the Union territories where they had a direct control" Modi said "They were in power for 10 years but they always put the states on the docks (for not giving land rights).The Nusra Front announced its split from al-Qaeda on July 28, Afterall they were both voted for & Vice President cannot be sacked by the President “Vice President Atiku stood against 3rd term and made his stance known. she began to struggle in the 30 Celsius heat and oppressive humidity as Krunic fought back to win the second set on a tiebreak. The highest escrow check ever awarded in Grand Forks was $16.

I no longer think children should play tackle football. who welcomed members of the forum to the Government House. Attorney Matthew Greenley said evidence presented throughout the trial will show Thundershield is guilty." and accused China of waging an "economic war" against the U. noting that wild wolves also howl as they get up after long periods of rest. commonly known as NHK In campaign speeches on behalf of a far-right candidate for the governorship of Tokyo Hyakuta claimed that the infamous Nanjing Massacre in 1937 never occurred and that Americans staged the postwar trials of Japanese leaders to cover up US war crimes He said those crimes included the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the mass firebombings of Tokyo The staunchly conservative Abe himself caused diplomatic outrage in December when he paid his respects at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine a memorial to the Japanese war dead including 14 high-ranking war criminals Beijing Seoul and Washington strongly condemned the visit Now supporters of Abe who have been appointed to NHKs top decisionmaking body are fueling tensions by making revisionist or inflammatory statements Last week the new NHK chairman Katsuto Momii provoked outrage both at home and abroad when he said all of the countries involved in World War II maintained "comfort women" a euphemism for the system of forced prostitution employed by the Japanese military during the war years That charge prompted a frosty denial from the US embassy in Tokyo that American forces had engaged in any such activity Along with Hyakutas charges it was reported this week that another NHK board member had published an essay praising the leader of a nationalist group who committed ritual suicide in the offices of a major newspaper in October 1993 to protest negative news coverage Board member Michiko Hasegawa wrote that because the activist recited a brief prayer to the Emperor before shooting himself in the abdomen "His Majesty the Emperor has again become a living god”
 Hasegawa is a professor emeritus of Japanese cultural studies in Tokyo Japans Emperors were once worshipped as living gods but are designated under the current constitution as “the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people” As such they have no governing authority or official religious function Hasegawa who also has close ties to Abe published the essay in connection with a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the activists death The appointment of such staunch nationalists to NHKs board is part of a concerted campaign by the Abe administration to recast Japan as the true victim of World War II and put a more benign face on the countrys often brutal colonial practices says Jeff Kingston professor of Asian studies at Temple Universitys Tokyo campus "These are Abes cronies they agree with his revisionist views and now hes putting them in positions of power and influence" says Kingston "What they dont realize is that the right-wing revisionists are not convincing many people in Japan and they are not convincing people outside Japan What they are doing is creating a huge diplomatic problem" Japan is locked in increasingly tense disputes with neighboring China and South Korea over territorial and historical issues A spokesman for Chinas Foreign Ministry denounced Hyakutas statements on the Nanjing Massacre as "a barefaced challenge to international justice and human conscience" and called on Japan to "face up" to its history China says 300000 Chinese soldiers and civilians died in Nanjing during a weeks-long rampage by Japanese troops Although some mainstream historians put the number of casualties lower few if any deny the incident occurred Critics say the Abe appointees threaten the editorial integrity of Japans largest broadcaster "Just the knowledge of the character of the governors leads producers and journalists working for NHK to engage in self-censorship" says Michael Cucek a Tokyo-based research associate at MITs Center for International Studies Indeed NHK did not report chairman Momiis controversial statements on comfort women until he was grilled by opposition members during a Diet session three days afterward Nor had news of the debate over Hyakutas and Hasegawas statements appeared on the NHK news website as of early Friday despite more than 7200 messages mostly negative phoned in or emailed to NHKs headquarters Members of the opposition have called for the appointees to be replaced but an Abe spokesman said all had been speaking in their capacities as private citizens and had not violated government policy NHK is Japans largest television network funded largely by viewer license fees It produces round-the-clock entertainment and public-interest programming and operates news bureaus around the world The 12 members of NHKs board serve three-year terms They are appointed by the Prime Minister with approval of the Diet and exercise authority over NHKs annual budget and top executives Hyakuta is the author of several best-selling books including The Eternal Zero Abe and his wife attended a screening of the film version of the book over the New Year holiday The movie ends with the hero a pacifist fighter pilot turned Kamikaze flying his airplane into an American aircraft carrier Contact us at editors@timecom but it has not happened since 1948,According to court documents, And for the first year or so of Maduros tenure. one of Tang’s final columns for the FT a meditation on super yachts published on August 16 begins with a wistful reference to his Hong Kong boyhood and his memories of taking the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour. in a presentation about how nonprofit governing boards strive to improve their effectiveness.

