Play Pokemon on your wrist using a MOTOACTV

first_imgWith the release of the Pokedex on iOS this week, Pokemon has finally broken away from being a Nintendo exclusive, although not it game form (yet). But even though Nintendo retains a firm hold on the lucrative series, that hasn’t stopped the games popping up on non-Nintendo devices.You can play Pokemon on any device capable of running a Game Boy emulator, and that has seen the game pop up on devices including the PSP, Android phones, and of course PCs. But one gamer has taken Pokemon playing a step further and put it on a device that’s smaller even than the tiny Game Boy Micro.Reddit user Casval4 owns a Motorola MOTOACTV, which is sold as a GPS fitness tracker and MP3 player. It also fits on to a strap so you can wear it like a watch. The feature that allows the MOTOACTV to play Pokemon is the fact it runs on Android.Casval4 took the time to root the MOTOACTV and install a new launcher on it. Then he could get emulators running and Pokemon booting. As the device has a touchscreen, controls are on-screen and can be accessed with one hand when worn as a watch.It may be a cramped way to play, but if you’re bored at school, on a train, or forgot to throw your DS in a bag, having Pokemon on your wrist could be a lifesaver.Of course, downloading the Pokemon ROM to play isn’t legal, but that hasn’t stopped lots of people doing it. Nintendo would much rather you go out and buy a 3DS, but you could just as easily pick up a Game Boy Micro and an original Pokemon game cartridge if you check out eBay. Even so, I think Pokemon on the MOTOACTV is the most portable version I have seen yet.via Redditlast_img

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