Complaints about proposal to name building after Thatcher

first_imgOxford alumnus Margaret Thatcher is at the centre of a new debate between University academics after plans to name a university building in her honour were revealed.Billionaire Wafic Saïd, who recently donated £15 million towards the construction of a new facility at the Saïd business school, told the Spectator that he hoped to name the building after the former Prime Minister, calling her a “lioness.”Whilst many Oxford academics have backed “The Thatcher Building” as a fitting tribute to the former Prime Minister, others have suggested that she is an inappropriate figure to honour.The dispute follows the decision of congress in 1985 to not award Thatcher an honorary Oxford degree due to her cuts to education. She became the first Oxford educated Prime Minister since the Second World War to be refused the honour and no incumbent has been offered one since.History Professor Robert Gildea emphasised that current Oxford academics should acknowledge the earlier decision of their peers, commenting, “As a young lecturer I voted against giving her an honorary degree because of her attack on higher education and I have not changed my mind since then.”He added, “Far from being a benefactor, Mrs Thatcher started the attack on the funding of higher education and began the process of marketization and privatisation of universities that has continued over the last 30 years,” concluding, “To name a building after Thatcher would be to legitimate those policies which are destructive of a university system which seeks to uphold its autonomy and the values of disinterested research, teaching and learning.”However Emeritus Fellow of All Souls Peter Pulzer, who led the opposition to Thatcher’s honorary degree in 1985 disputed this argument, telling Cherwell that he was “indifferent to the proposal.”Pulzer stated, “I thought, and still think, that the refusal of the degree in 1985 was justified as a protest against the policies of the government of which she was head.” He continued, “But buildings are named after all sorts of people, some of whom are controversial.“There’s a difference between a comment on policies at the time and a later memorial to someone who has left office. The new passage linking the two parts of the Bodleian is named after Gladstone. I’m an admirer of Gladstone, but many people hated him.”Dr Alice Prochaska, principal of Somerville College, where Thatcher studied chemistry, told Cherwell that Somerville were “always glad to hear of plans to honour her.” She added, “We already have a Margaret Thatcher conference centre at Somerville, so the Saïd building would be far from the first building in Oxford to honour her.” Thatcher has been an Honorary Fellow at Somerville since before she became Prime Minister.The student population has been equally as divided over the issue. Lincoln student Nathan Akehurst stated, “It comes at a time when Thatcher’s inheritors are busy packaging up and selling higher education, and the dons are absolutely right to attempt to force a Congregation vote. Honouring her with a building, especially when a Conservative-led government is in power continuing her legacy, is partisan and inappropriate.”Brasenose student James Norman opposed the plans, remarking, “Margaret Thatcher’s ‘legacy’ is indubitably associated with a whole nexus of negative and offensive actions undertaken during her ministerial career contrary to the socially progressive and inclusive stance which Oxford has been attempting to align itself with in recent years.”Thomas Adams, chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, said, “She is still a divisive figure and I understand why there has been opposition to these plans.“If students who would be using the new building are strongly opposed to it, those concerns are of course valid. Student concerns should definitely be taken into account and if opposition is high enough they should seek a new name.”Fergus Butler-Gaille also felt the plans were misguided, quipping, “It seems to me appropriate that such a vulgar and Mammon orientated institution as the Business school should appropriate the prophetess of monetarism for their ghastly new building.“However there is the added problem that the majority of the opposition is led by morons who simply have a non-thought out, knee jerk reaction to ‘Thatcher’. As a consequence, I am torn between dislike for Mrs Thatcher and the profound dislike of stupid lefty JCR types opposing this for the sake of it.”In contrast, History and Politics student James Johnson supported the suggestion, saying, “I believe the building should be named after Mrs Thatcher, the University should notice that Mrs Thatcher did a great deal for the country as well as making mistakes.“Academics from across the spectrum are wrong to paint this as a ‘right v left’ issue. Instead, the naming of the building should be about recognising and applauding esteemed figures from the University, about celebrating the fact that Oxford University produced such a leading figure as Mrs T.”He continued, “Mr Said has pumped £15 million into the project to profit the students of the University. Surely he should be allowed to choose the name of the institution?”Wafic Saïd, 72, helped to broker the Al-Yamamah arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, the UK’s biggest-ever export agreement. His £23 million gift in 1996 to establish the business school at Oxford was controversial and its opening in 2001 was marred by student protests.last_img read more


