Afghan President postpones US trip to discuss Taliban deal

first_imgKabul: Afghanistan’s president has postponed a planned visit to Washington early next week where he was to discuss the US-Taliban talks on ending America’s longest war, a person familiar with the negotiations said Friday. The development emerged after the US envoy negotiating with the Taliban, Zalmay Khalilzad, abruptly returned to Qatar for unexpected talks with the insurgents on the deal that he had described as complete just days ago. The Taliban maintain a political office in the Gulf Arab state. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USThe agreement “in principle” to begin a US troop withdrawal only needed President Donald Trump’s approval, Khalilzad had announced on Monday. The person who told The Associated Press of President Ashraf Ghani’s postponed Washington trip was not authorised to talk to reporters and spoke on condition of anonymity. Since Khalilzad’s announcement on Monday, two horrific Taliban car bombings in the Afghan capital, Kabul one of which killed a US service member and objections to the deal from the Afghan government and several former US ambassadors to Afghanistan have put pressure on Khalilzad as many wonder whether a deal will truly bring peace. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsThe Taliban have explained their surge in deadly attacks including on the capitals of northern Kunduz and Baghlan provinces last weekend as necessary to give them a stronger negotiating position in talks with the US, a stance that has appalled Afghans and others as scores of civilians are killed. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel has even demanded that Khalilzad testify before the House committee about the negotiations, saying that “I do not consider your testimony at this hearing optional.” The Afghan president has been shut out of the US-Taliban negotiations, and during Khalilzad’s visit to Kabul this week Ghani was shown the agreement but not allowed to keep it. The Taliban have rejected negotiations with the Afghan government, seeing it as a puppet of the US, though it has expressed willingness to meet with Afghan officials in their personal capacity. Ghani’s government this week raised objections to the deal, echoing the former US ambassadors’ concerns that a full US troop withdrawal that moves too quickly and without requiring the Taliban to meet certain conditions, such as reducing violence, could lead to “total civil war” such as the one that engulfed the country in the 1990s after a rapid Soviet pullout and before the Taliban swept into power. “Afghans have been bitten by this snake before,” presidential adviser Waheed Omer said Thursday, recalling past agreements from which the Afghan government has been sidelined. The US hopes its deal with the Taliban will bring the militant group to the table for intra-Afghan talks to begin ahead of Afghanistan’s presidential election on September 28 a vote that Ghani insisted must be held on time and not be swept aside by any kind of interim government.last_img read more

UN scheme slashes sexually transmitted infections in refugee camps

Using community health workers was in fact the “breakthrough” move in the programme, according to Zahid Jamal Khattak, a medical coordinator with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which began the initiative three years ago.Since the end of 2005, the average STI incidence per month has dropped 67 per cent in the Nayapara and Kutupalong camps – which together house about 28,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state – thanks to the programme. The initiative started out by training staff in the camps’ out-patient clinics to recognize and properly diagnose infections, and increasing the availability of the correct drugs. However, problems arose in tracing partners to treat all affected patients. Many male refugees who work outside the camp are having extramarital sex and bringing infections back to their wives, but “culturally, giving condoms to women [in the clinic to prevent future infections] was not very well appreciated,” Dr. Jamal explained. UNHCR overcame this hurdle with the distribution of condoms through the 39 community health workers (14 of them women) in the two camps out of their own homes, rather than the clinics. Religious leaders were included in the health workers’ training to avoid any problems.Condom distribution has skyrocketed from 780 in 2005 to 62,580 last year, and Mahamuda Khatun, a 32-year-old community health worker, says she gets requests from women refugees as well as men. “Unmarried male and female refugees visit my house in order to get condoms,” she said. “They say it will help them to prevent disease.”Condom use was also spurred by training on HIV prevention and education on family planning for a population that traditionally has many children, noted UNHCR. 14 January 2009A series of measures taken by the United Nations refugee agency, including using community health workers to distribute condoms out of their homes, has dramatically reduced the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among refugees in Bangladesh. read more

WatchNorth American markets push higher amid tepid US economic news

TORONTO — Financial companies gave the Toronto stock market a slight push into positive territory Friday as New York indexes also advanced despite tepid news on the U.S. economy.The S&P/TSX composite index added a mere 9.13 points to 13,838.10 as it gave back about one per cent overall in a trading week shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday.Ahead of the federal election on Monday, the Canadian dollar fell 0.39 of a U.S. cent to 77.45 cents US.Norman Raschkowan, senior partner at Sage Road Advisors, said election results will have a noticeable impact on the currency next week as traders assess what the outcome means for Canada’s economy.The country has faced a significant decline in the performance of the energy sector this year, and a report from one major credit rating agency suggests the climate is only worsening for Canadian energy companies while oil and gas prices hold below US$50 a barrel.Standard and Poor’s has taken “negative rating actions” on two big companies — Cenovus Energy (TSX:CVE) and Husky Energy (TSX:HSE) — as part of a larger list. The restrained outlook appeared to have no immediate impact on either company’s stock, both of which closed higher.But the outlook raises further questions about how Canadian companies fared in the third quarter of the year, as financial results begin in earnest over the next two weeks.“I think people are generally prepared for some weak results,” said Raschkowan.“The earnings will be one thing, but the real question will be how many companies are suddenly going to face difficulties from a financing standpoint.”On the TSX, financials stocks gained 0.5 per cent with the country’s five biggest banks higher.The health care sector lifted 2.1 per cent as Valeant Pharmaceuticals (TSX:VRX), one of Canada’s most valuable companies, recovered some of its steep declines from the previous session. The company said Thursday it had been subpoenaed by U.S. federal prosecutors seeking information on its drug pricing, distribution and patient assistance program.Valeant shares gained five per cent, or $10.67, to $227.40.On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 74.22 points at 17,215.97, the S&P 500 rose 9.25 points to 2,033.11 and the Nasdaq added 16.59 points to 4,886.69. Earlier in the day, the Federal Reserve reported that U.S. manufacturing production fell for the second straight month in September.Meanwhile, the U.S. Labor Department reported that employers advertised fewer job openings in August — 5.4 million versus a record high 5.7 million in July — and kept hiring flat, another sign the American jobs market has lost strength since spring.In commodities, the November contract for benchmark crude oil rose 88 cents to US$47.26 a barrel, closing out a week where the price declined five per cent on signs that oversupply is still a problem.November natural gas gave back two cents to US$2.43 per thousand cubic feet while December gold fell $4.40 to US$1,183.10 an ounce. read more