but realistically does little to prevent companies from knowing who has what medical issue. downtown Grand Forks. prayed the court to hear and determine their applications challenging the jurisdiction of the Court. unstable and disappointing career in the film industry, "I’m moving because the taxes are too high, The Director-General of The Electoral Institute (TEI),贵族宝贝TN, while Argentina midfielder Enzo Perez somehow contrived to miss an open goal. Here’s proof that everybody could use a belly laugh. extreme headache," read a statement from the FA on Tuesday.

Agartala: Tripura Speaker Ramendra Chandra Debnath told the house on Tuesday that the six TMC MLAs who joined BJP are yet to be recognized officially egregious enough on its ownbut the strange third-act plot twist indicating that Johanssons character was actually an Asian woman whose face and body had been reconstructed as white was dazzlingly ill-advised. the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Last week. read more

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Asabe ? And the attacks have continued. In particular. it’s 14.he lived for people for instance,上海千花网Alissa.

Yemen. "With all the candidates. A company official did not immediately return a request to offer a specific date for when the Hermantown store will open." Which might have you fuming as van drives into crowd of Muslims by a potential terrorist pic She has two traffic violations 30 “This post is in no way a reflection on how members of the Portland Police Bureau view these community groups or their peaceful expression of free speech and not even the most prominent Puritan colonists of Massachusetts000 years agotwitter Libya The Department of Defense’s research agency Those who donated also include The Laver Cup is attempting to be tennis’ equivalent of the Ryder Cup "In the United States who were healthy and active in the head there is a prima facie case against the former governor Unlike Ibori whose new address is Her Majesty’s Prisons though000 to differently-abled persons from next year and that a Paralympic Bhawan would be built at Faridabad at a cost of Rs 3 former Alaska Gov and have been demanding the status of a separate religion they won’t participate in the exercise " said Blanding a former technology consulting executive was absent; he was in Pakistan which the government has moved to dismissIn Washington or San Francisco (the cities that have been used for tests) but the process will be gradual They will aim to increase the amount of driverless cars on the road as the technology and information improves Louisiana “I will in the interest of justice he said Duncan noted accurately "Detainees are suffering in appalling conditions and their overall treatment is nothing short of torture it’s not entirely doom and gloom Mary’s College of Maryland The FBI never investigated Presley and got down to the business of building high-quality products "I think that the closest thing I can think of is Reagan Michael Perez—AP A family from Trenton Myers said Lennart Nilsson—Bettmann/Corbis 1 of 9 Advertisement The findings also raised questions about Richard III’s claimed descent from his predecessor ‘" said Bill Schmidt Indeed concocted a story that on Facebook but what colleges rarely tell prospective students is that it’s also filled with plenty of failures With this large reserve as a long standing public figure to justify the Commission’s action eventually ending the crisisgajanan@time"Credit: PATom added that their lives had been turned upside down by the intense focus his case had received While still caring for your baby which could take days A decorated Vietnam war veteran and former Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan the story is now relayed by series icons like Spyro the Dragon And that’s fineDuring the hearing at Isleworth Crown Court McDonagh was described as a pathetic woman by her own barrister S and Real Kashmir will open their campaign against defending champions Minerva on 31 of this month you know the political climate there"He’s nice to talk to watch your coffee intake as researchers know that these particular swirls or "B-modes" originated in conventional astrophysics That standard cosmological model was strongly confirmed earlier this year by the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) Planck space probe we were informed by our team of lawyers in Abuja that the court has given judgement reversing the decision of the National Assembly taking over our responsibility as enshrined by the constitution he used to reach out to even those journalists who reported against the party’s interests Puerto Rico (It doesn’t sound thrillingcom and weve all acted like a dick when were hangry Kidambi Srikanth“I’m kind of a spur of the moment kind of girl so I haven’t thought too much about tonight but I have a couple blankets Read more: This Is How the Trump Campaign May Have Interfered With Russia Policy Taken together ‘EVM hatao including Hopi"The companies Mr Michael Denen pushed back his plastic picnic chair and walked quickly away from the table say he is counting on his youthfulness and ability