Exclusive: Opposition to fees ban strongest in rural, Conservative constituencies

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Exclusive: Opposition to fees ban strongest in rural, Conservative constituencies previous nextAgencies & PeopleExclusive: Opposition to fees ban strongest in rural, Conservative constituenciesAnalysis of those who have signed e-petition calling for ban to be replaced with a fees cap reveals where opposition is most vocal.Nigel Lewis19th January 201802,179 Views SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST THE LETTINGS FEE BAN HEREOpposition among agents to the government’s tenant fees ban is strongest in rural, Conservative-voting area of the country, The Negotiator can reveal.Analysis of the 8,500 people who have so far signed an e-petition calling on the government to do a U-turn on the policy and instead bring in a fees cap reveals that the areas with the most signatures are all rural and semi-urban areas with Conservative MPs.The only exceptions to this rule are Coventry, six of London’s inner boroughs including Battersea, Bermondsey, Limehouse, West Ham, Ealing and Finchley, plus, Brighton and Hove, Bournemouth and Bristol West.The areas where most people have signed the petition are in parts of Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, East Sussex, Kent, Essex, East Anglia, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.Opposition to a ban is weaker in the north although there are hotspots of people signing the petition in North Lincolnshire and Lancashire.Within housing minister Dominic Raab’s constituency of Esher & Walton in Surrey, 17 people have signed the petition, while in Sajid Javid’s constituency of Bromsgrove in the West Midlands, 15 people have.The constituency with the highest number of signatures is in Kettering, where 75 people have signed it, held by Tory MP Philip Hollobone. Running a close second is Bournemouth West with 70 signatures, held by another Tory, Conor Burns.The e-petition, which The Negotiator is urging all agents to sign, was initiated by an Essex lettings firm Friend & Farrelly Property Services.“Tenant fees are a must to survive as a business, we will have to pass on our lost fees to landlords, speaking to our landlords they plan to raise their rents to cover their fees immediately,” says Rob Farrelly (pictured, left).“This action makes no sense at all, we can keep everyone happy, set a reasonable cap so tenants, agents and landlords can continue to survive comfortably.”Sign the petition here.  lettings fee ban lettings fees ban Lettings fee petition letting petition Rob Farrelly Savid Javid tenant fees tenant fees ban tenants’ fees bill dominic raab Friendly & Farrelly Property Services January 19, 2018Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

New food show explores South Africa’s enticing dishes

first_imgA Taste of South Africa is a new show about food, being filmed with British chef Matt Tebbutt. It explores local favourites and the fascinating history behind them, and is set to air during the second half of the year.British chef Matt Tebbutt is filming a new show in the country called A Taste of South Africa. (Image: Media Update)Brand South Africa reporter“This is the show that I’ve always wanted to make,” said British chef Matt Tebbutt about the filming of his new foodie show A Taste of South Africa.“To explore, learn, taste and understand such a totally diverse country such as South Africa is a really exciting prospect for me. I want to meet the people behind the food, to learn about the history of the dishes and to cook alongside them and expand my own knowledge of the local cuisine.”The first leg of shooting wrapped on 16 January, and the crew will head to Cape Town in March.“South Africa provides a culturally diverse, exciting, engaging, and exquisite environment in which to pursue the love of food,” said show producer Rebecca Fuller-Campbell.“The fascinating history of this country and the sheer variety of cultures means that every episode will offer a fresh and different look at the rich gastronomic traditions of the country.”Tebbutt traverses South Africa in the 10-part show, sampling different dishes and regional specialities, and digging into the history of local cuisine. He travels through Gauteng, the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.The show features food such as sorghum, maize, chisa nyama, bunny chow, umphokoqo, koeksusters and waterblommetjie bredie.Day #6 of the shoot for A Taste of SA with @matt_tebbutt #mealiesinMaritzburg pic.twitter.com/wUN1z4IgOb— Oxyg3n Media (@oxyg3n_media) January 12, 2017Along the way, he features local chefs, among them Nelson Mandela’s former personal chef, Xoliswa Ndoyiya, and Mpho Tshukudu, co-author of the cookbook Eat-Ting.Tebbutt also visits Marble, David Higgs’ restaurant in Johannesburg.Filming with @matt_tebbutt for his South Africa show… pic.twitter.com/mXgPM3xVu5— Marble Restaurant (@Marble_SA) January 9, 2017Speaking to talk radio 702, Tebbutt relayed an anecdote Ndoyiya shared with him. When she was personally interviewed by Mandela, he asked if she made comfort food. On replying yes, she got the job.The show is being filmed by Oxyg3n Media and has been acquired by Discovery (Africa and Poland) as well as by UKTV in the UK.Tebbutt is no stranger to the camera. He has been involved in various cooking shows in the UK, including Food Unwrapped, Market Kitchen and Saturday Kitchen.Source: Media UpdateWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Mothers tell you how

