UN refugee agency has repatriated over 10000 Liberians since October

In a sign that Liberians believe that peace has returned after years of civil war, the United Nations refugee agency totalled the number of them who have gone home from neighbouring countries since October at more than 10,000 and the number of internally displaced who have resettled at nearly 100,000. Three convoys carrying 963 Liberians from Guinea last week brought the number repatriated to 10,566, a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in Geneva.“We hope to assist the return of some 150,000 Liberian refugees in the course of 2005,” Marie-Helene Verney said.Returning refugees receive start-up assistance of food rations, household items and agricultural tools. With UNHCR help, returnees and their local communities have cooperated in repairing houses, roads, water points, schools and clinics, providing much-needed jobs.

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