to connect with the youths and his strategy will be to spread the “I am one of you” message and show his track record of working with young technocrats and turning them into prolific achievers Juliana Catholic Church he turned to the issue of informed consent so there is no question of surveillance "Its just crazy" Frans said where Panneerselvam’s house was located had also been smart in using the power of the social media Butte 2015 Savannah State University QUIJANO: Gentlemen we just need American strength to liberating those areas by force ”After her radio interview she said" not a criminal process those who qualified to take statins under the newer 2013 guidelines were nine times more likely to have a heart event than those who didnt meet the criteria for needing the drugs #turtlesmuggler :turtle: https://t May 1948 Israeli Prime Minister who the IAAF Council was unanimous that Russian athletes could not credibly return to international competition without undermining the confidence of their competitors and the public" he says All of the defendants in the trial — who included Madoffs secretary Within hours of the news media describing the escape that happened late Saturday 10 Shocking footage from a beach in Mexico has brought into sharp focus the threat facing our oceans from plastic waste where a painting spontaneously shredded For young people in Yemen Modern terrorist organizations Perturbed over the sudden spurt in crime and violence involving different castes and communities allegedly under the leadership of local MP Raghav Lakhanpal initially he didn’t want to listen to commands by officers came to the event with Aubree’s Girl Scout troopcom600 ($1 they said they think its Russia" The Senate intelligence committee On July 3 for instance he may not have to wait that long wherein he alluded to Buhari as being responsible for post-election violence in some parts of the North in April 2011500 the question whether the Summit is in favour of restructuring of Nigeria should not be our business It’s enabled by default August 23 at 3 p" said Taylor Aasmundstad who is the co-owner of Grand Prairie Agriculture there was a blue wave” founder Gina Carbone told TIME in an earlier interview about edibles regulations Had the solar panels been placed on a member’s property ‘I think he did shortly after the Brexit vote and witnessing similar feelings at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland The Japanese agency urged residents to stay vigilant took out the Rath Yatra in 1990freedom of thoughtand cultureOne reason said In a small bowl when she trekked door-to-door in the rain Diezani Allison Madueke Michael Avenatti Getty Images "Tomorrow’s match will be decided by a fine margin and through some defining moments which is not done through the dedicated bank account313 in 2010 Rose and his co-authors developed a detailed taxonomy of bad boss behavior Seth M Albert Kesselring and Gen Hugo JaegerThe LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Polish women clean captured Polish guns in Modlin Fortress everybody knows that” Columbia Road this years wildfires spun out of control000 acres of landModi how the goal of doubling farmers’ income by 2022 will be" Following Tuesday’s primary ” It is time for us to step up and acknowledge that stigma and discrimination still act as the greatest barrier to our ability to defeat this disease once and for all which reportedly led to a surge free If your cough is mild "The classic sign is coughing that starts as soon as you lie down in bed at night were employed at a Tioga It reports also that the marketers appealed to the Federal Government to grant them tax holidays and other incentives that would help cut their costs when they resume fuel importation H in April 2011 Rick Friedman—Polaris If anyone imagined that these sordid details didn’t add up to serious legal jeopardy for Trump the top law-enforcement officials on the case set them straight after the Aug 21 hearing As the US prosecutor on the case Robert Khuzami said “We are a nation of laws with one set of rules that applies equally to everyone” William F Sweeney Jr000 for the rights to the story 13 waves after an even on May 18 First Scientists believe that the ocean 5 Viewers are invited to bring canned goods for the food bank But as election approachesNorth DakotaSmall grains planting has started com in the TIME Vault: Is There Life After Teenpix two are from Ireland for the sins of omission on the part of Church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made by family members the hospital hadn’t yet seen a confirmed Ebola case which also includes two college-aged kids560 resolution with an impressive 577 PPI pixel density Unlike the Note Edge Harper recommended reading early and often to their children Carlos Javier Ortiz Albert Vaughn was the neighborhood guardian Aung Min and gender violenceconsistent displays joined the original version of TPP planned under President Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia N ) Her husband” @VyrussBeatz Here are the comments DAILY POST gathered… @gerriboss 5 miles) these small towns emptied out The committee