WatchOntario premierdesignate Doug Ford to meet with industry reps on NAFTA

TORONTO — Premier-designate Doug Ford will meet with industry representatives Wednesday to discuss NAFTA negotiations as the trade talks appear increasingly troubled.The meeting comes just days after Ford said he stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who was the subject of a Twitter tirade from U.S. President Donald Trump over the weekend.Trump called Trudeau “weak and dishonest” after the G7 summit in Quebec on Sunday, apparently angered over comments the prime minister made during a press conference when he objected to American tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum last month.Ford said Sunday that his top priority is to protect jobs in Ontario, including those of steel and aluminum workers in the province.Trump has also taken issue with Canada’s supply management system for dairy farmers and threatened to imposed 25 per cent tariffs on auto imports from Canada, a move that would hurt Ontario’s manufacturing sector.On Thursday, Ford will sit down with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Canadian ambassador to the United States David MacNaughton for a briefing on the NAFTA talks.“I can tell you on the trade deal south of the border, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the prime minister and our federal counterparts,” Ford said Sunday. “My number one priority is to protect jobs in Ontario, especially protect the steel workers, aluminum workers.”Ford also told reporters that he would be sitting down with federal officials to discuss the trade deal.“We’re going to stand united,” he said. “I know all provinces should be standing united with our federal counterparts and we’ll deal with that.” read more

Syrias grim statistics speak for themselves reflect need for political settlement Security

“There are no humanitarian solutions to this crisis. Each day that passes without the parties upholding their most basic obligations to protect civilians, and the strong demands of this Council, only results in more lives lost; more people displaced; more people without access to basic services; and a generation of children who struggle to obtain an education or have any sense of a future for themselves,” declared Stephen O’Brien, the UN Under-Secretary General for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.Addressing the Council for the first time since taking up his post, he said it was “with much regret” that its inaugural statement continues where his predecessor had left off, chronicling yet another month of “grim statistics” to convey the “horrors” of a brutal conflict.Urging donors and others to step up their financial support to the humanitarian effort in Syria, Mr. O’Brien, who is also the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, assured the Council that, until there is a political settlement, humanitarian needs will only grow. Currently, the response plan for Syria is only 27 per cent funded.“In advance of my proposed visit to Damascus next month, I can only report on the verified facts – but the facts speak for themselves,” he stated.This latest report is “no different” and comes, depressingly, as no surprise, highlighting how much worse the situation has become for so many civilians across Syria, the Under-Secretary General acknowledged, stressing that 12.2 million Syrians now are in need of humanitarian assistance today. It is estimated that some 220,000 people have been killed in Syria since the start of the conflict.“In the face of such violent, indiscriminate onslaughts, it is simply not difficult for each one of us to feel what that must be like for the Syrian people, community by community; it is…the worst of all choices – either flee or be killed.” Over the last several weeks, the Government of Syria and allied forces have pressed their attack on Zabadani in rural Damascus, leading to an unprecedented level of destruction and death among civilians, said Mr. O’Brien. At the same time, he added, non-State armed groups have threatened to overrun two Government-held villages near Idlib city, Kefraya and Fouah. He said he remains “extremely concerned” about the 15,000 civilians caught in the middle of fighting in these areas. Intense fighting across the country has also caused a surge in displacement, he said, noting that well over 100,000 people fled the southern areas of Al-Hasakeh city following Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)’s advances last month. In Ar-Raqqa Governorate, over 70,000 people had to flee as fighting escalated between ISIL and non-State armed groups, and in southern Syria, over 40,000 people fled Dar’a city following an offensive by non-State armed groups launched on the city.“Altogether, over one million people have been displaced from their homes in 2015 so far, many for the second or third time; this adding to the 7.6 million people already internally displaced as of the end of 2014.”Another “tragic milestone” was recorded when the number of registered refugees reached four million in early July, which makes it “the largest refugee population from a single conflict worldwide in over a quarter of a century.”Overall, water availability has been reduced by half around the country since the start of the conflict, resulting in a significant increase in water-borne diseases during the hot summer months, with thousands of cases of acute diarrhoea, Hepatitis A and typhoid reported.More broadly, the relentless conflict in Syria is gradually destroying the country’s social and economic fabric, eroding the development gains made over several generations: 80 per cent of people living in poverty; rampant food insecurity amid rising prices; degradation of vital infrastructure and limited access to basic services; and families and community networks destroyed.A child born in 2011, entering school this year, will only know war. With the bombing of schools and the fear of young people, this is producing a completely lost generation of educated Syrians, which bodes ill for the future we all hope Syria will one day start rebuilding.“With unimpeded access, imagine how many more millions could be reached. But access is severely restricted,” Mr. O’Brien told the Council, citing widespread fighting, shifting conflict lines, and intentional obstacles put in place by all parties. Finally, he said, some 4.6 million people, “around a quarter of the country’s population,” live in areas that remain extremely hard to reach for humanitarian actors, and some 422,000 people are in areas that remain besieged by the parties.Some progress was made when the Syrian Government approved an additional number of inter-agency convoys in June, noted the Under Secretary-General. “However, 45 convoy requests, including 33 made on 1 July, remain pending and I call upon the Government of Syria to positively consider and grant these requests.”He hoped that his proposed visit to Damascus next month will provide an opportunity to constructively engage with the authorities to address some of the significant access challenges that seriously impede humanitarian operations and prevent ordinary Syrians from getting the assistance “they so desperately need.” read more