first_imgA.ORDINANCE G-2018-34 An Ordinance Granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the Operation of Taxicabs for the Year 2019 (Dave’s Taxi Service) Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: A.S.D. Chair Adams 12/17/2018 Notify: David Goldblatt, Dave’s Taxi Service V.CONSENT AGENDA:  FIRST READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS VI.COMMITTEE REPORTS G-2018-35 Attachment: G-2018-36 Attachment: D.RESOLUTION C-2018-42 A Resolution of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Ratifying, Confirming, Authorizing and Approving an Agreement Between the City of Evansville and Fraternal Order of Police Evansville Lodge No. 73 Inc. January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021 Sponsor(s): Elpers Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver 12/17/2018 Notify: George Fithian, Administrative Services C.ORDINANCE F-2018-24 An Ordinance of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Authorizing  Repeals and Re-Appropriations Within the Department of Metropolitan Development Sponsor(s): Weaver Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver Notify: Kelley Coures, Dept. of Metropolitan Development 1/14/2019 B.ORDINANCE G-2018-35 An Ordinance Granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the Operation of Taxicabs for the Year 2019 (Yellow Checker Cab Company) Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: A.S.D. Chair Adams 12/17/2018 Notify: Heather Williams, Yellow Checker Cab Company C.BOARD & COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS X.COMMITTEE REPORTS VIII.RESOLUTION DOCKET A.CARRY OVER 2018 ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS B.ORDINANCE G-2018-36 An Ordinance Granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the Operation of Taxicabs for the Year 2019 (Tri-State Transportation, Inc.) Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: A.S.D. Chair Adams 12/17/2018 Notify: Heather Williams, Tri-State Transportation, Inc. D.RESOLUTION C-2018-43 A Resolution of the Common Council of the City of Evansville Ratifying, Confirming, Authorizing and Approving an Agreement Between the City of Evansville and International Association of Firefighters Evansville Local No. 357 Inc. January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021 Sponsor(s): Mercer Discussion Led By: Finance Chair Weaver 1/14/2019 Notify: George Fithian, Administrative Services MEMO Attachment: F-2018-24 Attachment: R-2018-29 Attachment: B.SILAS MATCHEM, PROMISE ZONE DIRECTOR II.APPROVAL OF MEETING MEMORANDA VII.REGULAR AGENDA:  SECOND READING OF ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS R-2018-30 Attachment: FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare City CouncilDECEMBER 17, 20185:30 P.M.AGENDAcenter_img A.ORDINANCE G-2018-35 An Ordinance Granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the Operation of Taxicabs for the Year 2019 (Yellow Checker Cab Company) Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: A.S.D. Chair Adams 12/17/2018 Notify: Heather Williams, Yellow Checker Cab Company G-2018-34 Attachment: III.REPORTS AND COMMUNICATIONS AGENDA Attachment: XI.ADJOURNMENT E.ORDINANCE R-2018-26 An Ordinance to Rezone Certain Real Estate in the City of Evansville, State of Indiana, More Commonly Known as 433 Enlow Avenue Petitioner: Aletheia Properties, LLC Owner: Aletheia Properties, LLC Requested Change: R2 to R3 Ward: 6 Brinkmeyer Representative: Michael Rivas, IV.SPECIAL ORDERS OF THE DAY F.ORDINANCE R-2018-29 An Ordinance to Rezone Certain Real Estate in the City of Evansville, State of Indiana, More Commonly Known as 1841 Buchanan Road Petitioner: Nora Elaine Roberts Owner: Nora Elaine Roberts Requested Change: M2 to R2 Ward: 6 Brinkmeyer Representative: Nora Elaine Roberts C.ORDINANCE G-2018-36 An Ordinance Granting a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for the Operation of Taxicabs for the Year 2019 (Tri-State Transportation, Inc.) Sponsor(s): Adams Discussion Led By: A.S.D. Chair Adams 12/17/2018 Notify: Heather Williams, Tri-State Transportation, Inc. C-2018-43 Attachment: C-2018-42 Attachment: D.2019 YOUTH GRANT APPLICATIONS will be available beginning January 1, 2019 online at or during regular office hours in the City Clerk’s Office in room 314 of the Civic Center.  Application deadline is 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 15, 2019. IX.MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS E.ADDITIONAL MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS R-2018-26 Attachment: B.MOTION TO SUSPEND THE RULES TO HEAR ORDINANCES G-2018-35 AND G-2018-36 IN ONE NIGHT I.INTRODUCTION A.THE NEXT MEETING of the Common Council will be Monday, January, 14, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. G-2018-35 Attachment: G.ORDINANCE R-2018-30 An Ordinance to Rezone Certain Real Estate in the City of Evansville, State of Indiana, More Commonly Known as 612-614 Line Street, 300-310 E. Mulberry Street and 611-619 S. Governor Street Petitioner: Community Action Program of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Inc. Owner: Community Action Program of Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Inc. Requested Change: C2 to R3 Ward: 4 Robinson Representative: Bret Sermersheim, Morley Corp. G-2018-36 Attachment: last_img read more

