Tips and Tricks For Living The #Vanlife During The Winter

first_imgWhile good tires will keep you safe, it’s good to carry some simple and inexpensive recovery gear in case you get stuck. We recommend carrying a light duty shovelto dig yourself out. A simple tow strapis also a good idea. It won’t help you when you’re alone, but in our experience, you’re never too far from a good ol’ boy with a beefed-up pickup just waiting to pull somebody out. This can also save you from an expensive tow in a pinch. We also carry a small 12volt air compressorto keep our tires properly inflated to ensure a good grip on snow and ice. There are some people out there who will say that airing your tires down in the deep stuff can help, however, we’ve never tried this so we’ll let you do your own research. Lastly, a bag of kitty litter can be a good option for getting some extra traction if you get stuck. Many #vanlifers out there use propane (little buddy style) heaters. These are by far the most affordable option, however, there are several drawbacks. Propane heat introduces a lot of moisture and fumes into your vehicle. For this reason, proper ventilation and a carbon monoxide detector are crucial. These can also be a fire hazard. Having some simple recovery gear can get you out of a jam A heater isn’t necessary, but it helps Remember, if you don’t vent your vehicle, you’ll wake up moist and that can be extremely unpleasant in the winter. Winter has already shown its face in Colorado this year. With the arrival of “OctSNOWber” we thought it would be a could time to share some of our tips and tricks for living in a van during the winter months. We spend most of the winter braving the cold and chasing snow in the Canadian Rockies. While this can be an extremely rewarding experience, it requires some serious preparation and planning to make sure we stay safe out there. We found this out the hard way. It may seem obvious to some, but when traveling in unfamiliar places, we found it to be MUCH harder to find a safe place to sleep (legally). In the summer, it’s simple. Find a Forest Service road and drive down it until you find a place to park. In Winter, this is a terrible idea. Most campgrounds are closed and many forest service roads are closed or at the very least, impassible. Our advice is to plan ahead and try to find a place to park before the sun goes down. We had a few scares last year when driving into the unknown. Look into areas where snowmobiling and backcountry skiing are prevalent. We found that these trailheads and parking areas tend to be plowed, or at least packed down enough to make a safe place to sleep. In the winter we look for more heavily used areas. Finding a place to sleep is much harder in the winter Having a good set of tires and chains is not an option, it is essential. There are plenty of heating options out there. Some are more expensive than others. For the long haul, a good gasoline or diesel heater is our favorite option. These forced air furnace style heaters are the most expensive, but also the safest to in an enclosed space. We use a Webasto, but there are plenty of knock-off heaters on the market as well. These forced air furnaces run off of your normal fuel tank, are super-efficient and have an external exhaust so you don’t have to worry about dangerous fumes in the van. This heating option is very dry and won’t introduce extra moisture in your van. One of the most common questions we get about our van is whether we have four wheel drive or not. We don’t, and even if we did, a good set of winter rated tires would still top this list. You hear it all of the time, four wheel drive won’t help you one bit when you need to stop in a hurry. However, a good set of tires will. We run Falken Wildpeak A/T3Wtires. While these are technically not a dedicated snow tires, they are fully winter rated and specifically designed for deep snow. We chose these because we can run them year round without the need for a second set of tires specifically for the winter months. We also cary a set of tire chains as an extra insurance policy. There are many other options out there and you’ll need to find something that works best for you. We went to bed one night outside of Big Sky, Montana and woke up to several feet of unexpected snow. Luckily, our nice set of tires was able to get up back to the plowed pavement. Don’t wanna get stuck, and miss out on fresh tracks? Invest in good tires. Do it. Live the #vanlife in the winter and don’t let people tell you that you can’t. Just plan for bad weather, be prepared, and ski all of the powder days that your friends wish they could. Final Thoughts Despite your heater, liquids will freeze This includes your water tank, water lines, and faucet. Unless you spend your entire time in your van with your heater running this WILL happen. Keeping your water tanks full will help them from freezing quickly. Whenever we know we won’t be in the van for a few hours we take extra care to drain our water lines and make sure there isn’t any pressure in our water pump or faucet. This season we are exploring some options like 12volt water tank and line heatersthat are designed for RVs. Our concern here is that anything with a heating element will drain your auxiliary batteries much faster. Only time will tell if this is a good fix or not. There is one way for this tour to be a reality– our sponsors! Sending a thank you shout out to all of our awesome sponsors that make this tour happen: Sea to Summit, Mountain House, Lowe Alpine, Leki, Big Agnes, Stio, Roofnest, and Franklin County, VA. For more info on our sponsors, check out the post, “Live Outside and Play is Back!” If you want to tough it out, you could also invest in a good four-season sleeping bag and lots of blankets.last_img read more