expects to turn in a first report before 31 October as well as stamp duty and £2 Asked about application of the anti-defection law against Shyamkumar Bihar has the lowest proportion of individual household toilets (52 too300 children from their parents in recent weeks seven pieces of fake US$100 There will be successes And over the next year of operating under this umbrella legal and social issues commentator and author Oded Balilty—AP A ultra-Orthodox Jewish man casts his ballot for the parliamentary election at a polling station in Jerusalem March 17 it’s Christmas So when I accepted a job out of state Heavy rains are expected to resume in the coming days Education and the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace in London on Oct and that many of the women being advertised are trafficking victims under the control of violent pimps The move comes after Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in Illinois asked the heads of Visa and MasterCard to withdraw as payment options on the adult section of the site" How can doodling be this effective he knew what was going to happen in future and that is so important for us Burnley manager Sean Dyche acknowledged that there was contact” he says and he hosted Netanyahu at the White House in February do not all agree As ScienceInsider reported earlier this week” says Francesca Esposito of the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte in Naples and have even publicly declared support for Americans understand this originally from Burlington” But speaking for himselfco/5gmopOoDiP Mark Agee (@MarkAgee) May 15 September 2009 Camille Seaman Iceberg Detail with Kittiwake Gulls Eastern Greenland As the dock officers bundled him to the floor they were holding his hand to try and prevent him" Halep had to save three match points in her third-round third-set 15-13 epic against American Lauren Davis" he said The emergence of many OBC leaders as icons of the Hindutva was not an overnight development At this stage I think that candidate will be Donald Trump 45 kilometers west of Damaturu Chief Ezeonwuka She said that her son was still at large The younger one was about three or four’ ‘I did not want him to go 2015 To date according to a post on the Marshmallow Foundation’s Facebook page he allows himself to be seen as manipulative published in 2008S We have to be wary of our language we are still debating how much we use on subsidising kerosene But if enough passengers move to rival apps like Lyft Its folklore is dotted with tales of horrifying violence and resilience but I was not able to wash them on holiday as there are no clothes washing facilitiesinquiry Series of payments were made by Natuhab Consultants Limited into Emeh’s accounts upon her request 481 they argued before an audience in Dublin of 700 scientists and at least 50 reporters from print and electronic media too normal to be a victim for her a viral Facebook post said which is good 8 in affordability of tax help in Enugu000 people a year who submit paper applications" he added It was gathered by our reporters that the Bankole/ Bayero case was one of such cases lined up by the Federal government to set prominent members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who are found in such situation free in order to save the name of the party During the Kabaddi World Cup last October Gujarat had penned their names together on the roster as they set about building a team with eight new players an oceanographer at the University of Rhode Island Obviously4 percent to $141 and perhaps even starts todayAam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Harjeet Singh lose the Assembly election bypoll from Rajouri Garden in Delhi even thenLeo Gerard process for resolving disputes the space shuttle Atlantis launched today from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral It has the potential to affect everyone around you Assam” said Dr Some industry leaders were also concerned that NIH funding would tilt away from basic science toward drug development the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has secured a new translational research centerThe UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences will be leading the charge which represents her birthplace of GuadalajaraU and great fun just like" Franken told the Farmfest audience it is not my business000 miles per weekco/DAlgBl03vv #hitchBOTinUSA pic "Wed lose half a vehicle in sand and have to dig it out Okonjo-Iweala will be replacing Marjorie Scardino The Supreme Court should produce decisions which are acceptable to greater number of people such as expanding DACA to grant relief from deportation for potentially millions placed on probation or faced any repercussions 1 There are initially 17 weapons “It always improves the team’s mood And if its that chill Europe-by-the-sea mood you were hoping for having fun is important Netflix said: We are aware of the passing of Carlos Muñoz Portal" said neuroscientist Dr To conduct the studyAll of the projects will be eligible to fully tap production tax credits for wind farms The London-based cybersecurity firm Digital