Sen. Todd Young confronted by Trump supporters on the steps of the Capitol

first_img Pinterest (Saige Driver/95.3 MNC) A number of Republican Senators were swarmed by Trump protestors Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill as they arrived for the Congressional vote count certifying President Elect Biden’s victory.A very exasperated Senator Todd Young told Trump supporters who begged him to vote against the certification that “opinions do not matter in this situation…the law matters…” and added that he “took an oath under God…does that still matter in this country?”Several thousand Trump supporters gathered at the Capitol Wednesday to protest the certification. Many waved Trump flags, wore his t-shirts and hats.Very few were wearing masks. Facebook IndianaLocalNationalNewsSouth Bend Market Sen. Todd Young confronted by Trump supporters on the steps of the Capitol Facebook Pinterest WhatsApp By Tommie Lee – January 6, 2021 2 454 Google+ Twitter Previous articleWarsaw manufacturer hiring up to 200 employeesNext articleMichigan allows for small fan presence at HS Football and Volleyball postseasons Tommie Lee Google+ WhatsApp Twitterlast_img read more

Pandemic Vagabonds: A slice of solitude

first_imgFrog trudges toward a mountain landscape.This weekend was a bit different. Frog and I departed by ourselves to the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument for a bit of winter camping. Like all of Frog and I’s camping trips everything just seems to fall right into place.The morning of departure, Friday, Frog has work to finish and I have prepping to do. Obstacle number one: Frog’s winter sleeping bag is at the Rumford post office and we need to pick up. Without it the trip is a bust. Obstacle two: where are we going to sleep the first night? I do some calculating. With the amount of work Frog has she probably can’t leave until 1 or 2 p.m., which puts us up in the vicinity of the monument around 4 or 5 p.m., which doesn’t give us enough time to ski in anywhere to set up. So I call campground after campground looking for something roadside.Nothing, all closed till summer. I finally get through to a place called Shin Pond Village.“Hey, I noticed you guys have a campground and I was wondering if we could just set up a tent?”“Really? We’ve never had anyone ask to do that. Go for it. It’s not plowed or anything”Relief.Not only is she letting us do this, she’s excited for us.We grab the bag early in the morning and around 2 p.m. we’re on the road with 200 miles ahead of us to Shin Pond. Frog works in the passenger seat, typing, but not before updating Queen who has demanded from us a full itinerary.  After our last camping trip, during which Queen mixed the days up, believing  we were supposed to be back on Saturday night, not Sunday night, causing a whole lot of grief and worry that we had died on a mountainside, she decides to keep closer tabs on us.  Frog sends Queen the plan and the timeline and gives permission for Queen to treat herself to a bath while we are gone. Queen’s own version of a perfect weekend.The miles pass quickly as the traffic on the highway disperses. The landscape becomes more dense the further we go on 95. The sun is setting as Katadhin, a lonely looking peak, emerges from a landscape that it dwarfs. Frog and I climbed Katahdin in the fall and spent three nights camping in the backccountry. We are already fantasizing and making plans to do it again.The sun drifts behind us as we make our way to the village. The towns are becoming increasingly more rural and we even pass through what appears to be a small Amish community. Upon reaching our destination though I am confronted with an even more bizarre subculture. Snowmobiling. Now, Frog and I have always been aware of snowmobiling, but not as a culture or in this scenario an ethnic group fit for anthropological study.Here are some observational notes on your average snowmobiler. Every single male snowmobiler exceeded 6ft in height and not so much walked as lumbered towards wherever they were heading. Their coats were large and protective appearing to me as winter armor that housed a giant within it. The Snowmobiler can travel alone, but prefers the company of small groups, or raiding parties. I was not quite aware that the campground we had chosen was a gathering ground for these giants. Hundreds of them. Frog and I are both in a car daze and are simply shocked by their numbers. Zipping in, refueling, racing back into the darkening forests looking for another thrill. At any given time, there are more snowmobiles than cars in The County.Frog and I look at each other and go inside. I think we both feel like hobbits (I’m 5’6 and she’s 5’4). I tell the woman behind the counter who we are and she is giddy with excitement, telling me that she’s never had anyone do this before. She hands me a map of the grounds which reveals a lean-to. My spirits soar. Frog and I race to check out. And find it 40ft back in waist deep snow. We throw on snow pants and pad down a trail. The small A-frame lean-to is perfect. We won’t even need to set up a tent and we are not even charged to use it.