first_imgVatsala Kaul Banerjee is the editorial director of Children’s & Reference Books, Hatchette India. She has also had stints in advertising and print and is a mother of two – here she talks about how dealing with one’s child’s setbacks is more about fixing oneself than her.You know this prayer:”God, give us grace to acceptwith serenity,The things that cannot bechanged,Courage to change the thingswhich should be changed,And the wisdom to distinguishone from the other…”I didn’t think of this, Reinhold Niebuhr did, and he would’ve made a good mother. After 10 years of seesaw parenting – sometimes up, sometimes down, and sometimes middling – I can say with certainty that dealing with your child’s setbacks is more about fixing yourself than your child… Or it should be.Let’s start with an easy quiz. Tick the ones you think are your child’s setbacks:Poor marksWearing glassesPhysical or behavioural handicapNot being an eager performerThe ones you tick (or don’t) will help you figure out what kind of parent you are. If you ticked all five, I’d say that you have very high, probably unrealistic, expectations from your child. If you ticked one, then I’d say you’re likely to be a happy parent who allows her child his/her imperfections and weaknesses. And if you ticked two-three options, you’d be able to deal well with most of your child’s setbacks.I come of a mother who never let me think that losing vision in one eye at the age of two, and being faced with the prospect of going blind, and then having an extremely ugly squint till I was a teenager, was a “setback”. She didn’t go about it in a feature story “How I went about raising my daughter’s self-esteem” type of way; she just treated me normally and I learned to deal with it. Later, when the squint was fixed, but never quite completely, boyfriends would tell me how beautiful my eyes were, and I never doubted it. It’s all about perception, isn’t it?advertisementSo, when one of my daughters needed glasses at the age of five, sure I was concerned, but more about how she would deal with sports until she was old enough for lenses, and not that she had glasses “already!”. She also hated being on stage – her young, tattooed guitar teacher said it was cool that she didn’t want to learn songs to perform and would rather learn the chords first. It’s strange that I birthed a shy child, but there’s no one quite like her, and that’s fine with me. But of course, when she does badly in tests, I get upset because she knew everything – I’m human, after all, and I give her all the spiel about “doing your best”. And, of course, I hurt when her best friend suddenly decides to dump her at the behest of her mother, because I know my little girl is bewildered by this sudden and cruel change of heart, and I sit down and explain why some people can suddenly go off colour. It’s all part of the life deal. It’s going to happen a lot. Do the run up, hop, step and jump over it.What I would think could be serious setbacks in my children:If they didn’t giggle uncontrollably at nothing at all.If they did not think that 16-yearold Justin Bieber is the best singer in the world.If they did not want to learn new things in life.If they had only one friend.If they thought I know everything better than they do.If they thought everything can be found on/solved by the Internet.If they didn’t still make handmade cards for birthdays.If they didn’t run to get the first rights to hold the maid’s little baby.If they blame things that go wrong on other people all the time.If they say “That’s your problem!” or “So what can I do?”.I know what’s the right thing to do, and I try to get there, sometimes slip-sliding away, sometimes getting there. Every parent has to set the measures for their children – and themselves. Love is more important than anything else, and how to fix a problem and get over a disappointment is the key to waking up smiling next morning, ready to kiss life with a loud smack – and your children, too!Here are my ways of smiling when my children suffer a setback:Read to them or have them read stories of disappointments and achievements. No great person ever became that without both.advertisementHow can you explain the situation to your child so that he doesn’t think it’s a matter of life and death? Figure this out. We’re so involved in making our children smart, that we forget that they are still small and vulnerable.Don’t refuse help and advice, but don’t get pressurised by other parents. Their lives are