What taboo holiday sales

although the Spring Festival in 2017 has not yet arrived, however, many retail customers have experienced a lot of Spring Festival, although the Spring Festival is indeed a busy season, but in fact, we also need to do a good job holiday sales. Just after the Spring Festival, retail sales work has entered a new era, in the face of the backlog of goods inventory, we should do a good job after the holiday sales? I think, to do after the sale, should avoid some bad tendencies, specifically to do bogey.

a bogey lax thinking.

With the gradual weakening of the Spring Festival

sales season, many retail customers lax thinking phenomenon, that after the Spring Festival sales season, you can relax for a while. In fact, after the Spring Festival, although sales will be relatively lighter than before the holiday sales, however, due to the change of people’s consumption concept, many consumers holiday consumption will be controlled, choose not to buy and hoard, during the Spring Festival, some people, especially rural people will choose in the Spring Festival banquet for mutual Zouqinfangyou, or for the new staff for the wedding, so I think, for retail customers, after sales there will be a small peak.

according to this phenomenon, the majority of retail customers must not be our ideological slack phenomenon, do not lie on holiday sales "report card" sleep, contrary to the remains before the sales enthusiasm, with a good mental state to do sales work. Specifically, on the one hand to the sales during the holiday season a serious accounting and inventory, should not only profit accounting during the holiday season, but also to carry out an inventory of all goods, through accounting and inventory to analyze their sales strengths and weaknesses, to determine which goods relatively good sales, which kind of goods relatively slow-moving, in order to determine customer preferences, how to more scientific and reasonable to adjust after sales initiatives to provide evidence and reference objective.

two bogey service down.

service quality is fundamental to the survival of retail customers, at any time can not be overlooked. Now just after the Spring Festival, in order to achieve a relatively weak sales competitiveness, we must maintain a good quality of service to enhance our competitiveness in service. To maintain a good quality of service, we need to retail customers always adhere to the "customer first" service concept, welcome sound a voice asked to go there to send sound, especially in the face of some personality strong customer and we make no principled bargain, we must always adhere to the service with a smile and don’t argue with the customer, not to say the words hurt customers.

even if the transaction is not successful, but also to a euphemism for customers to be happy and satisfied, otherwise, sometimes lost a customer may lose a group of customers. In addition, we also need to enhance the quality and level of service in all aspects of delivery services, value added services and so on

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