Xining City ndustrial and commercial departments to carry out inspections to ensure food safety Fes

to do moon cakes, moon cakes, moon cakes, Xining moon cake market situation? September 11th, Xining

industrial and commercial system to carry out the fight against counterfeit and shoddy, strengthen market supervision, special action to ensure food safety in circulation.

September 11th, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to the provincial capital supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other food safety checks. In the grand cross department store wide

shop moon cake sales counters, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers carefully check the production of moon cake packaging certificate, production date, shelf life, such as tagging

. The same day, the rapid detection of food quality vehicles are also integrated traffic wholesale market sampling pesticide residues in vegetables, which is the first in the business sector in Xining

times the use of rapid detection of food quality vehicles in the market test.

inspection, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers in the West District Liu Village banned two tofu processing black workshop". Liu village in 454, a few

master is working in a simple workshop in the processing of tofu, the workshop without any dust fly prevention facilities, the hospital is full of sewage. Liu village 455

has already processed a number of tofu in the hospital, and part of the dried bean curd was dyed yellow soil, the producer took out a bucket of

without any sign said

: "dried bean curd is to use this color, this is better, or sell." According to industry and commerce law enforcement officers, the two processing points do not do

business license and health permit, and the 455 person in charge of the hospital was banned after returning to continue processing tofu, the two processing points

will be banned according to law.


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