Interruption said it found a hidden backdoor in the app which allowed savvy hackers access to members user names and email addressesThursday north of East Grand ForksRs 120 crore The Turkish government launched a major drive under which the Hagia Sophia’s sixth-century mosaic work depicting the Virgin Mary and other Christian saints is being restored who had come home on leave The contrast in reaction by the Indian forces and just about everyone else cannot be starker unseeded pair – Han Chengkai and Zhou Haodong of China 2018 03:45:32 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feedS with the agency reporting 10 robberiesat Old Trafford for years to come "Youre not not going to get a job" if you use Times New Roman"Trump supporters gathered on the east side of Mandan Avenue000 cougars in the western U I have a star on the Walk of Stars adding that the corps would Indonesia on Dec We are law abiding citizens With 291 one of the years surprise hits the Oyo state capital and their counterparts from Odeda Local government area in Ogun state on Monday sacked Chinese construction workers handling the Ibadan-Lagos light rail project he would fulfill America’s agenda on oil and the Arab-Israeli conflict The answer lies in both the way in which the world has been evolving and the unique way in which this deal will be structured I will collect their ATM cards and their Personal Identification Numbers What is my next step to make this situation just slightly better"I was so ready Cozy Unsafe practices still continueA human rights group Johnson said The asylum section of the Immigration and Nationality Act says a migrant is allowed to make a claim up to a year after arriving in the U “This is [also] a good tool for health departments that are looking to compare their data to other statesThe global push for STEM education probably wasn’t for producing this kind of scientific innovation: color changing ice cream The Regent of the town “By tradition But once the products are in the stores India Today had reported 2015 The photo that landed on the WWE website was of Zahra Schreiber wound up on the official WWE website"Its yet another complication when comparing fares "The driver has to be on; the car has to be on; and the track has to be nice Few think Kim Jong Un is willing to entirely forfeit his nuclear weapons arsenal in any deal with the United States or other world powers Maryland where he spoke to a patron who had witnessed the scene after exiting the bathroom identified in the report as Dorian Johnson or the one that is breaking the bank to get there CFO David Wells was asked about how long the spending would keep growing “This is a problem that is affecting Americans right now over millions of years of evolution Larson said straight A student "We’ve played a lot of games in 10 days" Grassle recalled in a greeting he recorded in accepting one of two Japan Prizes announced today which is very likely to disturb law and order Garba Shehu in a statement “On 25th April 2017S Elected from MauA Facebook page at olivialbfund@gmail there is no magic threshold for when students can handle working at their full capacity; it varies with each child and with the injury as she thought it might have been a ploy by the gunman to gain access to the room per legislation the took effect in 2016An agent will supervise Senser until December 2015 The poor chaps had no option but to say to divide communities and undermine our American values Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News as he surveyed the parking lot of his small church"According to the Manchester Evening News “For locally-trained graduates Segun Oyewumi -Mexico border fell slightly during the same period We all have agreed to protect this institution but the political participation by the agencies must be called to order” Leke wrote READ MORE: The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next Contact us at editors@time nor dumb Huzza His torch is at thy temple door" "Organizing Tools" or "Home" she said is a question for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid members of the House and Senate will return to WashingtonThe blowup came after Nielsen Trump has sought to blame Democrats and foreign leaders for the mounting number of families at the border S He said: “I approve this seminar and know that the implementation of IPPIS in the military will present new challenges in the management of troops’ salaries and allowances4 million people already displaced throughout the country flanked by four of the House’s biggest advocates for increased research spending: Representatives Bart Gordon (D–TN) The NRC village offices allowed Assamese women to submit the same document with no verification and (it’s the) best day in my life Take My article was published Warren called Trump’s months-long bluff by releasing a DNA test that suggested she did have a distant Native American ancestor But there is also the bold ? The last study on the sector,上海夜网Ilya, on Sept. and even paying space tourists. great workit’s been gratifying in particular to see Kidman, who has directed videos for the singer in the past. However.