different; their children are different, and their values may be entirely different, too. Live by yours.Don’t let other people treat your child with pity or sympathy. Tell them politely, and if they don’t get it, talk plain. Get the point across firmly.Accept the situation. Re-align priorities. What’s more important? That your child does something and be unhappy, or not do it and be happy?Think back to your childhood when making decisions for your child.Don’t be ashamed of your child’s weaknesses. Only if you know what’s wrong, you can decide if you want to make it better – and how.Show love. Hug, kiss and say it’s going to be all right; and if it isn’t going to be all right, it’s still all right – we’ll find another way, tomorrow is another day.Hows to tackle discipline and foodPriya Shirali, mother of two, is a writer. She believes that children should be given roots to keep them emotionally grounded and strong, and wings to let them soar. She tells us how she disciplines her children and makes them eat right?The best piece of advice I received as a young mother was this: when your baby is 4-5 months old, introduce her to all the possible tastes by giving her a small amount of curd, orange juice, honey, vinegar and so on. I did that with my daughter and realised that she was far more accepting of assorted tastes than most babies, who like only sweet food. Today, as a healthy 10-year-old, she eats baigan ka bharta as happily as French fries. My son, who I didn’t introduce to all the tastes at that age, is a fuss pot. I have to constantly think up ways to get him to eat his vegetables. So, I boil and grind or grate vegetables such as spinach and carrots, mash them and add them to the flour to make parathas. His disinterest in vegetables also prompts me to add ladyfinger and potatoes to mutton – sometimes I even cook rice in vegetable stock.As a family, we eat a balanced diet, and since children adopt food habits from their immediate family, my children do eat healthy. Salad, curd, fruits and healthy munchies, such as roasted wheat, are a regular part of our food. Having said that, I also give them a rather free hand when it comes to junk food – they eat wafers, and we eat out once every week, often at a restaurant of their choice. Unlike some health-fixated families, we do not resist “the Clown, the King and the Colonel” of the American fastfood empire.advertisementThe trick is to balance things out over a week. Don’t try and make every meal healthy. And don’t make eating healthy an oppressive thing. Food should be enjoyed and eaten happily for it to nourish the body. Otherwise, you could eat the most nutritious diet and still not benefit from it.When it comes to disciplining my children, I follow the “be loving, be polite, be firm” maxim. Today, parents often abdicate their parental responsibility to be their child’s friend, but I don’t believe in that. My child will have many friends in life, but only one mother. So I am friendly, but I have certain rules about behaviour, bedtime, TV and computer time, all of which have been set after a discussion with the children and keeping in mind what is best for them. But once we have decided on something, we follow it. Of course, the rules are not set in stone, and are changed as they grow older.How to tackle adolescence Minakshi S Desai, born in Nairobi, Kenya, is an interior designer and a freelance writer. She dabbles in craft, painting and pottery and loves animals. She is the mother of a teenager and tells us how to adjust with stubborn, adolescent behaviour?Like most mothers, I was obsessed with numbers and percentages. And like most 15-year-olds, my daughter Romi hated studies. Studying through the night before the exams with almost the entire syllabus to be finished was a routine affair.My temper and her stubbornness raged on neck and neck, her stubbornness winning hands down. At the end of my tether, I visited the school counsellor for help. At my sanctimonious best, I described my daughter’s behaviour, confident that the counselor would set her straight and peace would once again reign in a home that had become a bedlam. I was dumbstruck when the counsellor gave Romi a clean chit and suggested that I take a few sessions of therapy instead! To say that I was affronted is an understatement; more so because Romi was finding it hard to control her smirk.It took some doing, but I finally dragged my feet back to the counsellor. Just two sessions of therapy changed my perspective