Only way for Americans to legally pay close to ZER

first_img Only way for Americans to legally pay close to ZERO taxes A 70-year-old multimillionaire has revealed the greatest – and least known – American tax “loophole.” Click here to learn how to get the full details. — Financial markets are reacting to the attacks in Paris last week… As you likely know, armed terrorists attacked and set off bombs at several locations around Paris on Friday. They killed 129 innocent civilians and injured hundreds more. It was an awful and needless tragedy. On Sunday, the French government struck back at ISIS, the terrorist group claiming responsibility for Friday’s massacre. France is now conducting “massive airstrikes” against ISIS in Syria. The U.S. also stepped up attacks on ISIS. •  The price of oil often soars when bombs start falling in key oil-producing regions… The price of oil jumped 3.2% on Monday, as speculators bet that increased military activity in the Middle East could disrupt oil production. That’s a realistic concern. But it will take much more than airstrikes to spark a sustained rally in oil prices right now. The world simply has too much oil… In 2014, global oil production reached its highest level in at least 25 years. Production shot up, particularly in North America, because new technologies made it practical to extract hard-to-reach oil. Oil companies used these new technologies to dramatically increase production as oil prices rose. From January 2009 through June 2014, the price of oil averaged $87. Oil rose as high as $106 last summer… Then, it crashed. Now oil is trading around $41. It even dropped as low as $39.91 today. •  The plunge in oil prices has forced the global oil industry to slash spending… The oil industry has already canceled or postponed more than $200 billion worth of projects this year. That’s likely just the beginning. Energy consulting company Wood Mackenzie estimates that $1.5 trillion worth of North American oil projects can’t make money when oil trades for $50 or less. Yet massive spending cuts haven’t put a dent in the world’s oil supply… On Friday, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said commercial stockpiles of crude oil and refined oil products of developed countries reached nearly three billion barrels at the end of September. That’s an all time high. It’s also enough to satisfy global demand for 64 days. •  The world’s largest oil producers are continuing to pump at high rates… Last week, Saudi Arabia said it isn’t cutting production, despite weak prices. Saudi Arabia is the world’s second largest oil producer. It accounts for 13% of the world’s daily oil output. Earlier this month, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the world’s sixth largest oil producer, also said it won’t cut production. Meanwhile Russia, the world’s third largest oil producer, is pumping more oil than it has since the Soviet era. And Iraq, another top ten oil producer, is pumping more oil than it has since at least 1962. Oil is the top export of each of these four countries, and they don’t want to lose their market share. That’s why they’re continuing to flood an already oversupplied market. Investment research firm Moody’s (MCO) estimates that cash flow for the global oil industry will drop by 20% or more this year because of low oil prices. Regards, Justin Spittler Delray Beach, Florida November 18, 2015 We want to hear from you. If you have a question or comment, please send it to [email protected] We read every email that comes in, and we’ll publish comments, questions, and answers that we think other readers will find useful. Next Year: The Largest LEGAL Transfer of Wealth in History In 2016, vast amounts of assets and businesses will change hands. The greedy and foolish will lose everything while the wise and patient prosper. Click here to learn how you can protect yourself and profit.last_img

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