“It’s so cute.” Frog says.We unpack and lay everything out (after making a few trips back and forth from the car). Snowmobiles pass us in droves regarding us in a way that probably resembles the way we’re thinking about them. We do not share any greetings, though they greet one another as kindred spirits do, arms open and voices loud.Frog starts to gather wood for a fire, a passionate desire of hers. She always wants it to be bigger and so she always gathers more than enough wood and to date I’ve never met someone who can gather so much as she can. Example – when we were in Baxter State Park I had gathered what I had thought to be a sizable amount of firewood in a heavily picked over area only to return to her having already gathered three massive bundles that made mine look a simple pile of twigs (which it was). So this time around I just let her get the sticks while I start coals for the grill.We grill marinated steak and tinfoil pockets of vegetables. We eat with the growls of snowmobiles behind us and the glow of a full moon ahead of us. The night is cold, but our new bags keep us relatively warm. We sleep well and wake with the morning sun. We pack up and hit the road, only 25 minutes away from our destination.We park at the gate and gather our gear. I find a volunteer who grooms the trails and ask him about sites, and he informs me of an old generator shed five or so miles in. What luck do we have! We equip our packs and skis and head in.The trails appear to be nicely groomed, but the beautiful scenery is quickly obscured from us by the approaching storm. We glide easily enough, taking breaks to shed layers. I do good for a while, but soon the large flakes have me soaked through. I feel heavy and sluggish. Frog is fine, having worn proper ski pants. She gives me that “I don’t know what you were thinking not wearing ski pants” look. I think about Queen, drinking wine in a hot bath.The five-star A-Frame cabin.After a few hours we finally stumble upon the shed on an unbeaten path. I get inside and strip immediately. I’m not even cold, but the snow has melted on me, and my undershirt is a rag with sweat. Frog returns with good news, a clean outhouse borders us, and she’s decided that on our way back we’re going to stop at Denny’s for a milkshake. Sounds wonderful to me.Tonight we set up the tent inside for a little extra wind protection. We decorate the walls with our wet clothing and make hot toddies and a dehydrated black bean mixture for dinner. We don’t say much over dinner, we just simply enjoy the snow storm and complete silence. There is probably not another human being with 10 miles of us in any direction. I feel nothing but a great relief and a world away from every single point of stress in my life. I think both of us would stay here for a week if we could. The wind picks up during the night and we fall asleep to the light rustling of branches.The next morning greeted us with clear skies and warm air, which proved to be a trial of our endurance. Immediately after leaving the site we found the snow sticking to our skis. I can feel the sweat gathering and Frog looks like a snowman gathering mass in front of me. It takes us an hour and half to go two miles, and those miles are grueling. At times I just consider carrying my skis out. We take an extended break at the halfway point, shedding our layers.The ski may be exhausting, but the clear skies have revealed the lovely mountain ranges that were obscured from us the day before. Every mountain top I want to climb, and I make notes for next summer, or perhaps fall when I know the bugs will be better. The trail finally lights up a bit and we’re able to actually glide. The final stretch passes quickly. At the car we change into clean clothes, my god what a difference. I feel like I’ve taken a shower simply by putting on new underwear.It’s 2:30 and we begin south, but not before stopping at a raider outpost for a piece of pecan pie which is absolutely delicious. We share the piece while under the observation of four stuffed blacks bears all posing in aggressive stances. We leave hitting the road for real this time.The drive passes quickly (why does the way back always seem shorter? Lack of anticipation?). Frog returns to work on her laptop and I listen to music with a natural smile on my face (note* you should try this sometime. Just smile without a reason and soon enough you’ll find a reason to be smiling). I’m smiling now, because I’m reminded of how much fun I have with Frog. Fun in not so much what we’re doing, but in doing. We could be looking at moss on a rock and I would still be experiencing massive releases of serotonin (this has happened).We stop at Denny’s for a milkshake only to find the machine broken (that always seems to be the case). The drive lingers on and our exhaustion becomes evident on our faces. I’m sure Queen is feeling refreshed (I found out later that every luxury I imagined she was giving herself was in fact true, with Bossa nova to add).We pull into Waterville, our hankering for milkshakes still strong. I pull into a Five-Guys and we pick up a couple of shakes, which fuel us for the last hour. As we get close to home, Frog lights up.“I just realized something.”I’m startled and worried that something major has been forgotten.“I can just leave all this stuff in the car to unpack tomorrow.”My dread dissipates as I drink more of my milkshake. We feel alive now that we know we can just leave the hard stuff for another day. We continue home in darkness. The day hasn’t even ended yet and we’re already reminiscing. We leave everything in the car that night, a concern too far away for us to care.last_img read more

