Security Council adds 2 names to list of AlQaida and Taliban operatives

The updated list now includes a new entity, the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, submitted by China, as well as an additional individual, Wa’el Hamza Julaidan, submitted by Saudi Arabia.Security Council measures were originally adopted in response to the indictment of Usama bin Laden for the 1998 terrorist bombings of United States embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam and later tightened. They require States to freeze financial resources, including funds derived or generated by any undertaking owned or controlled by the Taliban, and to ensure that they are not used by the group.Countries are also obliged to freeze funds and other financial assets of Usama bin Laden and his associates in the Al-Qaida organization, and to prevent their entry or transit through the State’s territory. In addition, nations must prevent the supply, sale and transfer of all arms and materiel – along with any form of military training – to the named individuals and entities.

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