Xining civil servants will be included in this year’s work injury insurance

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Social Security Bureau was informed that from July 1st, the Xining municipal civil servants and civil service management institutions in accordance with the civil service management staff will be fully involved in industrial injury insurance. This marks the Xining industrial injury insurance to achieve full coverage of all types of employment.

in order to further improve the industrial injury insurance system in Xining City, to obtain medical treatment and financial compensation for the protection of the civil service due to work by accident, dispersed employer injury risk, Xining city from August 1st onwards, all organs in the series in the post civil service and management of the civil service law and institution staff, and employ staff to handle injury insurance the insurance formalities. The base of the payment is the total wages of the employees in the last year, the contribution rate is 0.5%. Workers wages below the average wage of 60% workers in Xining by the payment of (the lowest in 2013 was $12 / person, month), higher than the 300% by the payment of 300% (the highest in 2013 was $59 / person, month). At the same time, in accordance with the regulations, organizations and institutions in Xining since July 1, 2013 and approved by the insurance payment, and pay the required timely pay, not in arrears; treatment of inductrial injury insurance from the date of the insured enjoy. If the employer fails to participate in the work injury insurance or the insured fails to pay the full amount in time and on time, the staff member shall pay the work-related injury insurance.

it is understood that, from August 1, 2013 onwards, the municipal and District State organs and civil management institutions by the employer to carry all staff roster, City Social Security Bureau to handle the insurance formalities; Xian state organs, the management of the civil service law and institutions for enrollment procedures to the county social security bureau. In accordance with the "Regulations" of industrial injury insurance and the requirements of the municipal government, the city’s various organs and institutions should attach great importance to civil servants into the work injury insurance, work-related injury insurance and timely payment, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the staff. (author: Rong Lijun)


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