on the situation and the results were noticeable immediately. I continued with the sessions, egged on by the changes I perceived in my daughter who looked happy and relaxed. A few weeks down the line, Romi’s grades improved and though she still had to be coaxed to study, she didn’t put up much of a fight.I learnt the hard way that I was unconsciously transferring my insecurity and fear of failure onto her. I also learnt that studying more didn’t necessarily mean better marks; it could be counterproductive too! We started working as a team rather than adversaries. The time tables and charts were pasted on her cupboard. She thrived under my positive feedback and passed her ICSE exams with 85 percent; and later, her ISC with 81 percent. Today, at 18, she is a bubbly teenager, preparing for college.Help your child with studies:Set a workable time table as it helps organise your child. Induce them to stick to the plan by showing appreciation when they follow it.A 30-minute break every two hours of studying makes the child more productive.There is no need to cut the cable connection. A bit of TV viewing is just the thing your child needs when she is taking a break.The most important thing to remember is that the world isn’t going to end if your child doesn’t score well in exams.Every child who scores 90 percent in school may not be successful in life and a child who scores badly is not a failure in life.Be the change you want, and everything else that you want to change will fall into place.Parents are like tugboats; they guide the ship (or their child) into the harbour for safe anchorage.How to tackle weight “issues”Vandana Malhotra is a Delhi-based writer. Mother to an eight-year-old, she tells us how to keep an underweight child active and energeticOne of the most common complaints among Indian mothers is that their child is a fussy, picky eater who simply does not pack in enough nourishment. As I have learnt from experience, most of such talk is sheer bunkum because when you look at the child, you find that she looks perfectly healthy. When such talk gets too much, I simply point at my daughter to shut them up. At an energetic eight years, my daughter Urja only weighs 15kg. Rather shocking when you state it baldly like that, but true. Not only is she fussy about what she eats, quantity is a problem too. If I can get her to eat one chapatti at a meal with just about a half portion each of dal, veggies and dahi, I consider it an achievement.That Urja is a slow gainer became apparent at about three years of age. Though her height and head circumference were well within the average range, her weight just didn’t keep up. Her paediatrician ran a slew of tests to determine if she had any underlying chronic disorder. These included simple blood, stool and urine checks to rule out anaemia, thalassemia, thyroid, mal-absorption of nutrients and even loss of proteins through urine. Thankfully, all the tests turned out negative and she didn’t suffer from lactose or gluten intolerance either.Experts today agree that the growth potential and the growth rate of children are programmed in their DNA. Since both my husband and I were thin as children, Urja, in all probability, takes after us. The genetic factor is compounded by the fact that she’s a small eater whose calorie intake is lower than it should be. But our paediatrician assures us that as long as Urja is healthy and active, her weight should not worry us unduly. Artificial fat and protein supplements for weight gain are a big no-no as the first can affect the heart adversely and the latter, the kidneys. We’ve simply been advised to wait till Urja hits puberty, the next growth spurt.In the meantime, our job is to make Urja eat calorie-and-energy-dense food, such as cheese, pasta, nuts, dry fruit and lots of icecream. She doesn’t cooperate much but instead of forcing food down her throat and putting her back up, we simply let her eat the amount she’s comfortable with. I generally go with the smaller meals and frequent snacks formula. As my sister-in-law, an obstetrician, observes, it’s a whole lot easier for parents to encourage their child to eat than to say no if they’re growing obese.If your child is underweight, her diet should include this:Whole cream milk, fruit shakes and icecream.Energy and calorie-rich fruits such as coconut, mango and banana.Dense carbohydrates such as wheat, rice and corn.Cheese and butter.Eggs, beans and legumes for protein.Dry fruits.last_img read more

