Tastee serves up Humble Lion sponsorship

first_imgTastee Limited took another step towards uplifting the development of sports within this country as pen was put to paper and a total of $350,000 was donated to the Humble Lion Football Club.The presentation was made during half-time of the Red Stripe Premier League showdown between Humble Lion and Maverly-Hughenden on Sunday at the Effortville Community Centre in May Pen, Clarendon.Michael Pringle, technical director of the Humble Lion, was absolutely elated as he expressed his gratitude towards the sponsorship and noted that it would go a far way in their pursuit of the premier league title.”This sponsorship can go a far way in terms of the whole operation of the club, we really appreciate it because in these testing times to get a contribution like this is really difficult. We have several bills to take care of on a daily basis and this has really assisted with that,” Pringle said.”It also serves as a catalyst towards our title charge, we are faced by many obstacles on a daily basis such as a player being injured and that instantly brings forth an expense. At that point, medication and treatment is instantly needed, and these are challenges we are faced with on a regular basis. This donation has come at the right time when we are in need of it and it will go a far way,” he added.Marketing and public relations manager for Tastee Ltd, Tara Goulbourne, noted that the company was very happy to be associated with the Humble Lion Football Club.”Sports development plays a great part in our corporate social responsibility programmes. As Tastee Ltd continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, we thought it fitting to sponsor theHumble Lion Football Club, a team that has seen vast growth and development since making their Premier League debut in the 2009/2010 season … . We look forward to building a solid relationship for years to come.”last_img read more

African Cup returns to exotic Gabon, but with air of unease

first_imgJOHANNESBURG (AP): With an air of unease hanging over the tournament, the African Cup of Nations returns to Gabon for the second time in five years. Opposition parties in the oil-rich central African nation have stated their intention to use African football’s biggest show as an opportunity to express their grievances against Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba, who retained power in a tense election last August that led to about 100 deaths on the streets, according to opposition claims. That gives African football organisers, who chose to go back to former co-hosts Gabon as a replacement for Libya, even more to contend with alongside shaky infrastructure and two largely untested new stadiums. Libreville, the capital city of palm tree-lined Atlantic Ocean beaches and French colonial villas, and Franceville, deep inland in the jungle and the last stop on the railway line that cuts across the country, staged games when Gabon co-hosted with Equatorial Guinea in 2012. Now, Gabon gets the 16-team, 23-day tournament all to itself, bringing in two new venues that have barely seen any kind of football before, let alone a top international championship involving European league superstars. Oyem, a town in the far north surrounded by rubber plantations, will be home to defending champions Ivory Coast for the group stage. Hopefully for Manchester United defender Eric Bailly and teammates, they’ll be in one of only a few hotels listed with the luxury of hot water. Port-Gentil, the southern centre of Gabon’s oil industry, is the second new city. Both have stadiums that were being built right up to deadline and not many have set eyes on the finished, or possibly unfinished, products. The African Cup always has vibrant colour, fans painted head to toe and in an array of wacky outfits, and competing countries you’re unlikely to ever see at the World Cup, even when it’s expanded: Guinea-Bissau qualified this year, their first appearance at a major tournament and the first time they have really come anywhere close to the big time. But the African championship is also an event that flirts with calamity. Two years ago at the tournament in nearby Equatorial Guinea, there were brawls between players on the field and riots in the stands when security forces waded in among supporters wielding batons and an army helicopter hovered so dangerously low in the stadium that its rotors whipped up debris and scattered the spectators. Among the title contenders over the next three weeks kickoff is today and the final on February 5 Ivory Coast is striving for the rare achievement of back-to-back African titles after the team finally ended a long drought two years ago. There are two significant absences for the Ivorians this time, though, with powerful midfielder Yaya Toure, its driving force last time, retired from international football and victorious coach Herve Renard now in charge of group opponents Morocco. Algeria and Senegal produced eye-catching performances in qualifying, with those teams spearheaded by Premier League talents Riyad Mahrez of English champion Leicester and Sadio Mane of Liverpool, respectively. Ghana have lost two finals and three semi-finals in the last five tournaments and will continue their increasingly desperate search for a long-awaited first title since 1982, and, they hope, an end to African Cup misery. Absenceslast_img read more

