Suzhou energy reform and strive for an international model

whether it is the lives of ordinary people or the development of the city, energy is indispensable. But after all, energy resources are limited, how should we do? The development of new energy market is now imminent, as a leader in the development of new energy milk fruit market, and now Suzhou is an example of an international model to strive for energy change.

through the construction of the international energy development model city, to 2020, Suzhou clean energy timely access rate and consumption rate of 100%, clean electricity proportion increased to 50% read more

Method for operating a women’s shop

operating franchise stores, the need for a viable management mode of operation, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the franchise business. If you are a novice, not very understanding of business management, Xiao Bian recommended that you learn a lot of skills. Here to sort out a few points, I hope to help you, you can not miss.

1, control loss rate

in the women’s clothing industry, many enterprises or women’s franchise will face the problem of the loss of sales, property, practitioners working with some restrictions on age, so the sales turnover rate is very high, but the high turnover rate of sales of women’s sales will produce great influence. read more

How to choose the store to open the shop

hot and spicy is a lot of young people like to eat food, but also a good choice to invest in small capital to become rich, and found a spicy spicy brand, how to find a suitable store? Today, let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look at how to choose the Malatang store.

flavor Malatang chain chain store location is especially important for spicy flavor, spicy flavor of chain stores is meaningful, presumably Malatang importance of chain store flavor, spicy flavor of the chain store owner should understand. Therefore, the flavor of Mala shop owner wants to let the flavor spicy spicy flavor shop became the market "overlord", it should consider the full range of flavor Mala shop location problem, location problem seriously spicy flavor shop. read more

Zhengzhou real estate registration service upgrade

a few days ago we have reported, Zhengzhou real estate registration is very slow, close to three months before handling a few things, this report immediately after the incident caused a response to the reaction of the state of. Real estate registration work carried out in the past 1 months, much social criticism. Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau held an emergency meeting overnight, adjust and optimize the existing real estate registration process, and constantly increase manpower, material resources, the work of the various problems in a timely manner to study and solve the problem. So, the latest real estate registration service upgrade measures are like? read more

Tangshan shadow art staged a national treasure in Latin America

shadow play is a traditional Chinese art, in today’s social development, we need to integrate and carry forward the traditional art. Tangshan shadow art in Latin America performances, outstanding performance by the Latin American people alike.

Tangshan shadow play troupe recently went to Chile and Columbia in China sponsored by Ministry of culture cultural exchange in Latin America ", with Chinese characteristics of Tangshan shadow art appeared in Latin America, spoke highly of the local audience. read more

Snacks to join the first selection of the United States and the United States and auspicious ribs

food and beverage industry there is a saying called open play but no store, no store refers to those snack vendors, don’t underestimate these push snack car vendors, they sometimes more often than the restaurant owner too smart, why do you say that? Because people are now living pressure is relatively large, the pressure on a large need to release, shopping is a good way to eat, we can see the broad market for snacks. It not only has the advantages of low cost and high profit, but also has the advantage of low cost. There are friends who want to operate snacks will ask what kind of snacks to join the brand is better, here we recommend the United States and the United States and Hong Kong ribs. read more

What’s the most popular way to make money in the spring of 2012

venture capital is based on different time periods to determine the best entrepreneurial projects. Different times have different projects for investment. This is the way to make money in the business to make money not sticking to formalities, emerge in an endless stream way, what you choose is a way to make money? And then all network Xiaobian look at what is in the spring of 2012, the most popular way to make money? We can refer to the reference.

The first is

, network business

read more

How to deal with competitors

now any of the industry has a number of operators, the degree of competition, even if we do not have a personal experience, should also be able to feel is extremely fierce. If you want to get the cause of the competition in the development of the industry, it is also necessary to deal with the relationship with competitors. So, how to deal with competitors?

today’s market is very fierce, only a good store operating environment is still far from enough. In order to attract customers to other stores own store, some operators pioneered the use of competitive strategy of price promotion, but also to other operators by the forced response, so it is a so-called "price war" such as "other promotional gifts" Fanxuan marketing "mode came into being. read more