Emaar under corruption cloud in Andhra too

first_imgInfrastructure developer Emaar-MGF – in the dock for alleged irregularities in the construction of the Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi – is feeling the heat in Andhra Pradesh, too.The state government is under tremendous pressure from almost all political parties, including a section of the ruling Congress, to blacklist the company for an alleged scam in developing 535 acres of prime land on the outskirts of Hyderabad.The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) demanded on Thursday that the government order a CBI inquiry into the Emaar-MGF land scam, besides blacklisting the company. Party spokesman Varla Ramaiah said the government should suspend all activities of Emaar till the inquiry was completed.Rajya Sabha member and senior Congress leader K. Kesava Rao also demanded that the government prosecute Emaar for a default in payment to the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), which has 26 per cent stake in the project. AICC member P. Sudhakar Reddy sought a CBI probe into the scam.Emaar suffered a further setback when the Andhra Pradesh High Court on Wednesday dismissed its plea to suspend the inquiry by anti-corruption bureau into the land allotment made by the APIIC to the company.A special court had on September 7 directed the ACB to probe the alleged role of IAS officer and then APIIC MD B.P. Acharya, its former chairman Ambati Rambabu and D. Parthasarathy Rao, its former adviser in the land allotments made by APIIC to Emaar Properties and 12 other companies.The deal was struck between 2004 and 2009. Acharya is now the principal secretary, industries, and was recently stripped of his APIIC designation. Rambabu, a staunch loyalist and campaign manager of Kadapa MP Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, was recently suspended from the Congress.advertisementRao is the brother-in-law of Rajya Sabha member KVP Ramachandra Rao, a family friend and adviser of the late YSR. The Hyderabad project involves allotment of 535 acres of prime land by the APIIC at Nanakramguda on Hyderabad’s outskirts to Emaar for developing a golf course, residential complex, star hotel and convention centre.Of this land, 285 acres was sold at a rate of `29 lakh per acre and the remaining was given on lease for a period of 66 years at a nominal rate of 2 per cent of the total revenue made out of the golf course. The original agreement gave the APIIC a 49 per cent stake in the leased land.But subsequently, it was diluted to 26 per cent and later to a meagre 6.5 per cent because of the alleged officialdeveloper collusion. Subsequently, Emaar Properties contracted the entire project to its subsidiary Emaar-MGF. Changes were made in the original agreement to allot 95 per cent revenues to Emaar-MGF.last_img

Video: Colin Cowherd Is Unhappy That Coach K Lied About Dillon Brooks Exchange

first_imgColin Cowherd calls out Alabama on ESPN.COLIN cowherd alabama walmartSince Duke’s Sweet 16 loss to Oregon on Thursday night, there’s been plenty of chatter about Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s conversation with Oregon’s Dillon Brooks and his initial denial that he reprimanded Brooks for hitting a meaningless three-pointer in the final seconds to make the score 82-68. Krzyzewski apologized over the weekend for not being truthful about his exchange with Brooks but there were some who still felt disappointed with what he did. Count Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd among them. Cowherd spoke on his show today and said he felt “bummed” that Krzyzewski lied, saying he had held the coach to a higher standard. [email protected] is really bummed Coach K lied. #HerdHerehttps://t.co/YqgW96nm4p— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) March 28, 2016Does Cowherd have a point here?last_img read more