Betting turns to Tote dynamics to engage esports crowds

first_img Share GG.Bet scores ESL Counter-Strike & Dota 2 global partnerships July 15, 2020 Submit Luckbox: How the return of live sport has affected esports betting July 10, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Winning Post: UK racing must put its best foot forward … July 20, 2020 Betting’s current context sees Tote betting and pool systems function as a wagering discipline primarily serviced through horse racing. To date debate and opinion have focused on how to modernise the Tote for modern audiences, dragging pool systems into the 21st centuryIn order to capitalise on its exponential growth in recent years, a handful of esports operators have opted to take an unconventional leap into Tote betting to capture a ‘GenZ’ audience.Phill Adams, CEO of RPGG, and his team has created a new esports betting website set to launch next month that combines these two different ideals to tap into ‘generation Z’.Adams, who has nearly 20 years experience in the horse racing and betting industry, explained: “Two years ago, our sister company, DDL, was working on a tote system in Mauritius, Barbados and the UK.  The developers, who are esports fans, were saying ‘we would love a product like this for esports’.Phill Adams -RPGG“They wanted more than the current bookmaker offering of ‘is Team A going to win or Team B going to win’. If the two teams are evenly matched, you’re talking about odds of 1.7 or 1.8/1.” He continued: “So as a company, we looked at the totes we were building and said to ourselves this would really work for esports. We could offer more bet types, have better returns and not worry about our liability if we get the odds wrong.”One of the biggest issues with esports betting is a lack of data and industry knowledge. Countless generations have had vast years of data and knowledge on sports such as horse racing and football, yet esports is still in its infancy. Tote betting could provide a solution to the lack of knowledge in this new sector, providing bookmakers the baseline odds they need largely due to the fact that it’s dictated by the punters own knowledge.“Currently customers are only being offered fixed-odds bet on teams, and these definitely have their place,” stated Adams.“However, in new areas like esports, fixed odds does have weaknesses. You need odd setters to be able to price markets up if you are a bookmaker and you price up a market you don’t understand, then you won’t be a bookmaker for very long.”As mentioned previously, the element of player-specific betting is another technique that has yet to be tested in the esports market. According to the 2019 McKinsey report, The keys to esports marketing: Don’t get ‘ganked’, 45% of avid US esport fans have a favourite player/streamer, compared to only 37% who recognised three major teams – insinuating that the sector is more player-centric in terms of marketability. However, by launching specific tote betting solutions on niche odds, there is a risk of over-complicating a market that is still developing by including markets on scenarios such as which player gets the most kills or gold in a game of CS:GO..“There is a possibility that customers will find this “tyranny of choice” too overwhelming,’‘ explained the RPGG CEO.“We have teamed up with a stats Professor and an Artificial intelligence firm to help us build an AI model that uses past performance data to predict what the odds of each player winning a match are. This AI crunches through the available data and predicts the likelihood of each outcome.”Finally, the reason tote betting is being considered as a betting solution in esports is because firms want to be the first to fully reap the potential benefits competitive gaming offers. In 2017 the median age of esports fans is 28, according to GameScape from Interpret, LLC, showing that if bookmakers want to break the generational gap that seems to be growing in betting, then esports is clearly the target market. Adams concluded: “Bookmakers absolutely want to offer esports betting. They know there is money to be made from it.  But it’s not necessarily something they can relate to in their day to day lives.“There is an understanding from operators that there are a lot of people watching esports. But there is a mismatch between the people who work for bookmakers, who are generally people who like betting and that’s normally on football and horse racing.”Major firms have now started to find ways to use the platform in order to speak to Gen Z and above. Companies like, SIS and STS are all attempting to open up new avenues into the sector. As the industry continues to grow, it’s only a matter of time before more companies join the esports betting environment, whether that be through totes, exchanges or advanced fixed odds.last_img read more