Six ways to help you become a highly successful person

at work, people often feel lack of time, a lot of work followed, too busy to attend to all. Here Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the six methods to help us become highly successful people.

1,   control emotion

study shows how to start your day on efficiency has great influence, happiness can enhance the efficiency, bad mood will cause delay.

Shawn  Achor mentioned in the "happy" good book, optimistic sales can sell more than 56% of the sales of goods than pessimistic, in the mathematics exam, happy test scores of students usually than other students, our brains can play the best level in positive emotion under the.

2,   don’t check email in the morning

if you think this proposal is too absurd, then try to check the mailbox at the beginning of the one or two hours don’t work. Because: 1) mail make you overly nervous; 2) may be more addictive than alcohol; 3) frequent access to the mailbox is equivalent to your IQ 10 points.

3,  , before trying to get the job done faster, think about whether it’s worth doing.

This is a very important

, before a lot of improve the efficiency of the method are that how to finish the work more quickly, but in fact, people do things quickly most are of no value.

research shows that CEO had blind work over a longer period of time will not get more harvest, only when they are formulated according to the plan, will be more.

4, concentration is nothing but to eliminate interference

focus is not what the magical ability is put you in a dark room, shut the door, solve a problem you can come out, you can take this spirit and copy system and to what extent, is that you use "focus on the degree of this ability.

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