Qinghai reduce the burden on enterprises of nearly 3 billion yuan

cost reduction is to promote structural reforms in the supply side of the strong innovation, to production capacity, on the technical transformation, reduce costs, risk prevention as one of the five tasks of the key tasks. This year, the province to reduce transaction costs from the system, reduce the cost of production factors, reduce the cost of Taxation and other aspects, and strive to reduce the burden on enterprises. Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission to provide data show that as of the end of 8, the province’s total cost reduction of nearly 3 billion yuan for enterprises.

put the tube service reform

reduce institutional transaction costs

9 month 26 days, Qinghai and Hunan Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd to Xining (National) issued by the Gan River Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of the first "five in one" business license. The purpose of this system is to reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship another important registration system reform, to further reduce the registration link, effectively reduce the cost of enterprises, once again stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation.

in accordance with the "important requirement to build Qinghai into the national examination and approval of administrative approval at least, the highest efficiency and innovation environment the best one of the provinces", I adhere to the discharge pipe service reform as to effectively deal with downtown pressure on the economy of the key trick, to continue to deepen the transformation of government functions.

this year, the province canceled a total of 279 administrative approval, decentralization of 162, adjusted 132, postponed 48, reserved administrative approval to 260, the less the five northwestern provinces at least; do charge achieve zero charge; pre approval from more than 220 reduced to 29 a photo of a code "; by the time the original business license for at least 20 days shortened to less than 5 working days, a number of measures to greatly stimulate the vitality of enterprise development.

at present, the province is one of the provinces in the country to retain administrative examination and approval items, Xining has become the country’s provincial capital city of the least administrative examination and approval of the city.

tax clearance fee

support enterprises to reduce the burden of synergy

this year, the province’s full implementation of fiscal and administrative fees and other fund relief policies, from May to August, through the camp changed to increase to help companies achieve a net increase of 440 million yuan tax deduction. In the first half of this year, the province’s 971 small and micro enterprises enjoy a corporate income tax relief benefits of $5 million 619 thousand, small profit tax preferential policies for the actual benefit of 100%.

addition, our province Tingzheng industrial price adjustment fund, cancel 91 Sheqi administrative fees and primary ore products of ecological compensation, suspension of bulk cement special funds accumulated 360 million yuan to reduce the burden on enterprises. Cancellation of lightning protection device detection, anti-static safety performance testing, lightning disaster risk assessment and seismic safety evaluation and other 4 administrative examination and approval service charges, a year to reduce the burden on enterprises of about 20 million yuan. The full implementation of the province’s resource tax ad valorem reform, the overall tax burden on all items from the original 11.13% to 7.07%, down by 4.05%;

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