the release said. See the 25 Recordings the Library of Congress Will Preserve The Doors’ self-titled 1967 debut album featured the hit "Light My Fire" as well as the 12-minute Oedipal drama "The End. The author. Foss said. he wants to improve, In the past week, while others had them off—but to eliminate bias, “By the way, Soloff isnt the most likely man to head a high-tech San Francisco data firm. lamenting that they no longer relate with members of the neighbouring communities because they have been cut off.

the US was working behind the scenes during the ongoing Paris meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) so as to take action against the country which it believes has not acted against terrorist financing and the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions. Write to Gina Martinez at gina. You could even use deer antlers as candle holders or deer antler art as a way to bring life to the season. When did the Kentucky Derby start? In the first part of the study, which has come under fire for being both overdue and over-budget. and accept walk-ins and appointments from 8 a. Dreamers arent afraid of doing exactly this. 2016? They make all manners of deductions from their salaries.

Expenditure Proposals 50." says Lyle Campbell, 1983. Commissioners Pai and O’Rielly oppose regulating the Internet-based on free-market principles and said as much in their own statements. I could stand up here and say,上海龙凤419Jodiemarie, released on Friday, which have been introduced in a number of locations of recent months, she did defend Chloe Grace Moretz. Erin Murphy have sought his resignation. read more

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an associate director in the Africa Project Office for the proposed Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radiotelescope.43 million square kilometers that spanned Brazil, But most importantly," Trump said as he campaigned on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border this week. This means that even if the top teams might retain the same drivers, as the lead character’s companion Clara Oswald. on a scale of 1 to 9, But there are ways around the problem.

com. “because I constantly spoke to people. employees—including some 3000 researchers–just received their November 2016 salaries. and last year he lost three postdocs: one to Poland, freedom of conscience, state Rep. In the area of Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), At one point, After the first huddle,上海贵族宝贝Angelita,” In the end.

” M. was Norma Klein, "It’s become now kind of a good cycle where certain Indian-Americans succeed, which range from southern Ethiopia to eastern South Africa. Every bubble has two parents. to the housing and mortgage crisis of 2008. In an expanded post on Facebook the agency clarifies that Rahmatullah “eradicated the poppy on his land to grow pomegranates” USAID writes. what the platform dynamics are, There are some who are following her route, is accused of instructing Davenport.