Gregg Allman’s Final Album To Be Celebrated With Multi-City Events, Special Guests, “Gregg Allman Day” In Macon

first_imgThe loss of the legendary Gregg Allman shook the music community to its core back in May. With his final work Southern Blood on the way, due out on Friday, September 8th, fans of the Allman Brothers Band singer/songwriter/organist are looking for ways to continuously honor and commemorate their fallen idol. Rounder Records has announced a series of special events celebrating the final album, which was prepared as a final statement from Allman who’d been fighting liver cancer for years.“SOUTHERN BLOOD: CELEBRATING GREGG ALLMAN” events will be held in three American cities held dear by the late Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, beginning September 7th at The GRAMMY Museum’s Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The event will see Gregg’s son Devon Allman, longtime friend and manager Michael Lehman, Gregg Allman Band guitarist/musical director Scott Sharrard, and Southern Blood producer Don Was joining GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Scott Goldman to pay homage to Allman with an exceptional evening of stories, memories, and incredible music. American Express pre-sale ticketing began Thursday, August 10th at 10:30 am (local); all remaining tickets will then be released to the general public on Thursday, August 17th at noon. For more information, visit the GRAMMY that week, Macon, GA Mayor Robert Reichert will issue a proclamation declaring December 8th (Allman’s birthday) to henceforth and forever be known as “Gregg Allman Day.” On September 9th, Allman will be posthumously honored with the key to his beloved hometown at a commemorative celebration to be held at The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House, home to the original band and their families during their initial golden era of 1970-1973. In addition, that same evening will see The Big House hosting a “SOUTHERN BLOOD: CELEBRATING GREGG ALLMAN” event, this time featuring Devon Allman, Michael Lehman, Scott Sharrard, and Allman’s closest friend Chank Middleton joined by Chuck Reece, Editor-in-Chief of The Bitter Southerner, catered by the H&H restaurant which kept the Allman Brothers fed for the entirety of their career, even in the early days when they couldn’t pay.The third and final “SOUTHERN BLOOD: CELEBRATING GREGG ALLMAN” event will then be presented at the 18th annual AMERICANAFEST: The Americana Music Festival & Conference, set for September 15th at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Ford Theater in Nashville, TN. Presented by the GRAMMY Museum in conjunction with the Americana Music Association, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and Rounder Records, the event will feature Devon Allman and Michael Lehman sharing a stage with musicians Buddy Miller, Joan Osborne, Pony Bradshaw, and John Paul White, once again joined by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Scott Goldman.“As his producer, I was dedicated to helping Gregg crystallize his vision for the record and to help make sure that this vision made it to the tape,” says Don Was in a press release. “He was a musical hero of mine and, in later years, had become a good friend. The gravitas of this particular situation was not lost on me. Gregg was a sweet, humble man with a good heart and good intentions and it was a great honor to help him put his musical affairs in order and say a proper farewell.”Allman, well aware his time was short, approached the project with an unambiguously realistic agenda. High atop his list of goals was to capture the sound of the ultimate Gregg Allman Band in full flight, considering them the tightest knit combo of all the ever-shifting line-ups that had backed him over his 35+ year solo career. Despite his ongoing health issues, the Gregg Allman Band had picked up right where the Allman Brothers Band left off in 2015, spending nearly two years on the road with tour highlights including the now-annual Allman-curated Laid Back Festival. 2015’s two disc CD/DVD set, BACK TO MACON GA, immortalized Allman and his eight-member band’s floor-shaking live power but their leader was determined to see what the group could do within the confines of the studio.“Gregg was very excited to be in the studio,” says Lehman. “He was especially thrilled to be recording this studio album with his solo band – he was so proud of them and loved the sound that they produced together. Gregg felt close to every single one of them. The Gregg Allman Band was like a family or a well oiled machine, always knowing what the other band members were thinking and doing.”Rich with emotional texture, historical connectivity, and purity of performance, Southern Blood would be a landmark Gregg Allman record under any circumstance, its powerful subject matter and passionate presentation as emblematic an expression of his distinctive art as any prior work in the Allman canon. Though his loss leaves a vast musical space that can never truly be filled, Southern Blood stands tall as a remarkable valedictory and memorial to a true giant of American music, now and forever.Southern Blood arrives everywhere on Friday, September 8th. The album is available for pre-order now at all major music retailers and the Gregg Allman Official Store. First run-only limited editions are on offer, including Deluxe CD with behind-the-scenes DVD, vinyl test presses, Southern Blood T-shirts and limited edition heavyweight vinyl.[cover photo by Phierce Photos and head to his Instagram for more]last_img read more

