15 Titanfall maps confirmed in leaked screenshots

first_imgWith less than two weeks remaining in the countdown to Titanfall, a series of leaks has exposed the maps that will be available with this game at launch.Titanfall is without a doubt the biggest game launching in March, and it’s got more than enough potential to be one of the biggest games in 2014. Microsoft is putting an incredible amount of weight behind this new title, and if the two map beta that concluded a few weeks ago is any indicator this game will be met with a ravenous frenzy.We now know that the full version of Titanfall will launch with 15 maps, and a number of game types available within map.Unlike Battlefield or Call of Duty, the world of Titanfall demands extreme variety on each and every map. The complex dance between small spaces and long flat surfaces for Pilots, mixed with the wide open spaces needed for Titans to move around, offers a degree of complexity that isn’t currently available in most first person shooters.The 15 Titanfall maps that have leaked along with several in-game screenshots, which include the two that were available during the beta, all seem to offer that combination in their own unique ways. Surprisingly missing from the lineup is a deep jungle or heavy overgrowth map, but it’s likely that such a map would be difficult to pull off without more data from actual players.Leaks have also confirmed what we’ve seen regarding the Regeneration system, which is looking more and more like the Prestige system in Call of Duty. Regeneration gives a sci-fi spin to resetting your character and boosting your ability to collect XP, as well as setting you up with a whole new level of player combat.The Regeneration system will likely have some other features that have not yet been leaked or explained, but then it’s only 8 days until the game launches so that’s not long to wait to find out exactly how it works. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY TitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfallTitanfalllast_img

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