Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle pay what you want for 6 indie games

first_imgThe Humble Indie Bundle has had a refresh today, and with it the opportunity to pay what you want for six games and in the process donate to charity.The latest bundle is a little different from the last offering. It is called the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle and lets you pay whatever you want for Frozen Synapse plus its bundled digital soundtrack. However, if you pay more than the average, currently sitting at $3.91, then five more games are added to your cart for free.Of those five, three are full games and the other two are in a state of development. The three complete games are Trine, Shadowgrounds, and Shadowgrounds: Survivor. Then there’s Jack Claw, which is only a prototype that never got finished, but still looks highly playable. Finally, there’s Splot which is still in development. For the time being you get the demo of Splot to play with the promise of the full game coming later.You can pay anything you like for these games, but if you take into account Frozen Synapse is worth $25 on its own, this is a serious bargain for gamers. One word of caution I will throw out is the fact last time we got a bundle deal new games were added near the end of the offer. That may well happen again, and I’m not sure what the deal is with gaining access to those games if you buy before they are offered.As with the Humble Bundles that have gone before, you can choose how the money you spend is split between the games, with the EFF and Child’s Play also being options for donations. All the games work across Linux, Mac, and Windows, and there’s no DRM included with any of them. When I bought the last Humble Bundle I was even given the option of having them delivered to my Steam account.More at the Humble Bundle websitelast_img

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