BPU Renews Water Agreement With Town Of North Harmony, Busti

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Max PixelJAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities has renewed its water agreement with the Towns of North Harmony and Busti.As part of the agreement, the BPU agrees to perform the normal operation, maintenance and repair of the existing water distribution mains located within the Town of North Harmony.The cost of any improvements or extensions of the water system in the Town, including replacement of damaged or deteriorated lines, shall be the responsibility of the Town of North Harmony.In the agreement, the Town of North Harmony pledges to pay transportation charges to the Town of Busti and the Village of Lakewood whose lines transport water to the Town of North Harmony. The contract includes agreements of revenue sharing, should new industrial or commercial development occur in the Town of North Harmony, requiring water to be provided by the BPU.The ten-year agreement extends through 2030 and replaces a 2005 contract that had expired in 2019.The new pact does not include an automatic renewal clause but stipulates that negotiations for a 2030 agreement must begin in the ninth year of the contract.last_img read more

VBM recognizes Vermont’s Rising Stars

first_imgVermont Business Magazine announced today the winners of its Rising Stars recognition award. The list is comprised of winners under the age of 40. Award recipients were selected by a panel of judges for their commitment to business growth, professional excellence and involvement in their communities. ‘We are thrilled by the response to this initiative to recognize these up-and-coming leaders,’ said VBM Publisher John Boutin. ‘We received many outstanding nominations and the judges had a difficult time getting it down to only 40. The latest census report shows that Vermont is the second oldest state in the US, but these young professionals show that Vermont is not losing its young talent. For these young professionals it’s not just about business. It’s about them making a difference in their communities.’ ‘This is the second year for this award and based on the success of last year’s award, we had an increase of over 25 percent in nominations this year.’ Boutin said. Vermont Business Magazine will honor Vermont’s most accomplished young leaders at the Rising Stars dinner on Thursday, November 3rd. The dinner will be held at 5:30 at the Sunset Ballroom at the Comfort Suites on Shelburne Road in South Burlington. The honorees will also be featured in a special program in the November issue of Vermont Business Magazine. FAST FACTS: Of the 40 honorees, there were 22 men and 18 women. There are 19 from Chittenden County, 6 from Washington County, 6 from Rutland County, four from Bennington county, two from Windsor County, two from Orleans County and 1 from Caledonia County. The average age of the winners is 30 years old. The oldest is 39 and the youngest is 10 years old. Click here to Register Now for this event!2011 HONOREES Alec Newcomb – MyWebGrocer – Chief Strategy OfficeAlison Davis – Westaff/Mount Family Group LTD – Branch ManagerAmanda Ibey – Homebuilders & Remodelers Assoc. – Government Affairs DirectorAmy Cunningham – Everybody Wins! VT – Executive DirectorAndrew Savage – AllEarth Renewables, Inc. – Director of Communications and Public AffairsAnise Richey – Draker