Race for No. 1: 49ers have edge on Raiders among two-win teams

first_imgWhere do the teams competing for the the No. 1 pick in late April’s draft stand after Week 13?49ers (2-10)Lost to Tampa Bay 43-16Reminder: In case of a tie, the 49ers have the edge on Raiders based on strength of schedule. The Raiders’ opponents have a better record. The thinking? A bad record is even worse when it comes against less credible opposition. Remaining schedule: Denver (6-6), Seattle (7-5), Chicago (8-4), at L.A. Rams (11-1).Raiders (2-10)Lost to Kansas City 40-33 …last_img read more

A leading nation is a reading nation: World Book Day 2015

first_imgReading helped Thapelo Mokoena discover who he was and the career that could allow him to express himself to the fullestThe power of words and their ability to educate, inspire and uplift is celebrated on 23 April every year as World Book Day.This year, a handful of successful South Africans took to the stage at the University of Johannesburg’s Con Cowan Theatre to share with a packed audience their views on the importance of reading for pleasure and how books helped make them the people they are today.The speakers included social entrepreneur and founder of Miss Earth South Africa Catherine Constantinides, author Khaya Dlanga, businesspeople and news anchors.The event was hosted by Play Your Part ambassador Tebogo Ditshego, founder and head of public relations firm Ditshego Media. One of the company’s projects is the Twitter initiative Read a Book SA which, with its 30 000 followers, is the most followed project of its kind in Africa, encouraging people to read since its first tweet went out in 2012.“Knowledge is power,” Ditshego said. “Knowledge empowered me to empower other people.“South Africa is a beautiful country with awesome people and immense potential,” he said. “If you don’t read books and miss out on the knowledge that you can get from books, you’re going to be average. What’s going to make you special is the knowledge that you have.”Bongiwe Pityi, the general manager of OR Tambo International Airport, told the students that reading helped fuel her ambitionWORDS OF WISDOMBongiwe Pityi, the general manager of OR Tambo International Airport, told the students that reading helped fuel her ambition. “I was born in the Eastern Cape in a rural area,” she said. “I never thought that I would be heading up one of the most prized assets in this country.“Reading for leisure contributed to my drive to be a dedicated student at university and ultimately the business leader that I am today. I knew, from the books I had read, that getting my priorities right would be the catalyst to a future peppered with endless opportunity.“The most fundamental skill that one can learn is reading,” Pityi said. “Reading improves our attention span, confidence, discipline and through reading we gain knowledge.”She said reading had equipped her with other skills, such as a keen eye for detail that has allowed her to cement her place as a successful black businesswoman in an environment dominated by men.“The more knowledge we have the better the decisions we can make. The better the decisions we can make the more successful we can all become.”Reading is fun, but its benefits go far beyond an immersive pastime, she said. Reading allows people to expand their understanding of the world around them and the many different perspectives, challenges and backgrounds of the people in it.Actor and film producer Thapelo Mokoena told the audience he believed reading could allow people to reach what he called their “full P”, their full potential. Reading helped him discover who he was and the career that could allow him to express himself to the fullest.As a child Mokoena never really engaged with books, he said, and this had limited his views of the world and what it had to offer. It was during his varsity years that he discovered his love of reading. This love shed light on himself and helped him make the decision to pursue a career in filmmaking and acting.“I didn’t have the information I needed to decide what I wanted to do,” Mokoena said. “I was always that child who was artistically inclined, but growing up in a town like Ladysmith I had no extramural activities that fed my artistic bone.“I knew that I belonged to the arts. I knew that I belonged in performance and I was interested in film. But when I made the decision to come and study in Joburg, I really had no idea that one could study towards being a filmmaker, an artist, an actor, an editor, a writer, a director.“None of that information was shared with us.”Mokoena’s story illustrated how the knowledge gained from reading could fast-track our journey of self-discovery, and improve critical thinking and decision making, skills that inevitably lead to growth.“We need to invest a lot of time in words, in books,” he said, “and understand the power of words: how to use words and how to structure words to get the desired effect.”READING FOR AFRICAFor a continent so full of potential, Africa faces many challenges: poverty, disease and conflict. The event emphasised that education offers a solution to many of these problems. Harnessing the power that literature of all forms has to offer can go a long way to alleviating the troubles Africans face.Concluding the event, the host Ditshego summed up the sentiment: “If we want to create a leading nation, we have to create a reading nation. Do you feel your heart beating? That is your purpose, you are alive for a reason.”last_img read more