Fake news is our greatest enemy

first_imgDear Editor,Shortly after the 2016 US Presidential elections I wrote about “startling rise in the unscrupulous manipulation of people’s emotions by very savvy media operators”. In 2017, fake news was named phrase of the year, since then we have seen reports of the extent to which social media users were manipulated via the ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation. Fast forward to Guyana 2019 and “fake news” poses more grave a threat to our democracy than “rounded up half men”.If for example you believe that 26 members of the National Assembly currently hold dual citizenship, you are a victim of fake news, the true number is 7; if you shared news that our President had lost his voice due to cancer of the throat, you too were a victim. Fake news is now being used in an attempt to influence the People’s Progressive Party’s choice of Presidential candidate; an online poll purporting to offer choices for candidate was examined by an IT expert and found to have set percentages built into the software. The orchestrated attack on the academic credentials of former Housing Minister Irfaan Ali began with innocuous questions about his BSc, MSc and PhD certification. Ali responded by releasing an abundance of academic certifications and pledged to release his transcripts upon receipt but the fake news mill has grist and will continue to grind regardless of evidence.Irfan Ali’s stellar performance as Minister of Housing, his delivery of countless massive housing schemes and his guidance which saw over 10,000 housing units being constructed by developers, home owners and Government, is not the subject of discussion. Fake news aims to distract and divert conversations about issues that really matter. Discuss and compare Irfan Ali’s record with the less than 3 houses in 3.5 years of the APNU+AFC Administration! The fake news machine sought to build a straw man and bludgeon him; fortunately a Saints boy is never without a solid defence, in Irfan Ali’s case, the solid house walls that house thousands, all of whom benefited from his astute management of the Ministry of Housing.In the silly season of Elections, much more fake news will be generated, media operators will seek to create divisions within parties, society and even families. The racist fringe elements will try to tell you this election is about ‘race’, I urge all Guyanese to examine the records and issues facing our nation, separate fact from fake news, make an effort to examine the source of your news. A trusted source is our only defence against the enemies of our nation both outside and within. A reminder from Matthew 12:22 “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand”.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img read more

9 Jurors for LBDI US$22K, LD$288K Theft Case

first_imgProsecutors and defense attorneys yesterday completed the selection of credible men and women who will decide whether Margertta Dorbor stole US$22,567 and LD$288,690 from the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI).Dorbor,  a former employee of the bank could  face a long prison sentence if found guilty,  as Judge Peter Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court ‘C’ yesterday managed the lengthy process which led to the selection of 6 impartial jurors and three alternates from an initial pool of about 100 persons.Prosecutors have brought charges against defendant Dorbor in connection with the 2010 robbery at the bank.A staff of the bank’s Gardnersville branch, Ms. Dorbor also faces dozens of other charges including theft of property, forgery and counterfeiting.Dorbor has pleaded not guilty.Attorneys on Wednesday questioned individual potential jurors who have already passed a lengthy written questionnaire to determine whether the intense media interest in the case has affected their ability to reach an impartial verdict.Opening arguments will resume today, Thursday, February 19.”My job is to apply the law and ensure that justice is done and you are to look at the facts that would be presented during the trial,” Judge Gbeneweleh told a small group of prospective jurors. “I remind you that Dorbor remains innocent.”In court, Dorbor appeared as though she did not care about the prospective jurors who hold her fate in their hands.Wearing a gray long skirt and gray-stripped blouse, she sat on a bench behind her defense team, continuously looking around the courtroom or at the dozens of people sitting a few feet away.In this trial, jurors will first determine Dorbor’s guilt or innocence on dozens of charges. If she is convicted of any theft charges, the same jurors will then separately decide whether she should be sent to long term imprisonment in their moral decision.In December 2010,   Ms. Gloria Menjor, General Manager of the bank, accused Dorbor of filling in a withdrawal slip for US$70,000 in the name of Gardnersville People’s Saving Club and diverting said amount to her personal use without the knowledge and consent of the account holder.She said the scheme was discovered during an audit of the bank’s Gardnersville branch where the defendant was assigned.Contrary to Dorbor’s denial of her involvement, the bank’s general manager insisted that Dorbor admitted withdrawing the amount from the account of the Club and she refunded it paying US$1,000 to the LBDI management for which a receipt was allegedly issued to her.Ms. Menjor also alleged that during the audit, the auditor discovered 200 pieces of US$100 counterfeit bills in a bag owned by   defendant Dorbor.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

