Google launches Prizesorg

first_imgLast year Google acquired Slide, a company best known for its 3rd-party Facebook apps and photo sharing software. It was also founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin. Now it seems Slide is reappearing in a different guise running the new website idea behind is a simple one: let anyone create a contest for a problem they need solving. In return for the help of the community you offer a prize/reward for solving that problem. So, for example, maybe you have a logo that needs designing, are stuck for what to say at a speech you have to give, or simply want some help writing a resume. Through you can get that help and the winner of your contest earns some cash as a reward for their expertise.AdChoices广告Although from the frontpage it’s impossible to tell who is behind the site, a quick look at the Privacy Policy reveals a email address, confirming this is a Google venture. What remains to be seen is whether people are willing to pay for knowledge and help. Will someone pay for help with writing a speech instead of doing a few Google searches for “How to write a speech” or “Speeches for ??? occasions?”With sign ups already happening we can already see a bunch of contests open for such things as trip planning, company naming, best deals on a rental car, and giving someone a makeover. The money on offer ranges from $10-$50, with the $50 contests wanting detailed trip itineraries or complete holiday plans drawn up.One thing missing from the site is any link between your Google account and your login. However, you can already link with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.This isn’t the first time Google has attempted to offer a “pay for answers” service. Some of you will probably remember Google Answers which ran for over four years, but was closed down in 2006. With Answers you could pose any questions and offer a cash reward for the best answer. looks to be a more consumer-friendly version of the same service on first viewing.More at Prizes.orglast_img

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