The introduction of the government’s annual assessment of the new mechanism will become the focus of

Xining city for the first time the annual assessment of computer-assisted telephone survey (CATI) into the new mechanism of the annual assessment, commissioned by the Provincial Bureau of society and public opinion research center by random telephone access, for the masses satisfaction survey practice, set up public opinion and government docking bridge of communication, public opinion by "soft targets" into "hard pressure". This is the reporter learned from the city in August 30th.

"are you satisfied with the efficiency of the local government departments, the attitude and quality of the service people?" This is one of the problems in our computer – aided telephone survey. The telephone survey included urban and rural employment, housing, health care, 13 aspects of social security, food and drug safety, social security, price stability, livelihood related content, the survey results directly apply to the county and municipal departments year-end assessment results, accounted for 2% of the total score.

public opinion is a barometer of the aspirations of the masses". In recent years, the city office to actively explore the practice of public opinion survey will be introduced into the city’s annual assessment, the initial formation of performance assessment, leadership evaluation, democratic evaluation, departmental evaluation, social evaluation, five dimensional assessment model. The social evaluation of annual assessment work, at first by the assessment of areas and units from the two representatives of a committee, service object, community representatives selected 10 to 20 subjects for evaluation, scope of opinion polls is not wide and there are many man-made factors, the masses did not really participate in.

The investigation of the satisfaction of the masses of

, using computer assisted telephone survey, in accordance with the proportion of the resident population of the county, were randomly selected and call 1000 ordinary people, listen to the evaluation of their work directly for the local government and municipal departments of the year, without prior notice, does not show the visitor’s phone number and other information, to ensure that the results of the survey more objective and fair. In the future, the city will further expand the sample collection of public opinion survey, increasing the proportion of people’s satisfaction in the assessment system year by year, as an important basis for the assessment and evaluation of leading cadres, leading cadres.



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