Spotify iPhone App Approved Thanks to the FCC

first_imgRelated Posts 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… dana oshiro 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnoutcenter_img 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Tags:#music#web Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek must be ecstatic. The company’s iPhone application has been approved for the App Store ahead of competitors Rhapsody and Grooveshark. PaidContent UK reports that Apple has notified Spotify that its app will appear in the store shortly. In late July there was fear that the Swedish site’s iPhone service would be denied due to the fact that it was seen as a threat to iTunes. Since then, Apple has come under FCC investigation for its app approval process. The investigation could not have come at a better time for Spotify; the speedy approval is likely due to Apple’s interest in deflecting accusations of anti-competitive tactics. Unlike many other iPhone music apps, Spotify’s iPhone service offers users the ability to select tracks and listen to them in an offline playlist. The ability to cache files is a huge asset to those who commute to work without a wireless connection. After raising a $50 million dollar round in early August, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek made the surprise announcement that the app would only be available to premium paying members. The much-anticipated app was a great way to infuse Spotify’s subscription service with added value, but leaving revenue stream to Apple’s less-than-transparent approval process seemed a risky move. With today’s announcement, Spotify’s audiences in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France and Finland will be more likely to pay for the company’s premium service. Eager North Americans have been waiting for the Spotify service to launch stateside; nevertheless, because the company looks to sign major label deals before its American release, there is no hard date for launch. According to paidContent, “Spotify hopes to launch in the U.S. in Q3 or Q4.” Meanwhile, Florida-based Grooveshark just launched a premium service available to both US and international members, and an iPhone service has been submitted to the App store. While Grooveshark’s current app does not allow for cached offline music, the company plans to incorporate this feature in an upcoming version. Not to be outdone, Rhapsody also submitted an iPhone app early this week. If Spotify launches in the US when Grooveshark’s cached music app becomes available, it will be an interesting battle for streaming music supremacy. last_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: The New Rules for Hustlers

first_imgYou won’t work for “the company,” keep a low profile, work for 47 years, and collect the gold watch. Whether you work inside a big company or hang up your own shingle, you are going to have to make your own way. The idea your parents and grandparents thought was safe is now the risky advice you will ever hear.The greatest investment you will ever make is the investment you make in yourself. College might be part of that investment, but isn’t going to result in you making a lot of money when you graduate. You don’t want to leave school with debt. Work your way through school. Get someone else to pay for your advanced degree while you learn enough about the business (or whatever) to be truly valuable when you leave. Invest as much as you can in your personal development.Your income and your success are directionally proportional to the difference you make for others. The greater the difference, the greater the success.The limit of both your income and your success are the limits of your vision of yourself and of your imagination. You need to develop a giant vision and you need to dream big. Then you need to stay awake and make your vision and your dreams real.Most of the jobs you see now won’t be around in the future. The only jobs that are going to pay well are going to be the jobs you create for yourself. The primary attribute you are are going to need for these jobs is creativity. That very same creativity the educational system has tried to grind out of you.Your ability to get things done is your ability to build a network. The more people you know and the more people who know you for the value you create, the greater your success. You are not going to succeed as a solo act. You need a tribe.Your success and your income is going to be in large measure determined by your ability to sell well. You think that sales is a bad word. You’ve grown up in an era where too many believe it is impolite to make an “ask.” Your ability to get things done will be measured by your ability to sell. This is nothing new.Real success is built on character. There has never been a time when the currency of trust was more valuable. This will only grow in importance. You need to walk your talk.You are a brand. If you don’t want to be a brand, you are still a brand, just a weak one. You need to be known for the value that you create. You need a recognizable profile. You need to be easily found and you need attention.You are going to measure your success by the contribution you make. You are going to measure yourself by the impact you have had on other people’s lives. You are going to value the experiences you have had, and you are going to value meaning above all else.The rule is you are going to have to make your own rules.last_img read more