Promoting gender equality a crucial contribution in effort to restore protect our

“We need to empower each and every citizen to take care of the ocean and enable all women to play transformative and ambitious roles in understanding, exploring, protecting and sustainably managing our ocean”, said Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, pointing out that this year’s “special edition” of World Oceans Day links the themes of gender equality and ocean preservation.Women engage in all aspects of ocean interaction, yet in many parts of the world, women’s contribution, both towards ocean-based livelihoods like fishing, and conservation efforts, are invisible and, gender inequality persists “from the marine industry to the field of ocean science”. Coral Reefs restoration at the coast of Banaire in the Caribbean., by UN Environment ProgrammeSince its introduction in five countries across Africa, including Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius and Tanzania, some 27,000 youth from the Scouts, Girl Guides, Junior Achievement and various Universities, have undertaken a new Plastic Tide Turners Challenge Badge.“The Challenge Badge has made me live by the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle,” said Yussif Kamara, a Scout from Accra in Ghana, who also participated in the badge programme.As part of UNEP and The Youth and UN Global Alliance’s (YUNGA) Clean Seas campaign, the aim is to mobilize a direct youth-led contribution to SDGs 14 and 15, Life Below Water, and Life on Land.And for the first time in World Scouting’s history, the badges will be made from ocean recovered plastic with the first certificates awarded to young leaders that have completed all three levels of the badge.At UN Headquarters in New York, storytellers and speakers globally have gathered to share their perspectives on building greater ocean and gender literacy and discovering ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities, such as marine scientific research, fisheries, labour at sea, migration by sea and human trafficking, policy-making and management. The UN says there is also very little data and research on these issues, and a concerted action towards gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls is still needed in all ocean-related sectors to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5).Not only is the ocean an increasingly important battleground for achieving gender equality, Ms. Azoulay said, “but building a more gender equal society also means empowering women and girls to be the actors of positive ocean change”. Citing UNESCO’s Global Ocean Science Report, Ms. Azoulay highlighted that women represent only 38 per cent of all ocean scientists. And while women make up 50 per cent of the marine and coastal industries workforce, “their wages continue to be lower than those of men”. “Mainstreaming gender equality throughout the Ocean Science Decade will help ensure that, by 2030, women as much as men are driving ocean science and management, helping to deliver the ocean we need for a prosperous, sustainable and environmentally secure future”, stressed the UNESCO chief.Pointing out that it is the source of the world’s fresh water, she recalled in her message on Saturday that the ocean “produces half of the oxygen we breathe, and powerfully affects our climate”.“Yet the ocean is endangered”, she lamented, saying that global warming, acidification, pollution, dead zones, harmful algal blooms and ecosystem degradation “reveal how far human activities have impacted on our oceans”.UN Women/UNEP/GWA/WWF/UNESCOWorld Oceans Day A beach clean-up in Mumbai, India, illustrates how ocean debris leads to the deaths of millions of seabirds every year, by UN Environment ProgrammeMoreover, plastic debris leads to the deaths of more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals every year.“This situation should engage us all in the preservation of our common environmental heritage”, Ms. Azoulay said. “It should drive humankind to understand the paramount importance of maintaining a healthy ocean, which we all depend on for life, climate, well-being and, more essentially, our future”. Against the backdrop, she noted that because “ocean challenges require urgent and collective action to reverse current trends”, the General Assembly proclaimed 2021-2030 as the Ocean Science Decade for Sustainable Development. Coordinated under UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, the decade aims to “encourage international scientific collaboration as well as sustainable management of our oceans and coasts through the interplay of science and policy”, she continued.It also aims to mobilize citizens across cultures, gender and generations to preserve the ocean “because it is about our very survival as a species”, she maintained. Combatting plastics on the waterMeanwhile, World Scouting has teamed up with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to create a new movement to battle against plastic pollution. Women segregated to ‘unrecognized labour’In his message, Secretary-General António Guterres flagged that for too long, “women have also been unable to share equally in ocean-supplied benefits”.They are often “segregated into low-skilled and unrecognized labour”, such as fish processing, and “denied a decision-making role”, he elaborated, adding that “similar treatment occurs in related sectors”, such as shipping, coastal tourism and marine science, “where the voices of women are frequently not heard”.The UN chief highlighted that “confronting gender inequality is essential” to achieving the ocean-related Goal and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.“We must ensure an end to unsafe work conditions and guarantee that women have an equal role in managing ocean-related activities,” he underlined.In closing, Mr. Guterres urged governments, international organizations, private companies, communities and individuals to “promote gender equality and the rights of women and girls as a crucial contribution to meeting ocean challenges”.Preserving our common heritagePlastic pollution in the ocean is an especially pressing issue, having increased tenfold since 1980, according to the first Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, launched on 6 May in UNESCO. read more