Monsoon mayhem Various incidents of road cavein reported from Gurugram

first_imgGurugram: The rainfall in 2018 continued to wreak havoc on Gurugram infrastructure and it was said that things will get improved in 2019. Ironically, this year’s monsoon has witnessed more waterlogging and road cave-in incidents than the previous year. If in 2018, a massive cave-in near IFFCO Chowk made the headline, this year it was seen at Basai road with a 15 feet deep hole at the busy route.With the massive hole being a cause of serious embarrassment for public officials, various public agencies shifted the blame to other agency for the maintenance of the road. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe cave-in of the Basai road came just a day after the IFFCO Chowk underpass caved in.Some of the prominent places where the incidents of road caving in have been reported in the past include IFFCO Chowk. IFFCO Chowk flyover, Hero Chowk, and Cybercity road. These areas are not only known as the busiest routes but are also in the process of development which is cited by the government for projecting Gurugram as an Icon city. Following the poor state of road infrastructure, various residents have taken to social media and are demanding accountability from the public officials. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsApart from the issue of poor condition of the roads, there are complaints of poor upkeep of roads by the public agencies. Most of the resident bodies, however, claim that there is a lack of proactive action among the public agencies towards the improvement of the roads in the city. In the past, residents have pooled money themselves to build and maintain roads for better connectivity. “There is not a single road in the city at present that are free from potholes. While there are a lot of construction activities happening at the prominent stretch of Golf Course Road and NH-8, the condition of rest of the road continues to be in the poor state,” added Rashmi Singh, a city resident. The crumbling infrastructure and the poor state of roads were raised prominently after the heavy rains on July 29 in 2016 that crippled the city. Following the debacle, the public agencies along with the cooperation with central agencies tried to put a lot of investment in revamping the major routes like NH-8, Sohna Road, MG Road, Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road. Crores were spent on revamping the major city roads but the complaint of not tackling the problem of internal roads remained till now. The state government has launched a Har Path app for people to upload the pictures of bad roads in the city. The presence of multiple agencies for road maintenance, however, prevents fixing of accountability.last_img read more

Football Ohio State fires wide receivers coach Zach Smith amid domestic violence

OSU coaches Tony Alford (left) and Zach Smith stand together before the Buckeyes game against Rutgers on Oct. 1. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorOhio State wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith has been fired from the university after his ex-wife filed a domestic violence civil protection order, according to a press release sent out by a university spokesman Monday.“Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has announced the termination of wide receiver’s coach Zach Smith. Coaching staff adjustments will be announced at a later date,” the team said in the release.According to a report made by former ESPN writer Brett McMurphy, a domestic violence civil protection order was filed against the assistant coach by his ex-wife Courtney Smith on July 20. In 2009, Smith, who was an assistant coach at the University of Florida at the time, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida for the aggravated battery of a pregnant female. The police report states that Smith, “grabbed the victim by her t-shirt, picked her up and threw her into a bedroom wall.” Smith appeared in Delaware County Municipal on July 18 for criminal trespassing and is scheduled to appear again in court on for the final pre-trial on Aug. 22. Smith was in his seventh season as the wide receivers coach and was also Ohio State’s recruiting coordinator. He also spent five years under head coach Urban Meyer at Florida as a graduate assistant and a quality control assistant. Smith is the grandson of former Ohio State head coach Earle Bruce. read more

TBDPITL Ep 28 The Ohio State Spring Game preview

Colin Gay and Wyatt Crosher discuss Kaleb Wesson’s entry into the 2019 NBA Draft and why he is not ready to make that jump, as well as what to look for in Ohio State football’s upcoming Spring Game. From Garrett Wilson to Justin Fields to a possible new position on the defense, maybe this year it will be more than a glorified practice? (Probably not though.)

Suarez thinks Griezmann is coming to Barcelona

first_imgBarcelona striker Luis Suarez has dropped a huge hint on Saturday of France international player Antoine Griezmann’s arrival to the Catalan side in the summer.When Suarez was asked for any possible Barcelona signings during the upcoming summer transfer window, he replied as if Griezmann had already agreed to a deal with his team.“It makes the club proud to be able to bring in players of this quality such as Antoine, like (Ousmane) Dembele and (Phillipe) Coutinho,” said Suarez, according to the Statesman.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“He is a player who brings a lot to a club. He has spent years playing at the top level and he always fights in every game.”“He is not coming here to take anyone’s place, but with the ambition to win important titles and he will be very welcome,” the Uruguayan went on to add.Griezmann has a buyout clause of 100 million euro – a sum, which would not be a problem for a club like Barcelona.last_img read more