n the afternoon called my first online transactionPropaganda easy media launched rat annual dist

1., the new webmaster will register as a media member, and can participate in the distribution of red packets.

3. daily distribution of red envelopes, the number is not limited, that is, the trial is sent, until the end of the event.

heard the news I was not disappointed, this is a missed opportunity, but also a little "punishment" for me. I turned to my factory he introduced in detail a variety of accessories and other products. After a conversation he seems to understand, my impression is not bad, especially interested in the product, after all, I specialize in this kind of special mechanical parts in the local minor celebrity. All he said would often come to my China Machinery Network GYJXW.CN B2B win-win visit shops.

2. distribute red packets, activities for a period of one month, the deadline is: March 15th, as long as the new Adsense registered as a member, through our customer service personnel audit, you can get 20 yuan. Red packets directly into member accounts, through the review of the webmaster can log in the background to see the amount of money donated!

three days later, he told me the phone, and through the end of test sample. Good use, decide to place an order. And I asked the price and packaging specifications, to elaborate order, I have carefully replied.

but with the New Year approaching, the business was significantly reduced. Even the street people are reduced obviously, not so many people are now economic home early. But it is also not a bad thing, I have more time and energy to deal with online customers unintentional inquiry.

"our accessories are high quality imported materials, quality is excellent, there are various specifications for different types of motor."

second weeks an afternoon, I’m going to the plane. The customer before suddenly gave me a message to send over 3 sample test, if by a total of 300 boxes of goods will be ordered. I gave him a mobile phone contact, reply immediately apply for second days. Think of the potential customers to "return" to the afternoon, I was happy.

remember a historic city customers a month ago, need to buy special machinery parts, several times in the online inquiry. I have less manpower, and the customer is a little too far too much trouble, of course, more important is I didn’t worry about business — although orders are very small. A busy result put it to put down, weekdays few Internet, so one is a month.

advertising media www.ads8 was formally established in October 2002, its current site traffic is about 30 million IP, the daily advertising display reached 80 million times is a leading professional provider of Internet advertising. Over the years, focusing on Internet advertising planning, promotion, marketing research, to provide customers with various forms of online advertising services, and successfully for some well-known enterprises to brand building and market development.


4. active address: ads8/hongbao/

soon order by fax back, and to my bank account. Tell me, "

before using accessories is very durable, the effect is very poor, so the use of good. Mechanical parts you, what kind of specifications "

advertising media will be the spirit of "grow together with the China webmaster, come on for China webmaster mentality, with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, work, from the fundamental interests of owners, individual owners attention China future Chinese attention to development of the Internet, for personal benefit the whole process of Changying station, to provide a full range of a dragon service.

I have no special care about the customer, but I pay attention to my online shop more time. The Internet really many enquiries, or no further transactions may be, as long as it is to ask the price, I have patience to give the reply. No business, but at least it’s free of charge to the customer advocacy opportunities. So, every day I take care of shops late.


is currently promoting the media, launched the rat annual distribution of red envelopes activities, detailed activities are as follows:

I think of it on the Internet to get in touch with him, he said:

three months ago, my factory is busy, so there is no time to take care of the shop on the net. And around the original customers often patronize, my business can also carry out very good.

"well, but half a month ago I have bought a number."

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