The Spurs Were an Outlier of Unselfishness

The popular narrative for the NBA Finals that just concluded is pretty straightforward: The San Antonio Spurs “play basketball the way it’s supposed to be played,” and they beat the star-studded Miami Heat in what Zach Lowe called “the triumph of the NBA’s beautiful game.” The Spurs’ offense whipped the ball around, and Miami couldn’t handle such a multifaceted attack. The Heat, on the other hand, were forced to rely on what is increasingly becoming their Big One. LeBron James was epic throughout the playoffs and had an MVP-quality performance in the finals, but the top-heavy Heat collapsed under their own weight.A variety of statistics back up this description of the difference between the two teams, if not the normative judgment. For example, the Spurs had nine different players take four or more field goal attempts per game throughout the playoffs, compared to just six for Miami. More advanced statistics show something similar.One stat we can use to see how much offensive responsibilities are being spread around is “usage rate,” which estimates the percentage of a team’s possessions that were “used” by a particular player. Possessions are “used” by making field goal attempts, getting fouled or turning the ball over. Players such as James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony typically “use” a lot of possessions because they handle the ball a lot, take a lot of shots and play a lot of minutes. And because there are only so many possessions to go around, one player’s high usage rate means fewer scoring opportunities for his teammates. Teams like the Spurs, however, spread the ball around more, and more players get significant minutes, so they have a more flat distribution of possessions used.Here’s a look at how top-heavy NBA teams were in 2014, with the Spurs and Heat singled out:The x-axis on this graph is a player’s rank in a team’s usage rate, and the y-axis is the difference between the number of possessions that player used per game and the number used by the player with the highest rate. The lower the line, the more evenly a team distributes its chances across its players.Depending on how deep down the roster you look, the Heat are between the second- and fourth-most top-heavy team, while the Spurs are one of the most balanced. So that backs up the narrative.On the other hand, spreading the ball around isn’t easy, and it’s not the normal path to victory in the NBA. The most top-heavy team (and the top line on the chart) is the Oklahoma City Thunder, who had the second-best record in basketball and did better against this Spurs team than Miami did. The most evenly distributed team overall was the Brooklyn Nets, who did make the playoffs but lost in five games to the Heat.The Spurs won a lot more than we would expect for a team as balanced as they are. The 15 teams with the largest gaps between their top player and their eighth player (by possessions used per game) won 57.5 percent of their games, while the 15 with the smallest gaps won 42.5 percent (the Spurs were second-lowest).Of course, not all sharing is created equal: Sometimes a team has a more equitable distribution of possessions because it has a lot of talent and it needs to incorporate it all. Sometimes it does it because it has very little talent and doesn’t have anyone it can consistently rely on. Likewise, being top-heavy can be a result of having an overly ambitious shooter on a team, or it can just be that a team has a great player doing his job. read more

Tragic loss of a beautiful woman David Lammy MP mourns Grenfell fire

first_imgMay you rest in peace Khadija Saye. God bless your beautiful soul. My heart breaks today. I mourn the tragic loss of a wonderful young woman— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 16, 2017 A brilliant young artist is believed to have died in the Grenfell Tower inferno, along with her mother.The grief-stricken family of Khadija Saye, 24, and Mary Mendy, 54, who lived on the 20th floor, have posted tributes on social media.David Lammy MP was well-known to Ms Saye and she worked for his wife, who spoke to her on Facebook as smoke engulfed her flat. She said: “She was on Facebook saying she was unable to get out of the flat, that the smoke was so thick. She was saying she just can’t get out and ‘Please pray for me. There’s a fire in my council block. I can’t leave the flat. Please pray for me and my mum.’”At one point she said she’d just tried to leave again and said it was impossible. She said she felt like she was going to faint. Someone asked ‘Did you try going down low with towels?’ She said ‘Yes, it’s in my room’. I’m assuming she meant the smoke.” Khadija was a talented artist and her work is currently on display at the Venice Biennale. I recently went to see it— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 16, 2017 He tweeted: “May you rest in peace Khadija Saye. God bless your beautiful soul. My heart breaks today. I mourn the tragic loss of a wonderful young woman.”Khadija was a talented artist and her work is currently on display at the Venice Biennale. I recently went to see it”.His wife, Nicola Green, told The Guardian that Ms Saye was last heard from at 3am when she was Facebook messaging from her flat, as her phone was not working. center_img The cousin of Khadija Saye wrote a touching tribute on Facebook: “I’m in shock & speechless. I just can’t believe that my cousin’s gone! If you knew Khadijah you’ll know that she had a heart of gold she was always happy. She was so intelligent, sooo creative and had so much talent. “Khadija Saye our mums use to dress us the same and use to call us twins because our birthdays were a month apart. I always use to tease you & say that I’ll release all our baby pictures but I never thought I’ll be doing it in such bad circumstances. I remember the days we use to argue over who was Beyoncé & you always use to say that I was Kelly because I had short hair when i was younger.”One day I cried because I wanted to be Beyoncé so bad & you gave me a big hug & said I’ll be Beyoncé forever. We spent our days learning S Club 7 dance routines & I still remember those dance Routines lool.”I use to look forward to spending the summer holidays at your house because that meant being Beyoncé & performing at the Notting hill carnival.”I won’t post the all the pictures of us at the carnival because those costumes were soo embarrassing. Year after year we put up those costumes on & it was one of my best memories with you. When I was younger I use to be so fascinated by the #Grenfelltower because it was so high up & had 24 floors and mine just had 4. Going to that tower as a child was so exciting. May you rest in perfect peace.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Prison is all about games You have to play them right and

