King Mohammed VI Wants Moroccans to Respect Him: Minister

Rabat – Minister of Justice Mustapha Ramid said that King Mohammed VI ordered him to refrain from pressing charges against any citizen, “even those who talk ill of him.”“The King does not want to suppress Moroccans, but he wants them to respect him,” he said.Mustapha Ramid, who was speaking at a workshop on “The Reform of the Justice System in the Arab World: The Experience of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt,” organized by the Carnegie Middle East Center on Tuesday, said that the King’s instructions not to pursue charges against any citizen, even those who speak ill of him, “reflect the level of the freedom of expression in Morocco.” Ramid also pointed out, “Morocco is not a human rights paradise…[however]…the country has made significant progress in this area since the 90s.”The Justice Minister added that there is no systematic torture in Morocco, that no journalists are imprisoned, and the government has dissolved no associations.Edited by Timothy Filla

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