GPL suffers 23 MW shortfall

first_img…renews commitment to buy power from Giftland Mall…thousands to be affected by constant blackout againWith a current shortfall of approximately 23 megawatts of power, the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) has renewed its commitment to buy electricity from the Giftland Mall.Giftland Chairman Roy BeepatThis announcement by the utility company comes after Giftland Mall’s Chairman, Roy Beepat, slammed GPL for pussyfooting on finalising the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).“…the Board authorised GPL to move forward efforts to finalise a PPA Agreement with MCG Investments Inc that met the needs and interests of the company,” GPL revealed in a statement to the media Thursday.“The Board also instructed GPL Inc to ensure all of the legal and regulatory modalities were satisfied,” GPL said.In June, Government’s Department of Public Information (DPI) had reported that GPL and Giftland Mall concluded an agreement for the supply of electricity and all that was needed was the ratification by the new GPL Board.GPL CEO Albert GordonThis development came after thousands of households and businesses were widely affected by constant service disruptions, owing to two damaged submarine cables – which resulted in a power deficit of more than 14 megawatts.However, since that situation was addressed, there was no further progress on the PPA between Giftland Mall and GPL.Giftland’s Chairman had explained that “The last information reaching us was that GPL require justification as to why they should buy from us, apparently cheaper cost, no liability or commitment and readily available power supply to make up the deficiency are not sufficient reasons.”23 MW deficitGPL announced on Thursday that it has suffered a deficit of 23 megawatts of power, due to a number of reasons.As such, thousands of residents and businesses in the Demerara and Berbice region will experience another round of periodic power outage.The company cited a series of “unforeseen occurrences and generation/operational issues” that are preventing the supply of adequate electricity for “peak demand”.Among the reasons is the uprooting of a pole with two transformers in the vicinity of the Rubis Gas Station on Mandela Avenue while a contractor was carrying out works on the Sheriff/Mandela street expansion project on September 3.In Berbice, GPL explained that it is unable to export 6.9 megawatts of power to the Demerara-Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS) due to a defective transformer at its Onverwagt, Berbice Substation.Additionally, a 5.5-megawatt generator at the Canefield Power Plant is unavailable because of scheduled maintenance.At the Kingston Power Plant, a 6.9-megawatt unit is unavailable due to a defective alternator, which had to be sourced overseas.GPL said the new alternator has arrived and repairs are expected to be completed by the end of the week. Thereafter, the unit will return to operation by Monday, September 9, 2019.At the Garden of Eden power station, a 4-megawatt unit is also unavailable. GPL said it is awaiting the arrival of replacement parts for the defective components.Load sheddingJust a few months ago, thousands of persons were majorly inconvenienced by the constant power outages and load shedding after two submarine cables were damaged within the space of five days.This issue resulted in GPL publishing daily load shedding schedules, which saw several areas across the Demerara-Berbice Interconnected System experiencing complete power outages for long hours.This will likely be the system again until the power company can restore its electricity shortfall. GPL normally posts its load shedding schedules on its Facebook page.Independent Power ProducerSince 2016, Giftland Mall had offered to sell Government its excess electricity but this was rejected. At a press conference in June, GPL CEO Albert Gordon had explained that buying power from an Independent Power Producer (IPP) is a complicated issue which includes negotiating pricing and legal matters.To this end, he noted that GPL had enlisted the help of the Public Infrastructure Ministry to iron out these issues.Besides Giftland, there were also some talks with Banks DIH to purchase power.GPL announced on Thursday that the Board also authorised the utility company to commence inviting Expressions of Interest (EoI) from other potential power providers with immediately available generation capacity who may be interested in supplying electricity to the national grid.While GPL is looking to increase the capacity on the interconnected grid with the purchase of fuel oil power from private firms, the company is also catering to have natural gas integrated into its system to produce electricity.In fact, Gordon had mentioned that they were seeking an agreement for the purchase of power from the Hope Wind Farm project, which is expected to come on stream by next year, generating between 10 to 16 megawatts of power.The parliamentary Opposition and other energy experts have argued that all these energy woes could have been avoided had the Amaila Falls Hydro Project (AFHP) that was initiated under the previous Administration been pursued by the new Government.The AFHP would have assisted GPL in getting adequate electricity supply. In fact, the Norway-funded project, when completed, would have provided 165 megawatts to the national grid, thus providing cheaper and more reliable power to citizens and businesses.last_img read more