Alliance poses a challenge to Congress

first_imgThe alliance between the BJP and Rashtriya Loktantrik Party, which won Rajasthan’s Nagaur seat in this year’s Lok Sabha election, has posed a formidable challenge to the ruling Congress which is trying to retain the legacy of politically influential Mirdha family in the by-election to the Khinvsar Assembly seat. All eyes are on the farmers in the Jat-dominated constituency.The RLP, floated by the then Independent MLA from Khinvsar, Hanuman Beniwal, entered into an alliance as a regional party with the BJP and joined the NDA just before the 2019 general elections. The Khinvsar seat became vacant after Mr. Beniwal was elected an MP from Nagaur, creating new political equations in which the Congress seems to be at a disadvantage.The Congress, which has lost the seat during the last three successive Assembly elections, has given ticket in the bypoll to former Minister Harendra Mirdha, who is son of veteran leader Ram Niwas Mirdha. The RLP has fielded Mr. Beniwal’s younger brother Narayan Beniwal, supported by the BJP, as its candidate in a bid to benefit from the Jat leader’s popularity in the region. Mr. Narayan Beniwal, who heads the Khinvsar Kraya Vikraya Sahakari Samiti, has been active in the cooperative sector for a decade and raised the farmers’ issues at different forums.Amid the resentment among farmers over incomplete loan waiver despite the Congress government’s promise, Mr. Beniwal has described Mr. Mirdha as a “political tourist” visiting the region during election season. In his election campaign, the RLP candidate has charged the State government with failure on all fronts and claimed to have protected the interests of farmers.‘Benefits for farmers’ Mr. Beniwal said he would work for regularisation of agricultural power connections, removal of dark zone tag in the areas where ground water level had improved, allotment of mining lease on farming land and extension of more benefits to farmers if elected to the State Assembly.The Congress leaders have alleged that the Khinvsar constituency had slipped on all parameters of development since 2008 when Mr. Hanuman Beniwal won for his first term as an MLA.last_img read more

Sachin Tendulkar meets ‘Selection Day’ stars

first_imgMumbai, Dec 17 (PTI) Yash Dholye and Mohammad Samad, the young stars of the upcoming Netflix original series “Selection Day”, had a meeting with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.The two actors, who play aspiring cricketers in the series, which is based on Aravind Adiga’s book of the same name, were invited by Tendulkar to his home.”Everybody has a dream and while following the path to realising the same, you always have the power to choose who you become. I lived my dream with the same principle and am happy to have met two young men who have started their journey with very relatable characters, Sachin said when he met the duo.”Selection Day streams on Netflix from December 28.The story revolves around 14-year-old Manju and his older brother Radha (Yash Dholye). Controlled from a young age by his overbearing, cricket-obsessed father, Manju has come to hate the sport. When the family moves to Mumbai and the brothers start at a new school, Manju discovers his interests outside of cricket and starts slipping away from Radha and his father’s grasp. More importantly, Manju becomes friends with Radha’s greatest cricket rival, a boy who is the very definition of freedom and confidence – concepts Manju has never experienced himself.The series also stars Mahesh Manjrekar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Rajesh Tailang, Shiv Pandit, Karanvir Malhotra, Akshay Oberoi and Pakhi Gupta. PTI BK BKBKlast_img read more