Microsoft working on webbased Skype for Browsers

first_imgGoogle might be doing everything it can to turn Chrome into a full-fledged Skype competitor, but it looks like Microsoft has been planning to challenge them in the cloud all along. Based on what the Skype team is searching for in a handful of new job ads, Skype will soon offer a cross-platform communication experience to users from the comfort of their web browsers.Really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Skype for Browsers is in the works. This is, after all, the same Microsoft that released web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and lets us use them free of charge.So, what can we expect from a Skype web app? The job postings mention developing a rich user interface using HTML5 and JavaScript, as well as the fact that the app will tap into “backend services” that have been “built from the ground using [the] latest Microsoft technologies.”As is the case with the Office web apps, it’s a good bet that Skype for Browsers will work nicely with just about any standards-compliant web browser — as long as it supports desktop mode. Skype for Browsers probably won’t be unseating the Skype app on your smartphone for quite some time.Beyond the brief coding-related notes, there’s nothing else revealed in the numerous ads for developers and QA testers based in Prague and London scattered about the Microsoft Careers site. Most of them are fairly new, however, so we’ll be hearing more about Microsoft’s plans to bring Skype to the web in the coming weeks and months.More at Microsoft Careers and WPSaucelast_img

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