first_img 25,052 Views Prison is all about games. You have to play them right and you’ll get out the other side. I know that a lot of the lads who come in here don’t actually want to learn about computers. They want to come in here and not have deal with the others in the gym and, you know what, that’s grand.“But for me I try and get them interested in some part of what we’re doing. None of these lads are going to be bloody secretaries in offices, are they? I’ll give you an example, what I do is say ‘what are you into’ and it might be music, right? So, I’ll get up some mixing deck software and we can have a look at how to mix music. So, when they walk out the door, they might think that was beneficial to them and go and do something with it.”SafetyFor Crone and his colleagues in the Irish Prison Service (IPS), it can be interesting to see how different the prisoners act when they are in the classes and when they are back on the landings.“It’s a bit mad, really. When the lads are in with the computers, they’re all ‘fancy a cup of tea, Mr Crone’ and all that. You get to know all the lads, their girlfriends’ names, their kids’ names and there’s a real subdued kind of atmosphere. But the second they walk back out onto the landings, they’re different. They ignore you or might say something. You take no offence to it at all, you can’t. I completely understand,” Crone explained. One of the walls at Mountjoy Prison. Source: Nicky Ryan/TheJournal.ieThe prison officers we spoke to as part of’s Inside Mountjoy mini-series did not shy away from the testing aspects of their jobs but added that appropriate training and preparation can help diminish the threat to their personal safety.Crone, when asked about the dangers of being a prison officer, said that he wouldn’t be doing the job if he honestly felt there was a danger to his wellbeing. Related Reads According to him: By Garreth MacNamee Short URL No Comments I’ve been a taxi man, a bar man and a door man and I can honestly tell you, hand on heart, that this the safest of all four of the jobs. Prison is about getting by. Do what you have to do to get through and I completely understand that.A recruitment drive is now taking place and the Irish Prison Service expects to appoint up to 250 recruit prison officers this year.Recruit prison officer is the entry level to the service. It takes three years of service and the Higher Certificate in Custodial Care (HCCC) before the new Recruit Prison Officer is appointed as an established prison officer.Trainees start on €28,000 per year but can earn upwards of €50,000 per year by securing promotion.The jobs announcement and application form can be found on by Nicky Ryan Share24 Tweet Email1 ‘Prison is all about games. You have to play them right and you’ll get out the other side’ was given exclusive access to Mountjoy Prison.center_img Source:“NOBODY WANTS TO be in prison. Well, very few people anyway. For a lot of the guys, they want to be away from the prison gym. They want to feel safe and that’s what we can offer by offering the computer courses. Prison is really about surviving but we give you the option to walk out with a few skills as well if you really want. It’s up to you.” was given exclusive access to Mountjoy Prison last Friday to examine the challenges and rewards which come with a career in the Irish Prison Service. But what we also got was an insight into the minds of the prisoners who call the north Dublin campus their home for as long as they are sentenced.For many, the prison is a community – a place with its own intricate social strata. For others it’s a jungle, an unknown place they have to navigate carefully, avoiding the dangers and coming out relatively unscathed on the other side.Mountjoy Prison offers a number of programmes for prisoners – most under the stewardship of prison officers. Many of the officers who joined the service were able to combine their interests into their jobs.For example, Tom Crone is a prison officer who, amongst other things, teaches inmates how to use computers. Crone knows that inside the walls of a prison exists a different form of living – a place where survival is paramount. He knows his classes can sometimes be used by prisoners attempting to avoid the gyms and other activities fraught with potential danger. Not that he minds this. Sunday 18 Feb 2018, 10:00 PM 16.02.18 ‘I’m the first face you see when you’re sent to Mountjoy. Prisoners can be scared and vulnerable’ 13.02.18 Life as a prison officer in Mountjoy: ‘When something is about to happen, you just feel it in the air’ Feb 18th 2018, 10:01 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Ireland presented with a golden opportunity to kill off one of their