Bloggers attracting attention, threats

first_imgIn response, Foothill Cities’ attorney Jean-Paul Jassy, a noted West Los Angeles free-speech advocate and educator, fired back, accusing the city of intimidation. The blog posted the response on its Web site Wednesday. “We routinely secure major fee awards for our clients,” Jassy wrote. “Including one award in excess of $100,000.” Experts say the battlefield in the dispute between government and those who cover it has morphed from disputes over the flimsy pamphlets of the 1700s to the quarrels over the transient bits and bytes of cyberspace. Nearly two-dozen blogs cover some form of politics or life in the northeastern portion of Los Angeles County stretching from Claremont to Pasadena. Some are serious; some are not. “Fortunately, the First Amendment covers new technologies,” said Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor. “It’s the message rather than the media.” The evolution of political commentary from pamphlets to newspapers to television to the Internet is not unlike the evolution of transportation from horse-drawn carriages to mag-lev trains, said Volokh, who has a group blog at Volokh Conspiracy. “Because of technology, even individuals who don’t have money can express their views,” Volokh said. “There is no downside.” Foothill Cities drew the ire of Pomona officials after publishing a series of rumor-filled posts regarding the departure of City Manager Doug Dunlap. Posts, filed anonymously by bloggers Publius and Centinel, also contained several anonymous comments attacking Dunlap. The issue came to a head last week. City Attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman sent a letter on city stationery via e-mail ordering the blog to “cease and desist any further publication of false information concerning the City of Pomona.” Free speech advocates question whether Alvarez-Glasman overstepped his authority and wondered what prompted the action last week. “It seems odd for me to have a city official representing in a private matter,” Glenn Reynolds, operator of the Instapundit blog, and a law professor at the University of Tennessee wrote in an e-mail. “Since government agencies can’t be libeled, the claim has to be personal on the part of the City Manager. If I were a voter there, I’d be asking why my tax dollars were going to this sort of thing.” Glasman defended his actions and noted that Pomona provides stationery for his office to use in such matters. He declined to name the person who directed the letter. “That is a matter of attorney-client privilege,” Alvarez-Glasman said. In an instant message exchange, Publius questioned Glasman’s technological savvy and noted the blog has received aid and comfort from many corners of the Internet universe. “The city attorney of Pomona, and whoever ordered him to send his threats, made a colossal mistake. It is clear from the language of his letter that he’s really not up on the whole blogging thing,” Publius wrote. “Simply considered as a PR move threatening us was asinine. We continue to experience a growing groundswell of support in the online community [including offers of legal assistance].” The names Publius and Centinel are well known to historians of the American Revolution. Many believe that Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay collectively used the pseudonym Publius when writing the “Federalist Papers.” The name derives from a Roman ruler who 2,500 years ago introduced laws protecting individual liberty. Centinel’s writings of the late 18th century are believed to have played a role in the establishment of the Federal Bill of Rights. “Today’s bloggers, in fact, are more like the pamphleteers of the 18th century when the [First] Amendment was framed,” Reynolds wrote. Pomona officials questioned the lofty aspirations of Foothill Cities and challenged the need for anonymity. “I could take a pseudonym of somebody that had more prestige or historical significance and be totally inaccurate,” said Paula Lantz, a Pomona City Councilwoman. “Why would I give more credence or less credence to what they write by how they identify themselves?” Lantz likened any Internet buzz over the posts, Alvarez-Glasman’s letter and Foothill Cities reaction to spam chain letters that circulate from friend to friend via e-mail. “It’s like when someone forwards some cute, little anecdotal stories about Mother’s Day, or Easter, or name the circumstance,” Lantz said. “It went to a gazillion people because everyone that gets it turns around and clicks `send to all’ and it gets sent to their entire directory of contacts and so on and so on and so on.” Pomona Mayor Norma Torres compared Foothill Cities coverage of Pomona to supermarket tabloids. “They don’t have the full picture of what’s going on,” she said. “I laugh at them. You know what? They are gossipers.” Lantz said she first became aware of the blog after receiving an e-mail on April 20. “The e-mail said, `We thought you might be interested in a recent post. We’re happy to publish your response or commentary on the topic,” Lantz said. “It was signed, `best, Centinel.” In Sierra Madre, where several blogs, including Foothill Cities, make a point of writing about city issues, interim City Manager Don Hopper said he pays no attention. “I don’t have time to even think about them,” Hopper said. “They have no merit, even though the Constitution allows them. I don’t have time to engage in unproductive discussions.” Many in the blogosphere are taking up the cause of Foothill Cities. “When, oh when, will people learn that these `cease and desist’ letters will always get posted, and will always bring bad publicity to those who wrote them, unless there is a damned good reason for sending them?” writes one poster, Little Miss Attila. Aaron Proctor, a Pasadena resident who runs the blog “Aaron Proctor for Mayor,” dismissed Pomona’s reaction. “Why would anybody ask a blog to stop posting stuff?” he said. Anonymous blogger Claremont Buzz said Alvarez-Glasman’s letter to Foothill Cities should have no chilling effect on others covering politics. “As long as bloggers post responsibly and can document their information, it shouldn’t change things,” Claremont Buzz said in an e-mail exchange. “Maybe it’s better to have to re-examine one’s methods from time-to-time. It keeps one honest.” As for Publius and Centinel, they said the controversy has driven plenty of traffic to their site in recent days. “Our readership has shot up like gangbusters because of the city’s threats. The funny thing about it is we weren’t trying for publicity in regards to the rumors we published,” Publius wrote. “We had essentially let the matter rest – on one side, we had the city manager denying all the accusation[s], and on the other we had people still making them. “This letter came out of nowhere, and it is a perfect example of the ineptitude of local governments when it comes to the new media.” frank.girardot@sgvn.com (626) 962-8811 Ext. 2717 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! A blog that writes about local politics decided this week to fight accusations of defamation and enlisted a free speech attorney. Foothill Cities, run by two anonymous posters, says it “[promotes] responsible, limited local government and [exposes] corruption and government waste.” The city of Pomona says the Internet Web log is nothing more than a supermarket tabloid in electronic form. Thursday, the city threatened a defamation suit against the blog after it published posts and comments about the possible reasons for the departure of its city manager. last_img