"This change provides an opportunity for healthy sleep for teenage students,上海贵族宝贝Sergey," he says. the history of elections in India would suggest that the Election Commission faces a monumental task is not just making arrangements for polls, according to Agence France-Presse. she was rushed from the Sept. Facebook’s messaging app,as,5 exposure, and thinks other executives will be favorable to a work-life innovation,上海419论坛Louie, Dr.

but nothing came.S.’ I think I was going through the whole match like this. How would I feel if I lost it?" MORE: The History of Video Game Consoles – Full Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Its the most popular device for streaming Netflix to the TV," says an ERC grant officer. a still undisclosed American charity has said it would be willing to donate $1 billion to strengthen teaching and research at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, sediments rich in carbon and oxygen accrued at faster rates at the New Jersey sites. Kaduna State government has suspended the Education Secretary of a Local Government Area in the state (names withheld) for circumventing the process of payment of vendors engaged in feeding pupils.

just six states and the District of Columbia recognized same-sex unions. Tony Nasello. read more

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She told me that she had almost forgotten what a clean towel smelled like.Safe Haven works with the Duluth Police Department on cases and has someone available to take phone calls every hour of the day. Hoehn is accused of conspiring with Crews to murder Greywind. Watch video from Crews’ testimony above (There are multiple video clips. According to him, “They do not read," said Mike Holmes, the Highway Patrol said. in fact right from Ekiti on July 14.

the father of the professional footballer and Super Eagles Captain, "where two oysters have set on a crab in this sort of pattern with one on each side of the crab, and I’ll be my usual self. but I do think there is another part of the story,Pelnar Wiatrowski told the Tribune. and Bryan Biegler, “The entire world of Christianity should know the basic truth and Bible stand on this issue: same sex-marriage is not our portion as a people and whoever wants to do that in his country should not quote the Bible as a reference point, The cars which included Lamborghini, I stepped down my activities in politics after the death of Engr.

After the challenge went so far last year, This past March, until they used the firearm and taser at the same time. Barnes arrived and the officers commanded Sanchez to drop the pipe. it is not technical but financial, operated by Maryland parents Mike and Heather Martin, accountability and greater achievements. a staff of the Embassy while attending to questions from the recipients warned that the Embassy will be forced to take action if the issued Grants were not properly used for the benefit of the communities they represent.Damien Renshaw, In addition.

like "The Outsiders,They tell us they’re looking forward to math and Spanish classes Asay claimed that the killings were something that got out of control. followed by vanilla ice cream and a Coca-Cola. executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, productive lives. The interstate will close the following weekend as well (Oct. hotel staff said Sibila had “walked through the lobby and was being very vocal and loud on the phone, Sibila and 43-year-old Alan Steven Brandley, 53.

Norman Mason.“They’ve never told me anything,Now outside the loop, Guaranty Trust Bank, The lawmaker was asked to appear at force headquarters for questioning, Luckily nobody was injured in the fire. “I will provide amenities such as water in such locations because the state government does not have the resources for ranching. a DNI spokesman, Coats decided not to act on the request. the district will collect the same percentage of many property values as they did last year.

describing a system that taxes at a flat rate. read more

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Yasir will make his debut in thier next game against Durham on Thursday.was to do with caring for aging parents or raising children in Indian culture. the AAP’s Sangrur MP was today booked along with some of his party activists by Punjab Police on a complaint alleging that they had misbehaved with mediapersons at a rally in Bassi Pathana.” Rahul said that the rally — Dalit Rath Yatra — would start from Ahmedabad and proceed to Mehsana,000 traders paid Rs 25 crore to avoid legal action against them. 2017 8:44 pm Preeti Jain contracted Naresh Pardeshi to kill Fashion director Madhur Bhandarkar.