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Ireland presented with a golden opportunity to kill off one of their World Cup qualifying rivals Martin O’Neill’s side can take Austria out of the running for a spot at next year’s finals by claiming victory this evening. Jon Walters shoots during the win in Vienna. Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO Short URL 1. Opportunity knocks for IrelandAFTER REACHING THE midway point on the road to Russia in good shape, Ireland embark on the latter stages of the journey — starting at the Aviva Stadium this evening (5pm).Joint-top of Group D on 11 points and unbeaten in their first five matches, it would be hard to pick fault with the job done by Martin O’Neill and his team thus far.Granted, there’s still a long way to go but, as it stands, the Boys in Green are looking well-placed to achieve qualification for their first World Cup finals since 2002.In terms of quality, there’s very little between the group’s top four teams but Ireland have a golden opportunity to effectively make it a three-horse race for two slots when they take on Austria later today.After a disappointing Euro 2016, Marcel Koller’s side have stuttered their way through the campaign and now know that failure to win could leave them with a gap too big to bridge.It’s a rare position that Ireland find themselves in, but you get the sense that Martin O’Neill smells blood as he has called for his players to play on the front-foot and take the game to their opponents.With Serbia and Wales also meeting tonight, an Irish victory could potentially leave them sitting pretty in the automatic qualification place depending on the other result.2. Austria are on the ropesBy now, you’ll probably have read all about the problems Ireland’s opponents are facing at the moment.For a start, they are missing a rake of players – including their first-choice goalkeeper and two top scorers in this campaign. Then there is the reported divisions in the camp and the fact that their manager is unlikely to see out the year in the job if results down start to improve.It’s all a far cry from 12 months ago when Austria were being tipped in some quarters as dark horses to reach the latter knockout rounds of Euro 2016.Up until the famous victory in Vienna last November, Ireland’s record in meetings between the nations was poor but that monkey is off their back thanks to James McClean’s memorable strike.Even without captain Seamus Colelman, Shane Long and James McCarthy, they are favourites to win this time around too. That said, it won’t come easy and this team will be well aware that a performance containing similarly impressive levels of discipline, hard work and desire will be needed once again.3. Selection dilemmasGoing on past experience, Martin O’Neill’s teams tend to be difficult to call but, in saying that, there are a number of bankers on the team sheet.The Ireland boss confirmed that Cyrus Christie will deputise for the injured Coleman at right-back, and he should be joined by Shane Duffy, Richard Keogh and Stephen Ward in a four-man defence.After sitting out training with a slight knee problem earlier in the week, Jon Walters took his place alongside O’Neill at yesterday’s pre-match press conference and declared himself “raring to go”.Walters has often been used on the right-hand side of midfield but the likelihood is he will be deployed as the lone striker.The goalkeeper’s position is an interesting one. Randolph has been generally solid for Ireland but a couple of recent mistakes added to the fact he has lost his place at West Ham appears to open the door for Keiren Westwood — widely-regarded as the best and most in-form goalkeeper in the Championship.O’Neill refused to be drawn on the debate and it would be a big call to switch his number one, but the Derryman has shown often enough that he can be ruthless when he needs to be.4. Will Arter get the nod? Will Harry Arter get the nod? Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOWhich leaves us with the midfield. The increasingly-influential James McClean and Robbie Brady are favourites to occupy the wings with the latter possibly being used on the right.Wes Hoolahan is still our most creative outlet when he is played as the number 10, and should start, then it looks to be two from Harry Arter, Jeff Hendrick and Glenn Whelan. Arter’s displays in Vienna and against Uruguay last week have proved how valuable an asset the Bournemouth man can be to the team — both with and without possession.After enjoying his best nights in a green shirt in France last summer, Hendrick has failed to reach similar heights since then and more is expected from him. Whelan is a fine servant and a player managers tend to love for the work he gets through at the base of the midfield but, at 33, could his best days be behind him?O’Neill has been loyal to both Hendrick and Whelan in the past so it will be intriguing to see who he goes with when the team is named 90 minutes before kick-off.5. Home record bodes wellAs I wrote the other day, O’Neill and his backroom staff have built up an impressive record in competitive matches at home.Ireland are unbeaten in all eight outings — with wins over Germany, Georgia (2), Bosnia & Herzegovina and Gibraltar as well as draws against Scotland, Poland and Wales.Going to the Aviva Stadium for an evening of football may be far from an exhilarating affair that has you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes, but this group of players have learned to grind out results in the three-and-half years that the manager has been in charge.Many a self-deprecating Irish fan may be feeling a little uneasy about how well things are going right now but we might have to start getting used to it if the fine results continue later on today.The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO Follow us: 38 Comments center_img 27,993 Views Sunday 11 Jun 2017, 11:48 AM Jon Walters shoots during the win in Vienna. 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Greenpeace accuse Nestlé de contribuer à la déforestation

first_imgGreenpeace accuse Nestlé de contribuer à la déforestationGreenpeace accuse Nestlé de contribuer à la déforestation en Indonésie, notamment via la production de certaines barres chocolatées qui consomme de grandes quantités d’huile de palme. Les plantations des palmiers à huile sont en effet l’une des principales causes de la destruction de la forêt indonésienne.En Indonésie, l’équivalent d’un terrain de football de forêt disparaît toutes les 15 secondes. Une catastrophe écologique en grande partie engendrée par la plantation de palmiers à huile, les forêts étant détruites pour leur accorder toujours plus de place.Dans le cadre de sa lutte contre la déforestation, Greenpeace dénonce la contribution de Nestlé qui utilise de grandes quantités d’huile de palme pour produire ses barres chocolatées KitKat. D’après une enquête menée par l’association écologiste, la consommation d’huile de palme du groupe aurait doublé au cours des trois dernières années, atteignant quelque 320.000 tonnes par an.Le principal fournisseur auquel Neslté fait appel n’est autre que le premier producteur indonésien d’huile de palme, Sinar Mas, assure Greenpeace qui vient de mettre en ligne une vidéo parodiant la publicité pour KitKat, en mettant en scène un homme croquant à la place d’une barre chocolatée, un doigts d’orang-outan.Nestlé a très rapidement réagi à cette campagne, promettant de ne plus s’approvisionner auprès de Sinar Mas. Une promesse qui ne suffit pas à Greenpeace. “Ce n’est pas pour autant qu’il cessera d’avoir recours à de l’huile de palme non durable”, souligne en effet l’association, expliquant que le géant du secteur alimentaire fait appel à d’autres fournisseurs, dont Cargill, qui s’approvisionne lui aussi auprès de Sinar Mas.Le 19 mars 2010 à 10:10 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Sheriffs office invites public comments in accreditation process

first_imgVancouver – Community members are invited to contribute their comments and feedback on the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on June 13 as part of the office’s accreditation process.A team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies will review the sheriff’s office’s policies, procedures, management, operation and support services.The sheriff’s office will have to show its compliance with 386 applicable standards in order to maintain accredited status. Accreditation lasts for three years, during which time an agency must submit annual reports showing continued compliance with the standards.As part of the review, agency staff and community members are welcome to offer comment at a public information session at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 13 in the County Council Hearing Room in the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St.Those who can’t make it can call 360-397-2417 from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday. The sheriff’s office asked callers and comment-makers to limit their input to 10 minutes, and to ensure they address the office’s ability to comply with the accreditation standards. Those standards are available for review at the sheriff’s office.last_img read more