Mancini confirms he is lining up raid on Manchester City for Toure

first_img1 Yaya Toure with Roberto Mancini Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini has confirmed he is keen to be reunited with Yaya Toure.The Manchester City midfielder’s future at the Etihad Stadium has been uncertain for some time, and the 31-year-old admitted earlier this month he doesn’t know if he will still be at the club next season.Mancini signed Toure from Barcelona back in 2010, and he has suggested he could make another attempt to link up with the Ivorian in the summer.“Yaya is one of the strongest players in the world,” he told Italian newspaper Il Giornale.“He has played in so many teams. He has been in leagues in Belgium, Russia, Spain and England. Italy is the one missing. This could be the right opportunity for him to come and try.“We are building a team. There are players that change the look of a team, and Yaya is one of them.“Next year we could try. We need to bring three champions, and we will see that we will be ready to fight for the Scudetto.”Toure is under contract with the Blues until June 2017 and has scored seven goals in 18 Barclays Premier League appearances this season.Mancini, who led City from 2009 until 2013 and oversaw their maiden Premier League title success in 2011-2012, returned to Inter last November for a second spell at the San Siro.The Nerazzurri are 10th in Serie A, 23 points adrift of leaders Juventus.last_img read more

Video: Asking Chelsea fans to burn a CFC shirt for money

first_imgHow much would it take for you to set fire to your football club’s shirt?It’s not something you’d ever want to do, but as footballers have proven, there seems to be a price for everything.We headed to Stamford Bridge to see how much it would take Chelsea fans to set fire to their club’s shirt.And we got some surprising answers!last_img

Reading manager Jaap Stam signs new two-year deal at the Madejski Stadium

first_img1 Jaap Stam has penned a new two-year deal with Reading Jaap Stam has pledged his future to Reading by signing a new two-year deal at the Madejski Stadium.Stam’s previous contract was due to expire in 2018 but the Dutchman has been rewarded after guiding the Royals to the Championship play-off final, where they were beaten in a penalty shoot-out by Huddersfield.The club’s new majority shareholders Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li were keen to ensure 44-year-old Stam was not prised away by other clubs this summer after an impressive debut season in senior management.“My sister and I are absolutely delighted that Jaap Stam has agreed to sign a new contract at Reading Football Club,” Yongge said in quotes published on the club’s official website.“We will support Jaap in helping him to build a squad capable of challenging at the top end of the Championship again in 2017-18 and that support will continue throughout the season as we look forward to the challenge of a brand new season.”last_img read more


first_imgLetterkenny General Hospital Paediatric Department staff and members of the Donegal Women’s 5k committee at the launch of the charity race which takes place on Sunday, April 6th from the Finn Valley Centre at 11 a.m. The money raised from this year’s event will go towards the purchase of a new baby oxygen delivery machine. Included at front are staff nurses Dot Kelly and Ailish Breslin with Donegal Women’s 5k committee members Bridgeen Doherty and Grace Boyle.DONEGAL WOMEN’S 5K SET TO ATTRACT HUGE CROWD was last modified: February 26th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Donegal Women’s 5Klast_img read more