Fleur Chocolate is a delicious diversion in downtown Vancouver

first_imgWhy: At Fleur Chocolate, gourmet chocolates are made daily with the finest ingredients and according to European tradition. With a rotation of more than 30 varieties, there is something for everyone who shares the love of chocolate. In addition to chocolate, the little French-style cafe has coffee, tea, ice cream, fudge and fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies and a few pastries procured from Marci’s Bakery.What I tried: I tried an assortment of chocolates and a vegetable smoothie. I had originally planned on having a three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich, but when I got to Fleur Chocolate, I was told that this was taken off the menu because the making of chocolate was consuming most of the time and it was no longer feasible to offer the sandwiches.My chocolate truffle selection included a peanut butter dream, Irish cream, mint, blood orange and peppermint. Some were milk chocolate and some were dark chocolate.All the chocolates were enjoyable — some more than others, based strictly on personal preference. They were not bursting with their respective special flavors but were instead more subtle, than say, Godiva or See’s brands. Each had a significantly thick chocolate exterior. The center of the truffles varied from super-thick ganache to a more creamy consistency.The vegetable smoothie contained carrots, spinach, kale and banana. The concoction was blended to an evenly smooth consistency and tasted healthful.Menu highlights beyond what I tried: There are eight different ice cream flavors to choose from and four loose-leaf teas. Smoothie ingredients include cucumber, beets, carrots, kale, spinach, peaches, mango, pineapple, banana, strawberry and blueberry; almond, hemp, skinny or whole milk is available as the base. A full espresso menu provides a selection of coffee beverages.last_img

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