Jones urges organisations to comply with NSC rules

first_imgIn a press briefing held at the NSC on Friday, Director of Sports, Christopher Jones, handed over a large amount of World Karate Federation-approved (WKF-approved) equipment to the Guyana Karate Federation (GKF), to aid in its competing in future tournaments on either the local or foreign scene.Sports Director Christopher Jones discussing fundingIn remarks, Director Jones said the GKF was able to receive the funding from the NSC because the GFK had followed standard procedure and had written a letter to the NSC, thus funding was allocated from the national budget as per request made by the GKF.Jones also said several organisations would say they aren’t getting any support from the Government or the NSC, but that situation can be rectified only if those entities would submit written request to the NFC.He disclosed that in terms of moving forward for the year 2019, the NSC had written to various associations and federations, inviting them to submit, by latest on August 20, their agendas, list of activities, and an estimate in terms of what those activities would cost. He disclosed that, “In all the associations and federations that we’ve written to and requested that information, submissions were received only from the Guyana Football Federation, Guyana Table Tennis Association, Guyana Hockey Board, and the Guyana Cycling Federation”.He anticipates seeing in 2019 a flurry of complaints from organisations that have been written to, expressing displeasure with Government that their athletes have to travel regionally and internationally and no funding is being provided.He explained that the information received from the four compliant organisations is what would form part of the National Sports Commission’s budget, and when Parliament would have approved that budget, funds would become available to those organisations in 2019.The non-compliant organisations, he explained, would have to depend on the NSC’s grants system in order to access small amounts of money; because, by their non-compliance with the NSC’s request, they would have made themselves ineligible to receive substantial funding.last_img read more