Laboratories, Inc. – Production ManagerBenjamin Adler – Skinny Pancake – OwnerBradley Holt – Found Line – Co-Founder & Technical DirectorBrian McKenna – D.B. McKenna & Co. – CFPCatherine Wisloski – Lake Champlain Chocolates – Director of Marketing & Brand ManagementChristopher Bernier – Special Olympics of Vermont – Marketing & Development DirectorDavid Metraux – State of Vermont – Information Technology Manager IIDavid Parker – – Senior Director, Corporate DevelopmentDemeny Pollitt – Girlington Garage – OwnerEdward Sanders – The Hampton Inn and Event Center – Director of SalesEli Moulton – Merrit & Merritt & Moulton – PartnerElliot Orton – Vermont Country Store – Chair of the BoardEric Mallette – The Paramount Theater – Programming DirectorGeoffrey Hand – Dunkiel Saunders – PartnerJessica Bridge – Real Estate Vermont – OwnerJohn Lyon – Wilkins Harley Davidson – General ManagerJustin Bourgeois – Community National Bank – Commercial Lending Office: VP/Commercial Lending; Business LenderKate Keough – iTech US, Inc. – Director of OperationsKate Neubauer – Community Sailing Center – Executive DirectorKathryn Vanderminden – Village Roots Catering – Chef/OwnerKent Melville – Kent’s Soda – Co-FounderLeslie Schreiber – Schreiber Training – OwnerLukas Snelling – Energize Vermont – Director of Communications Matthew Cota – Vermont Fuel Dealer Association (VFDA) Executive Director Michael Lannen – Eternity Web Development – President + FounderMichael Coppinger – Downtown Rutland Partnership – Executive DirectorMichelle Fairbrother – Berkshire Bank – Vice President, Vermont Regional ManagerMolly Turner – Ben & Jerry’s – Executive AssistantNicole L’Huillier Fenton – Flavor Communications, LLC – OwnerOliver Levis – Earth Sky Time Community Farm – Farmer/BakerRebecca Gutwin  – the RehabGYM Inc. – CFO Ross Evans – Simon Pearce – Director of Marketing Sky Barsch Gleiner – Vermont Sports Magazine – Owner/PublisherSeth Webb – Town of Killington – Executive Director, Economic Development and TourismTesha Buss – Good Commons – CreatorYael Friedman – Fletcher Allen Foundation – Annual Fund/Major Gift OfficerSource: Vermont Business Magazine. October 6, 2011last_img read more

Hicksville Man Charged With Manslaughter in Fatal Crash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 58-year-old woman was killed when an alleged speeder crashed his vehicle into hers in her hometown of East Meadow on Monday night, Nassau County police said.Justin M. Daley, 28, of Hicksville, was allegedly speeding in his 2003 Nissan Sentra heading eastbound on Hempstead Turnpike when he rear-ended the victim’s Honda at 11:40 p.m., police said.The victim, Ming Deng, was taken to Nassau University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead shortly later.Daley continued driving east on Hempstead Turnpike and eventually came to rest east of Conti Square Boulevard, where he was arrested at the scene and taken to an area hospital. He was being treated for a leg injury, police said.Homicide Squad detectives impounded both vehicles and are continuing the investigation.Daley was charged with second-degree manslaughter, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. He will be arraigned as soon as medically possible, police said.last_img read more

MPs join tower debate

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Uptown world

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