McClean helps homeless in his hometown

first_imgThe Republic of Ireland footballer has paid for four persons to stay in a hotel in the city of LondonderryRepublic of Ireland player James McClean believes in giving back to life after his success in the national team and in Stoke City.The winger and his wife, have paid for hotel and food for four people in the city of Londonderry.“James text me on Sunday evening out of the blue and asked me to do him a favor,” McClean’s father Patrick told BBC News NI.declan rice, england, West ham UnitedReport: England’s Rice gets death threats George Patchias – September 9, 2019 England International Declan Rice has received death threats.Rice a one time Ireland International, switched allegiances only this year. The West Ham United man played for…“You never know with James what he will ask.”“He wanted to know about the homeless situation back in Derry, and I told him there seemed to be a rise in the number of people you can see sleeping rough,” he added.“James said ‘I have booked four rooms, can you go and gather whoever needs a bed for a few nights’.”“There was absolute shock and disbelief on their faces, they were so pleased that a complete stranger would do this for them,” Patrick said.last_img read more

Puppy club preps guide dogs for training

first_img Guiding Eyes of Clark CountyGuide Dogs for the BlindAngelina is one cool pup.Mellow. Reliable. Quick. Careful. And ready for more or less anything.“I knew I needed a dog that could go anywhere. From sidewalks to cattle trails,” said Jake Koch, a graduate of the Washington State School for the Blind, who’s been putting Angelina through her paces for about six months now.Koch, 23, is an outdoorsy guy who grew up in a tiny Washington town. He’s young, active and ambitious — working full time as an adviser at Clark College and planning to study management at Portland State University this fall — but he likens his eyesight to peering through a pinhole.He was born with bilateral micro-ophthalmalgia, which basically means small, undeveloped eyeballs. So Angelina serves as his eyes.Meaning what? It’s more than just getting from curb to curb. Angelina is on the lookout for obstructions and problems of all sorts, from low-hanging branches to unsafe commands. She’s comfortable in restaurants and grocery stores. Her manners are impeccable; she doesn’t bark, climb furniture or eat off the floor. And she definitely doesn’t chase cats.To score this highly skilled job, the Labrador retriever underwent two stages of training — first via a local puppy club and the homes of volunteers, where preliminaries like potty training and basic obedience were covered, and then at the Guide Dogs for the Blind training campus in Boring, Ore.Meanwhile, Koch was doing research and soul-searching of his own. “How will this dog fit into my lifestyle? How do I get help and support if there are problems?” Deciding to depend upon a guide dog means “going out on a huge limb,” he said. Angelina has been with Jake Koch for about six months. Volunteers are needed for the first phase of training guide dogs.last_img read more

Man ticketed after yacht backs up traffic on I205

first_imgAn oversized yacht from Wisconsin blocked motorists from taking the Southeast Mill Plain exit off northbound Interstate 205 on Thursday afternoon, the Washington State Patrol said.The delay began around 2:41 p.m. after the driver of the nearly 17-foot-tall and 15-foot-wide boat realized the boat was not going to make it under the right side of the Southeast 10th Street overpass, WSP spokesman Ryan Tanner said. The boat had pilot cars for Oregon but did not have Washington pilot cars for its journey to the Port of Tacoma, he added added. As of 4:15 p.m., the yacht had been moved to a different location and traffic on the interstate’s four lanes and exit lane was flowing normally, Tanner said. The boat blocked the exit lane for around 80 minutes Thursday afternoon.“We don’t have this happen too often,” Tanner said. “The problem here was the driver should have stopped in Oregon. There’s no good place to stop without blocking part of the roadway.”Driver Roger Perrin, 68, of Grandville, Mich., was cited for lacking proper escort cars and operating during prohibited hours. The tickets Perrin received carry fines of $175 apiece, Tanner said.last_img read more

Travellers aiming to delist from Philippine Stock Exchange on 21 October

first_img Travellers International Hotel Group sets tender price for shares in privatization push Load More Resorts World Manila operator announces plans to delist, go private Resorts World Manila operator Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc has proposed 21 October 2019 as the date it will delist from the Philippine Stock Exchange.The company – a joint venture between Genting Hong Kong and Alliance Global Group – announced its privatization plans last week, explaining that the move would “allow the company to timely address evolving market demands and rapidly changing customer needs without compromising its business strategies to competition.” RelatedPosts Suncity completes Manila quartet with launch of new VIP Club at Resorts World Manila A tender offer was launched on Monday with Travellers looking to acquire a minimum of 838,212,542 common shares in order to push the stake held by non-public shareholders to at least 95%. Travellers also previously announced an offer price of Php5.50 per common share.last_img read more

