These five plays killed 49ers hopes against Vikings

first_imgHow costly? How about botching four specific plays that could have resulted in 49ers … Click HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.The 49ers may only have themselves to blame for what happened at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday.Knocking off the defending NFC champions on their own turf wasn’t going to be easy, but the 49ers effectively killed their chances with costly mistakes.Get 49ers news in your inbox. Sign up now for the free 49ers HQ newsletter.last_img read more

Helping SA’s truckers stay healthy

first_img9 April 2013 Petroleum company Engen has teamed up with multi-partner organisation Trucking Wellness to launch its latest annual campaign to help South Africa’s long-distance truck drivers maintain healthy lifestyles while on the country’s roads. The Driver Wellness campaign started at Engen garages across Mpumalanga province at the beginning of this month, with hundreds of truck drivers already screened for various diseases. The initiative, in which mobile clinics, nurses and counsellors are stationed at garages to provide truck drivers with various health care services, is expected to cover 17 Engen sites and reach thousands of drivers by the end of October. “Drivers get an opportunity to go for free voluntary screening in mobile clinics by qualified nurses and councillors for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, tuberculosis, BMI (body mass iIndex) and HIV and Aids,” said Engen Petroleum spokesperson Tania Landsberg. The programme also provides counselling and a referral service where required. According to Landsberg, 841 drivers presented themselves for screening in 2012, compared to 400 in 2011. This year, the aim is to increase the number of drivers screened by a further 30%. “We appreciate what the campaign does to encourage us to get tested because early detection can save many lives,” said Henry Mngomezulu, a long-distance truck driver who was tested in Emakhazeni on Friday. “We are always on the road and we don’t get time to visit our nearest clinics when we are at home.” Corporate social investment manager at Engen, Khanyisa Balfour, said the company believed that initiatives like these “can make a real difference in road safety in the long run and encourage a healthy lifestyle change in professional drivers”. Balfour said the Belfast truck stop was one of many around the country where drivers rested overnight after spending long hours on the road during the day. The campaign is set to cover most regions of South Africa and will next be taken to KwaZulu-Natal. Source: read more

Open Source: Going Strong, but my Open Source Model may not be Yours

first_imgNew reports from Evans Data and The 451 Group were issued last week about the health of the Open Source movement.  The reports show that Open Source is gaining in commercial acceptance globally.  Further, the reports find that software vendors with traditional licensing models are being increasingly pressured to reinvent their business models, and causing them not only to rethink how they license and distribute their software, but also causing them to realign their relationships with their customers.Increasingly vendors are testing the waters by opening up some part of their software portfolios as Open Source.  Microsoft has begun to experiment too, even as they continue to spread FUD as with comments in the news today from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer where he says that Open Source trampels Intellectual Property rights. Microsoft started some years back with the “Shared Source” concept. More recently, Microsoft has set up a web site called Codeplex to host Open Source projects based on Microsoft technologies.  An interesting example of the kinds of projects hosted on Codeplex is enterprise PLM software from a company called Aras.  Aras has transformed their proprietary licensing model for their Innovator product to Open Source.  More recently Microsoft has also begun experimenting with an incubator project called OfficeLabs within their Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM groups that is chartered as true Open Source.The Evans Data study found that, rather than services revenue, more than half of the 31 vendors they surveyed said that their greatest revenue opportunity is in commerical licensing.  It is quite common for vendors to offer Open Source Community editions that have limited forum-based support and to provide a commercial license for an enterprise supported version of their software.Some critics charge that the original intent of the free share-and-share-alike philosophy of Open Source has been lost as more commercial entities are adopting some forms of the Open Source model.  As an example, IBM has released strategic Open Source initiatives like Eclipse, OpenCloud, and Unstructured Information Analysis and Search (UIMA) that have driven revenues to IBM in the forms of compatible for-fee middleware and services, and at the expense of their competitors.Another problem of Open Source often cited is that there are a flood of point Open Source solutions.  Integrating all the pieces from Open Source together into more comprehensive enterprise business solutions can be a huge task, one that might lead you to reconsider the one-shop certified solutions coming out of Oracle, Microsoft or SAP.A new organization has been formed called the Open Solutions Alliance (OSA) that seeks to remedy the interoperability problem.  The goal is to create something comparable to the big-vendor software suites and that provides consistent licensing and interoperability.  Founding OSA members include EnterpriseDB, JasperSource, SpikeSource, and read more

On Upselling

first_imgYou must upsell your clients.Upselling your clients isn’t about producing more revenue for you and your company, although it will certainly produce that outcome.Upselling your clients isn’t about improving your profit margins, even though it will absolutely make you and your company more profitable.Upselling isn’t about moving your clients upstream into a high priced solution as part of your sales strategy, even though it’s sometimes the right strategy and it often works.It isn’t about your commission check.Upselling is about creating the maximum amount of value for your clients.Let’s say you walk into your dream client’s office for a meeting. They know what they need and share those needs with you. You have just the solution. It’s what they need and will get them the right outcome. All you have to do is help them buy it. It’s an easy sale. But that doesn’t make it the right sale.What if there is something more your client needs? What if there is a larger, more strategic outcome you could deliver? Selling your client what they need isn’t the same as creating the maximum value that you can create. Stopping short of maximum value creation makes you transactional.So why don’t you upsell your clients? First, it’s easier just take the deal in front of you. Some salespeople just take the easy sale and move on. But the second reason some salespeople don’t upsell their dream clients is because they’re afraid that by increasing the size and scope of the deal they lower their chances of winning it. They also believe that increasing the value created also means lengthening the sales cycle (and it might).Not upselling means not creating the maximum value for your client. It means choosing to be transactional instead of strategic. Not upselling also means increasing the likelihood that one of your competitors (one who isn’t afraid of losing and isn’t afraid of a little longer sales cycle) will win their business—and their mindshare, their wallet share, and their loyalty.Your job is to create the maximum value for your client in every deal. That doesn’t mean selling them more than they need (that’s about you). But it also doesn’t mean selling them less than they need (that’s about you, too). Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more