My beauty navigation website development mentality


site navigation site: site navigation refers to some of the popular web site be arranged together to provide a convenient Internet experience for users, to facilitate users to quickly find the website without having to memorize too many complex web site, equivalent to an online map, the program is generally not more than 5 times, all all the contents of others are


, let’s review the successful web navigation:

1., Li Xingping’s hao123, China’s most valuable personal website, was announced in 2004 by 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares of stock acquisition, bound Baidu, brought a lot of traffic for Baidu


2.2007 July, GOOGLE officially announced the acquisition of navigation site, the acquisition amount of more than 2000 of rumors outside, Wan Meijin also bound GOOGLE

with hao123 and 265 after the acquisition, the network set off a navigation site to follow suit, webmaster do site navigation, can be said to have been imitated, but did not succeed, it is because the mature internet no longer need simple site navigation, search engine is simple and convenient, so that Internet users how to use the search engine to find the resources you want, in this Internet environment, there are people who need site navigation site navigation station? Is there any way out of


I think, after the site navigation era, only innovation can transcend, focusing on one field of navigation is far more promising than to imitate Hao123 alone, because you are special and fine, you can make search engines can not achieve the advantages, for example, is a beauty navigation website, the the positioning of the site and ideas are relatively new, the two aspects of the parallel development of


: the first artificial beauty on the network included data, including: Entertainment actress, a variety of models, professional beauty, beauty schools, beauty and so on all kinds of network game beauty, beauty blog, photo album, video website,


second: through the continuous search and recording, the establishment of the most complete, the largest and most pure online beauty database, so that people easily access to their specific information.

the site’s development plan is:

through the collection of beauty information, through cooperation with other community forums, I hope you can build a search engine, using the computer search + human flesh search model.

hope that one day can achieve this effect: when you see a few mm and no fancied her chances in the street, maybe try using the search engine can obtain information of her beauty, and even contact.

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