Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau to carry out the civic moral awareness day series of activitie

Sixty-sixth phase










sixty-sixth phase


Xining Municipal Administration of work safety two, September 27th,,


Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau to carry out Civic Moral Awareness Day series of activities


this is the tenth "citizen moral propaganda", to further promote the "patriotic law-abiding, courtesy and honesty, solidarity and friendly, diligent and dedicated 20 basic morals, since September 20th, the Xining production safety supervision and Management Bureau cadres to actively carry out the" construction of civilized units, citizens morality, welcomes the convening of eighteen "as the theme of" citizen moral awareness day activities.

during the event, around the social morality, occupation morality, family virtue and individual morality, in the global launched the good citizens in the society, to do a good job in the unit, do the members in the family activities, and guide the cadres to strengthen social morality, occupation morality, family virtue and individual moral construction.

for the campaign to achieve the maximum effect, in September 20th the date of publicity, through the establishment of the "mobile consulting car" to the area of enterprise, community masses of workers on production safety knowledge and "citizen moral propaganda", issued more than 400 copies of leaflets of legal knowledge, put the publicity panels 18, won the masses praise.

in this event as an opportunity to work safety supervision bureau in the weekly learning through the centralized publicity, the moral model of learning activities, and vigorously promote the moral model deeds, promote the socialist core values, to create a strong atmosphere of global cadres attention, support and participate in moral construction, to thoroughly implement the "promotional activities as an important practice outline" moral construction of citizens, life into the daily work and study, to grasp the concept of fine management promote the effectiveness of propaganda.










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