CurioPets is 90s Nostalgia Wrapped in Modern AR

first_img Microsoft HoloLens 2 Augments Reality AgainPut Women on U.S. Currency With Google’s AR App Everything old is new again—especially when you can experience it in augmented reality.With Apple’s AR-equipped iOS 11 set to drop on Tuesday, start-up CurioPets is poised to take over the mobile gaming market with its Pokemon Go-meets-Tamagotchi app.The multiplayer pet simulator lets users care for and interact with a virtual animal in the real world.“CurioPets takes place in your home, your neighborhood, your friend’s house, your city, your world,” the product page said.Creatures (like hat-wearing Coop, featured on the game’s website) travel alongside their human companion to collect “curious energy,” generated by the “innate curiosity of living beings.”Look for Curio Spheres in parks and buildings, or at various historical landmarks; or earn digital energy during multiplayer battles with friends. Each rare item your pet discovers helps to boost its exploration ranking, and allows you to buy treats, outfits, decorations, and more in-game accessories.Hangin out, maxin, relaxin all cool with an augmented reality dog (via CurioPets)If my pre-teen Tamagotchi skills were any indication, my CurioPet will not be long for this augmented world: Players must remember to feed and play with their pet daily. (Though there is a specified penalty for maltreating the animals.)“Explore this new reality by using your phone as the looking glass that enables you to see your companion and the reality it lives in,” the company said.I never touched Pokemon Go, perhaps for the same reason I’ve steered clear of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch game: For fear it will take over my life.But it’s been nearly two decades since I last resurrected a dead digital animal, and the wagging tail of pixelated Coop the Explorer is just too cute to ignore. So, goodbye personal responsibilities, and hello virtually furry friend!At launch, CurioPets will be available exclusively to Apple devices running iOS 11. An Android version, however, is under development and expected “in the near future.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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