Home Shuttered

first_imgIt appears that the down economy has claimed another victim: Home magazine.Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. today announced that it is suspending publication of the shelter title, effective with the October issue, citing steep declines in the middle market for the shelter category.“It is difficult to close a magazine, particularly when it means that some of our colleagues’ positions will be affected,” Hachette president and CEO Jack Kliger said in a statement. “I want to thank the very talented editorial and sales teams for years of hard work and dedication to this brand. “The current economic environment is difficult, and the mid-market home sector has been particularly hard hit,” Kliger continued. “When the middle market recovers, we will consider future publication of Home using the special interest publication newsstand model.”Home’s ad pages plummeted 30.9 percent during the first half of 2008 over the first half 2007, according to the latest Publishers Information Bureau figures. Estimated revenue for the half was $21.49 million, down 30.4 percent from the same period last year.HFMUS did not replace the editor-in-chief position at Home following former editor Olivia Monjo’s death in May. The publisher is considering options for finding Home staffers, including vice president and publisher Jack Grant, other positions within the company, a spokesperson tells FOLIO:.Hachette hasn’t been shy about shutting down magazines it sees as under-performing. In recent years, the publisher has pulled the plug on For Me, Elle Girl and the controversial Shock.last_img read more

Foreign woman takes revenge makes hoax call about terror attack in 5star

first_img[Representational Image]TwitterAfter the hoax call on Saturday (April 27) that claimed infiltration of terrorists in the nation, another fake call was reportedly made by a foreign national in Bengaluru as a revenge to the hotel staff for insulting her.A Canadian woman informed the city police that massive explosives were being stored at a five-star hotel near UB City in the city’s central business district (CBD) on Thursday, April 25. As the state was already on a high alert in the wake of the Sri Lankan terror attacks, the police investigated over the matter.According to the reports, the foreign woman called the Bengaluru Police and said that the explosives are being housed at the hotel to trigger blasts around the city. She also named the hotel manager saying that he has a blueprint of the locations that are going to be bombed.The Vidhan Soudha police team along with the bomb squad and sniffer dogs went to the star hotel and conducted search operations, but understood that it was a hoax. The police then tracked the mobile number from which the call was made.”The call came from a phone belonging to a private security guard working on Double Road. When questioned, he said a woman had approached him seeking his mobile. She told him she had lost her cell phone and wanted to call her family.” The guard claimed she spoke in English, returned the phone and left, reports TOI.The police inspected the surveillance cameras from the nearby areas and spotted the woman behind the plot. The hotel manager was shown the surveillance footage and he identified the woman as a frequent visitor at the hotel and remembered an incident with the woman, adds the report.The hotel manager alleged that a few days ago the woman had visited the spa in the hotel and went off without making the payments. As she was a frequent visitor at the hotel, the manager collected the due amount from her on Wednesday when she arrived at the hotel with her friends.The woman felt insulted in front of her friends over the incident which triggered her to take this step as an act of revenge. However, the police have identified the woman, who is an OCI (overseas citizen of India) card-holder from Canada and has sought permission from the court to book a criminal case against her.last_img read more

Jukta Front asks PM to rein in evil forces

first_imgAQM Badruddoza ChowdhuryDenouncing the attack on Amar Desh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman in Kushtia, former president AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury-led Jukta front on Monday urged prime minister Sheikh Hasina to rein in the evil forces.In a statement on behalf of Jukta (united) Front, B Chowdhury, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) president ASM Abdur Rab and Nagorik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna voiced surprise and anger over the attack on Mahmudur.”The journalist community and the country’s people are aggrieved and shocked over the physical attack on Mahmudur Rahman,” the statement said.The Jukta Front leaders said the government should be ashamed of such attack as it is an onslaught on democracy which put the lives and dignity of journalists at stake. “It’ll also be considered as an attack on the judiciary.”Under the circumstances, the trio questioned, how they could expect a fair election in the country.They called upon people to rally round the Jukta Front in the interest of the restoration of democracy in the country.”We’ hope good sense we’ll prevail upon the government as the last chance for them is going to be over. We request the prime minister to rein in the evil forces,” the statement reads.last_img read more

The Cayman Islands launches Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee

first_imgThe Cayman Islands launches Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee Travelweek Group GRAND CAYMAN — The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is promoting a ‘Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee’, with on-island partners vowing to cover any cancellations made prior to arrival and compensation if vacation time is cut short due to inclement weather during a Cayman Islands getaway.The destination says it wants to put travellers’ minds at ease and let them know they can book a getaway to the Cayman Islands and receive cancellation coverage in the event of a storm.The Worry Free Guarantee includes a full refund of accommodation fees at participating hotels, condos and villas island-wide, with a maximum one-night penalty at most for cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to check-in as soon as a hurricane watch is issued by authorities. Many properties on-island are also offering a free replacement stay throughout the summer months, allowing guests to rebook for the same duration as the initially-booked stay, regardless of how many days were affected by a hurricane or storm.“In the Cayman Islands, we strive to not only provide unforgettable and relaxing vacations, but most importantly through this generous program, we offer our guests a seamless solution for when travel disruptions occur,” says Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands. “It’s Caymankind to give peace of mind, and with our Hurricane Guarantee, I am pleased we can provide travellers relief knowing they can plan a vacation to our beautiful islands despite seasonal considerations and inclement weather.”An long list of hotels, condominiums and villas across Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are participating in the Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee. The program is available only through participating hotels and resorts. For a list of properties and their policies see For detailed property guarantees travel agents and travellers are asked to visit the individual property websites or contact the properties directly. Posted by Tags: Cancellations, Cayman Islands, Hurricanecenter_img Friday, June 1, 2018 Share << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more