Share the core secrets of success at the beginning of Li Jiacheng

mentioned Li Jiacheng, I believe that no one in the country, as the richest man in Hongkong, his report can be described as numerous, and in the beginning of his business, by virtue of what kind of entrepreneurial philosophy to the success of today? In fact, there is only one word of his secret of success.

as he said: "I do not agree to succeed and if so, even use unscrupulous divisive tactics, a slight income will not last long." Li Jiacheng gallop business, from the production of plastic flowers began. At first, there was a foreign businessman who wanted a large order. In order to confirm that Li Jiacheng has the ability to supply, foreign businessmen have to be rich to guarantee. Li Jiacheng did not start empty-handed, background, he ran for a few days, worn more than taking, under no one is willing to vouch for him, helpless, Li Jiacheng had to tell the truth to the foreign.

did not think Li Jiacheng refused to each other’s intentions, he said: "Sir, foreign investors would have been so honored to trust me! However, because of the limited funds, you can not do so many orders. Therefore, I am sorry to not be able to sign with you."

Li Jiacheng this time to tell the truth that the foreign heart shock, he thought, "no business is not evil, no rape is not" is widely accepted, there is such a "silt but don’t dye" honest businessmen, and even foreign decisions, and then take a big risk, he with the honest people with rare cooperation back. Li Jiacheng deserves a break. He said to Li Jiacheng, "you are a man of honor and trust. To this end, I advance payment in order to provide funds for the expansion of production."

also in Li Jiacheng early days, he hired only because of a shortage of funds, some of the workers after a brief training for production, the product quality is very poor, many customers come to return, ask for compensation; the raw material suppliers who also threatened to stop the supply of raw materials, then also sent to urge the bank loan. Li Jiacheng’s plastic stone encountered unprecedented difficulties.

"besieged on all sides" Li Jiacheng sincerely to bank customers and suppliers of raw materials, offer a humble apology, the compensation of the compensation, the return of the return. It is because Li Jiacheng has always been honest, trustworthy, reputation is very good, people just accepted his apology graciously, generous to forgive his mistakes. Li Jiacheng is near misses out of this storm.

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