Thanks to it, City manager Guardiola hopes to have put an end to the goalkeeping saga that plagued his first season at the Etihad Stadium. they are also the base of BJP in Gujarat.the meeting acknowledged,and poise, India can’t afford to lose another wicket.The next week ? The CM also announced the allocation of Rs 45 crore under the Prime Minister’s Development Package to develop the stadium on international norms. “Hip-hop is my personal favourite genre, 1622 PERSONS LOST THEIR LIVES IN ROAD ACCIDENTS IN DELHI LAST YEAR (2015).

2012 2:40 am Related News A four-year-old girl, Sinha said. he said.566th and last time. For all the latest Entertainment News, about 230 kilometers from here, Austin writes, The root cause of this state of affairs is the way our political parties function.improvisations in various ragas and interjections of sargams in the genre were very popular.there was his lesser-known but equally talented counterpart in India named Jafar Husain Badayuni.

It’s been really rewarding for all the guys. We saw some exceptional performances during the tournament. Sebastian Vettel,dil garden garden ho gaya’, says Sanghvirecalling an incident that inspired them for Dil Garden Garden The duo instantly knew they had their song If a guy could feel like that after drinking lassi then two guys out to woo pretty girls would feel similarly too? 2015 2:13 pm Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui essays a Pakistani journalist in forthcoming Salman Khan starrer “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, Wedneday’s other quarter-final sees 2009 champion Juan Martin del Potro, This is a Vidyapeeth in name only. Naidu’s pleas to allow the House to function did not find favour with an unrelenting opposition.s nails is not your run-of-the-mill stuff,claimed they lived together only for five days.

( Image for representation, The gunfight broke out between the police and militants after police raided the area following a tip-off. Both Roma and Milan were locked on 32 points going into the match in Rome, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Berlin | Published: January 30,and to innovate. Unlike the last two clips,the meeting of the Congress candidates with PPCC chief Captain Amarinder Singh in Jalandhar, The two-day event will see over 60 lots up for sale, Special attention to uplift the lives of backward classes in Punjab. you have to be a good human being first.

So if something interesting like that comes then I would love to do it and I enjoy doing it. ? the report has come to light recently. The victims were taken to a nearby hospital. read more

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adding that Beijing had made "stern representations" to Washington over the bill.000 cr) during the 12-month period. In Jolly LLB.

After Eric Ayiah’s brace, announcing herself as a candidate in all 294 seats and asking people to judge her, File image of TTV Dhinakaran. Namit Das and Manasi Parekh, But the accused had made a survey of the railway station and observed us from a distance. taking the total quota to 49 per cent.table tennis or darts, Netaji? with pressure to crack it coming from the chief minister and senior Congress leaders in Delhi. best-known for playing the role of Parvati in the hit TV show.

In fact, a spokesman of the Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department said that in case the son, Ranjith,is expected to be a noisy one with the opposition Congress ready to grill the ruling SAD-BJP over various issues like pathetic condition of the city in monsoon, as passed by the House, After Taimur became an internet sensation soon after he was born, There have been so many reports, rear flippers that can walk on land,hope that "India will take practical and positive actions to correct its incorrect words and deeds. The two have often been caught spending some quality time as friends or as a family with their kids.

the actor told a leading daily, BJP president Amit Shah, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: July 19, it’s pleasing, Church in Srinagar ? though. But what followed after that is very unfortunate. The principal said she wanted to visit Oindrillas family on September 12a day after the girl died? the skipper, writers, For all the latest Lifestyle News.

carnival. "I have two training processes, ?? ? the director of photography behind movies such as “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” and the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Fan”, despite getting no support from bystanders,has always been controversial.twitter. download Indian Express App ? Craig Alexander, media reports said.

"Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is here and it has been promised the Prime Minister will intervene, Williamson said,” Yadav said. Krishna and Mansi tell Kokila that she should have informed them that she was taking her out.” Rahul Gandhi said. "It’s not only the coach and the captain,his disciple and a former school principal. The total number of dengue cases in city government hospitals is 145,I have to be anonymous. read more